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AirPhysio Review: Is it safe to use?

Everybody in today’s time is more concerned about their lungs due to the growing pulmonary disease that is lethal. Especially during the pandemic, many departments of health are showing concern about their people’s health. For battling this issue, Airphysio, a device designed to prevent people from going through the problem of lung diseases. And avoiding any future lung disease as well. The device is very simple to use and everyone can use the product. This device is helpful in clearing all the mucus that is contaminated. And cause many health diseases. 

The Airphysio is all of the natural mucus clearing devices and also helpful in the expansion of the lungs. It is helpful in treating various kinds of respiratory conditions for example Asthma, Chronic and Acute Bronchitis, COPD, chest colds, and Flu. The device is effective in reducing people suffering from asthma in their lung capacity by 5-25 milliliters every year. People who smoke have also benefited from the device. They have been able to reduce their lung capacity by 33 milliliters every year.

Introduction Of AirPhysio

If you are someone who is usually facing shortness of breath when you climb stairs or involve in jogging. The AirPhysio is helpful in also preventing atelectasis. If you are using the device, it even maximizes your lung capacity. When you use this device, the pressure usually builds up on your lungs. That will loosen your airways so that the mucus comes out without any problem and easily. 

Your lungs will be free of all the toxins and mucus. The best part about the device is that you will breathe again freely and comfortably without any issue. As the device is 100% drug-free and you do not require consumption of any drug while using the product. There are no side effects of the product, for example, rashes, nausea, or dizziness while using this particular airways clearer device. 

The AirPhysio device is built in such a way that it is a breath training system that is manufactured. So that it can improve your breathing naturally without any problems that too in a natural proces. The pulmonologists recommend this device to many people that are suffering from difficulty in breathing. Should you buy the product? Does it live up to the hype the Air Physio has created? You can read below and discover everything about the device and how it works. 

What is the AirPhysio device all about?

The AirPhysio is a breath training system that is designed in Australia. The device is recommended by doctors and is a pulmonologist-approved system for improving your breathing. AirPhysio is an OPED device that is helpful in expanding your airway. Helpful in clearing the mucus and other kinds of contaminants that are present in your airways. And thus, making it clearer and easier to breathe. 

For using the device you just have to hold the AirPhysio in your mouth. Then you need to breathe in and out. That you would normally do, pushing air all through your system. The moment you breathe, AirPhysio is helpful in creating a positive kind of pressure in your airway and lungs. This pressure helps in dislodging the mucus and thus allowing you to remove the toxins and mucus from your body. 

Many people are more prone to building mucus and some have medical conditions. That often leads to a greater building of mucus. The device is such that it targets and supports all these conditions in some or other ways. Thus making it quite easier for you to breathe. 

How does it work?


Below are various ways in which the product works.

  • Recommended by the Pulmonologist- the device is highly recommended by doctors around the world due to its ability to naturally improve the breathing of the consumer. As many pulmonologists recommend it as a way of improving your breathing by simply dislodging mucus from your airway.
  • Clears mucus naturally from your airways- the main goal of the AirPhysio is to create a pressure to clear mucus that is present in your lungs as well as airways. The device is helpful in opening all the blockages in the airways. After the mucus gets dislodged, you can remove the excess mucus from your body naturally. The airPhysio helps in maintaining a good kind of hygiene, especially in your lungs for proper balance. That will help in maintaining and restoring the capacity of the lungs. 
  • It works quickly- the device does not take days or for that matter weeks for work. You can get the feel of the device that works instantly. Many users feel the difference while using the device. You can see the changes, also your lungs get clearer, noticeable of all the mucus. Thus, making you breathe easily. The more and more you will use the product, the better condition will be of your lungs.
  • Works great for respiratory conditions- the device is genuine and is not a home remedy. This is highly recommended by doctors for any respiratory conditions. The pulmonologists and medical experts recommend using the AirPhysio so that it can help you fight the symptoms of asthma, COPD, bronchitis, emphysema, etc. 
  • It is drug-free, safe, and effective in usage- the AirPhysio device is natural, effective, and drug-free. It is a great way to improve your breathing significantly. You do not need to go for surgery or other treatments. In this way, you are making your airway clear naturally. 
  • Portable and easy usage- the device is great for use as you can travel with it anywhere you go. You can use it while traveling, working, etc. Just remove the AirPhysio from your pocket, blow into the device, and then put it away. 
  • Medically grade- the device is of high quality, materials that are medically is 100 % drug-free. You can even buy the product online without any prescription.

How to use the device?

The main objective of the device is to attain natural breathing. And this is achievable if you use the device at least twice daily. As regular usage will give you clearer lungs. And all of your lung diseases will be cured naturally. The only thing that the user needs to do is to blow them into the device. The mouthpiece of the device is very easy to align and that faces upwards. Firstly, take a deep breath that will help you breathe into your lungs. Then place the AirPhysio into your mouth. Then exhale all of the air into the device. And then you need to initiate a throat-clearing cough to remove the mucus. 

The method works because the device is good at creating positive pressure especially from the gap that is created in the lungs. The pressure that is inserted then virtually removes the mucus. The device pressure is enough as you do not need to take a decongestant to get the best results. As the device pressure will give you the proper response. 

The device is very easy to use but the benefits of the device are very significant. If you look inside the device, you will notice a steel ball and a circular cone. The full device is protected by a cover that you can remove and clean gently after using and rinsing it. 

Features of the product


Below are listed some of the great features of the product that will be very useful to you. And these are as follows-

  • It is a natural way of removing the mucus- the AirPhysio works nicely by expanding your airways and pushing the blocked mucus out for optimal breathing. There is no usage of chemicals or drugs that are involved in AirPhysio, which makes the device very attractive. The benefits can lead to excellent hygiene within the lungs and their capacity.
  • Doctor’s recommendation- the device is highly recommended by doctors from all around the world. Especially by the pulmonologists of the respiratory conditions. Although it is always very useful in consulting a health practitioner before you use it. You can order the product as you do not need to have a prescription.
  • Easy to use and is compact in size- the device is very straightforward when you come to use it. All of the individuals inhale and then exhale into the device. Neither of the batteries nor refills is necessary. The compact size, AirPhysio, also promotes convenience.

Benefits of the device


Now let us check out some of the benefits of the AirPhysio device that will be very beneficial for you. 

  • The device helps in loosening the mucus, especially in the airways.
  • Mucus is transported out from the airways.
  • This is helpful in lung expansion.
  • It helps in unblocking the airways.
  • It also boosts lung capacity.
  • The device is great in underutilizing parts of your lungs.
  • Great in removing all of the pollutants and all the allergens that get inhaled.
  • Also, reduces all of the mucus build-ups.
  • It assists in the clearance of the airways.
  • The device is 100% drug-free.

Design of the product 


Are you aware of the fact that the AirPhysio is a patented device? Yes, it is a straightforward design. The device is capable of using simple physics to create a positive pressure in especially your lungs and the airway. Because the device is patented, the AirPhysio is a verified product that has a very unique and different design as compared to other OPEP systems that are available today. 

  • The steel ball
  • Protective cover
  • Circular cone 

You just need to remove the AirPhysio from the protective cover, then you have to breathe through the mouthpiece. The moment you breathe through the mouthpiece, your air touches the steel ball and the circular cone. The ball and cone then create air resistance, which leads to a positive pressure especially in the lungs and the airway. This pressure then removes all the unnecessary mucus from your lung area and airways. Thus, helping you to manage the breathing conditions without any surgery or drugs. 

Things that you should consider before buying the product 

By using this device you will surely increase your lung volume for healthy lungs. If you are someone who has asthma, or if you often are out of breath then this particular product is for you. Other than the price of the device and a money-back guarantee. The manufacturers of the device recommend buying the particular product from their official website. This ensures that the product is so genuine and even they provide discounts on their official website

Pros and Cons 

  • The product is natural
  • It is safe and reliable to use.
  • It is portable.
  • The refund policy.
  • It is 100% drug-free
  • Refill for free.
  • Not an inhaler.
  • Not a nebulizer.
  • Expensive.
  • Not a spirometer.

Who all can use the device?

Air Physio is a very natural treatment for all respiratory diseases. People who all can use the above device are as follows- 

  • Older people.
  • People who are heavy smokers.
  • People who are suffering from asthma.
  • All those people who have COPD.
  • People who are suffering from cystic fibrosis.
  • All those people who are suffering from bronchiectasis.
  • People suffering from atelectasis.

How can you clean the device Air Physio?

Each and every device after using needs to get clean so that proper hygiene is there. After using the AirPhysio, you have to clean it to ensure that there are no germs present in the device. The mucus or for that matter any kind of germ needs to get removed from the device. This is mandatory. You need to clean all of the components of the device thoroughly with water. And after the cleaning, wipe it with a clean towel. Learn about AirPhysio Children Review.

What is the cost of the device?

AirPhysio’s price is around $60 per unit. When you purchase it through their official website. The discounts are available while ordering 3 to 5 units. Below are some of the pricing breakdowns at their official website:

  • 1 Unit- $59.99+$5.99 shipping.
  • 2 Units- $119.98+Free US Shipping.
  • 3 Units- $179.97+ Free US Shipping
  • 5 Units- $179.97 + Free US Shipping 

You can use the one AirPhysio unit an unlimited number of times. It does not require batteries or electronics to run. It uses all of the physical systems to create resistance. Each of the AirPhysio is designed for only one person’s usage. 

AirPhysio refunds and warranty


The official website will offer you refunds on purchases too within 30 days. If you want to be eligible for the return, then you must return the item in its original packaging. We also have to provide proof of the purchase. You can also request a refund within 30 days of your original purchase date. 

You will get a warranty of one year if you purchase the AirPhysio device. All of the purchases are highly protected for one year. If you find any of the defects in the product then you return the product as well.


I hope the above article has been very helpful to you in understanding how important AirPhysio is. The device will help you remove all of the excess mucus that is present in your airways. You can buy the device from their official website and avail yourself of some of the great offers and discounts. Hurry up! And confirm your order today and book your order now. 

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