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Aaptiv Fitness App – Enjoy Your Workout Now

Fitness now is an important part of everyone’s life. People are very particular about maintaining their fitness, no matter how busy they are. There are a number of fitness apps that help in maintaining fitness nowadays. These apps aim to inspire users to maintain their fitness on a daily basis. Many apps provide the cliché workout routine, which is common among all the apps. But the Aaptiv Fitness App stands out of the pack as it provides a different kind of workout routine, which gives the users an edge over the other fitness apps.

Aaptiv Fitness App

What is the Aaptiv Fitness app?

It is an audio-based fitness app that comes with different kinds of workout routines guided by personal trainers with groovy tunes to motivate the user. After paying the monthly subscription, you can access the high-quality workout experience, which would be provided to you by a top-notch fitness club at a very low price. It provides training in guided tempo runs, strength train and perfect downward dog with many other guidelines also. It aims at bringing quality, which will be provided by a personal trainer and also helps in producing effective results with its workout programs. And also helps you in sticking to your workout routine through your smartphone.

Features of Aaptiv Fitness App:

Features of Aaptiv Fitness App

Quality Training Programs

It gives quality-training programs to its users to maintain their fitness and stick to their daily workout regime. Trained professionals lead the training program.

Groovy Tunes

The workout sets come with music tunes according to your preference to keep the user motivated towards their workout. The tunes are set according to the preference of the user.

Continuous Personal Training Prompts

The app comes with continuous training prompts, which keeps the users motivated. It gives the feeling that someone is working out alongside you. It helps the user to stay on track for their workout routine.

Workouts according to your Schedule

The user is in full control of their workouts and you can choose the workout routine that fits your schedule. And it also has a feature in which you can save the workout routines that you like the most.

What is needed for Aaptiv Fitness App to work?

 You will need a phone, computer or tablet for the app to work. Also, you will need some dumbbells for the strength-training workout. Those who have access to the gym there are specific types of equipment that are needed like the rowing machine and the app can be used with them also. Also, depending on your location you will need trainer cues. Then you have to buy the subscription of the app. The app includes the following things:

  • Audio-guided workouts
  • Strength-training workouts
  • Indoor/outdoor running workouts
  • Walking workouts
  • Yoga workouts
  • Rowing workouts
  • Elliptical workouts
  • Indoor cycling workouts
  • Stair climber workouts
  • Stretching routines
  • Abs workout
  • Workouts for weight loss
  • Training programs
  • Guided meditations
  • Race-training programs (from 5k to marathon) 
  • Partner challenges
  • 20+ personal trainers
  • Great music (top 40 hits)
  • Ability to save your favorite workouts 
  • Accountability coaches/reminder notifications

Advantages of Aaptiv Fitness App

Advantages of Aaptiv Fitness App
  • Aaptiv Fitness App is cost-efficient as at a very minimum cost you can workout anywhere at any time without going anywhere.
  • The app helps the users sticking to their routine, as the user does not have to go to the gym or any fitness center for using the app. The user can workout at home or if they are on a vacation, then also they can continue to workout
  • One can save the workout they like the most in-app and do not have to search for it every time they want to work out.  
  • The app provides quality-training programs that make the users fit if they choose to work out every day.
  • The app provides groovy tunes that are the choice of the users so that they can enjoy their work out thoroughly without any boredom.
  • It also sends continuous personal training prompts that feel like someone is working out with the user to keep them motivated.
  • The user can also workout according to their schedule, which they see fit. There is no particular time that is fixed for using the app. The user can work out when it is convenient for them.
  • The app also provides training in guided tempo runs, strength train and perfect downward dog with many other guidelines for the user.

Disadvantages of Aaptiv Fitness App

  • The first drawback of the app is that all the workouts are audio-based. It is a drawback because if the user has not seen or done the workout, then it can be very difficult for them to do the workout.
  • It offers only built-in workouts for outdoor running, treadmill, stair climber, meditation, yoga, and strength training, stretching and elliptical.
  • The third drawback is that it does not sync with any fitness band or Garmon. The app does not sync with these bands for providing better fitness knowledge to the user.
  • The last drawback is that the app gets stuck on pause when you end your workout and the phone has to restart for normally using it.

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The app is not yet perfect but is a good way to start staying fit for many people. You just have to download the app and pay the subscription and start your workout. There is no need to go anywhere to use the app. You can conveniently use the app anywhere you like and at any time without hesitation. It comes with motivational music so the user stays focused on the workout. The customer care is also good for the app. The app is cost-efficient and saves a lot of money for the ones who pay high prices at the fitness clubs for workouts. You can save your favorite workout and start to work out whenever you want. The app is recommended for purchase.


  • How do I filter workouts?

You can filter workouts in a few ways:

  1. Filter all workouts: Hit the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of the “Browse” tab. From there, hit the three lines in the top right hand corner.
  2. Filter workouts within a category: Go to the category you are interested in, then in the top right hand corner hit “filter.”
  • How do I download a workout to my phone?

Aaptiv allows you to download classes so that you can play them at anytime, regardless of whether you have a network connection or not. To download a class, tap any workout to see the Workout Details screen. Tap the Download button (it looks like a cloud with a down arrow in it). To remove a workout from your downloads, follow these same steps for a workout that is currently downloaded.

  • How do I modify a workout?

We always encourage members to listen to their body and modify workouts based on how they feel.  Many of our trainers provide guidance on how to modify during each workout. If you ever have a specific question you can contact us or check out these helpful articles on modifications.

  • Who are the Aaptiv trainers?

Aaptiv trainers are a diverse group of experts certified by organizations such as CSCS, NASM and ISSA. They’ll help you crush your goals, whether you’re a beginner looking to get fit or an experienced athlete striving to be your best. Our trainer roster features five Master Trainers, 10+ resident trainers who create Aaptiv content on a regular basis, as well as featured “guest” trainers.