Android 360 Camera Review 2022 – Captures Every Moment

Android 360 camera is a trend now to take pictures of every beautiful moment people enjoy. Having a camera by your side is a blessing. With the robot and HD lens trend, hardly any camera could click any of the images with high definition.

But with the Android 360 Camera, it has become easy to catch a stunning glimpse in a single image with full sight. This camera lets you capture everything around you. A 360 panoramic camera captures the large view. These cameras are increasing in demand with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR )  to capture graphics and every moment of activity.

Android 360 Camera Review 2021

HypersTech has developed this Android 360 camera that offers you the best opportunity to collect your moments. It will enable you to turn your Android devices into a camera that is fully VR (virtual reality).

Remember the fact that the Android 360 Camera is very different from the traditional applications for picture editing. You would be able to achieve high-level edits with this device.

If you want to purchase an Android 360 camera, you realize that a few basic functions such as rotation, simple cut, comparison tools, and lighting do not help. But most of the time, varied shooting options and filters are among the amazing features that consumers can appreciate.

Appealing Characteristics of Android 360 Camera

Thanks to high-tech features, the Android 360 camera is gaining immense popularity. These have been planned by experts and is suitable for both interior and exterior conditions. A few of the other excellent Android 360 Camera features are described below.

Lens-F2.0, a dual 210 ° fish-eye wide angle that allows you to click on clearer images.

Modes -Two shooting modes, including both images and videos, are available for 360 camera modes.

Resolution: It also has 2560 * 1280 and a frame rate of 30 fps per second.

Weight: It weighs nearly 26.5 g or approximately 0.9 oz. As related to other devices, this system is very lightweight.

Display: Touchscreen of 5.71-inch

Battery: Non-removable 3040mAh battery

Camera: Rear and front-facing, 13MP and 8MP, respectively

OS: Android

Memory: 128 GB with no microSD slot available.


Excellent video resolution: It also has sight from where you can catch your special occasions in 2560 X 1280 @30fps quality.

Livestream: The system even has a live video feature from where you can broadcast your social networking interactions.

Battery: The power used with the Camera is the same as mobile phones, so there is no extra charging.

Storage-You can save your smartphone with photos or videos or pick your favorite location and thus save data

Major Benefits of Android 360 Camera

Major Benefits of Android 360 Camera
  • It is cooperative on all mobile with Android.
  • There is a double-fish eye lens for the Camera.
  • It’s got an F2.4 diameter.
  • It comprises of an impressive 3008 X 1504 (3 K) Still Image Size.
  • It also includes video file 2560 X 1280 (3008 X 1504 With Some mobile phones)
  • It can record thirty frames per second.
  • This has a fantastic feature called Real-Time Stitching.
  • The technical specifics are:
  • Diameter ~ 37.6 mm / 1.48 in
  • The volume is 26.5 gram
  • It is usable, as the consumer wishes, with a MicroUSB or Type-C adapter.


You would get a booklet, zippered cloth pouch, a USB, and a C2B connector with the Android 360 Camera. You will also get:

A Set Android 360 (Table Stand), Camera Android 360 (desktop Connection), and Type C Addition Android 360 Camera USA.

How does it function?

How does it function?

When you are active in clicking on spacious scenery or a location with thousands of people, you need a top-quality camera. For better performance, the device requires to be omnidirectional. Well, the Android 360 Camera can stop your quest. The greatest part is how it fits for most smartphones and tablets well. You must spend in the best product form to make sure your photos are different from the rest.

Android 360 Camera Advantages

It facilitates the Magic Ski Backup Shooting Mode. For the intent of taking Selfies and other Pictures Of Individuals, this feature has been crafted by experts.

It offers an amazing selection of filters that could ensure that you look way better and that your images stand out.

The filters were split into several types, such as HDR, Retro, Lomo, and Dreamlike.

Some creative styles, such as Sketches and Ghost.

Fund in this item and you are ready to appreciate it.

What Makes it Worthy?

It is among the best market cameras that collect all the special memories in a human’s lifetime. As it offers a 360-degree view of the image, it is definitely worth the value. With this device, you can tap on the most spectacular and best photos. It is a very compact device that can be taken everywhere. It can capture sharp and precise images of high quality, considering the small volume of the unit. It’s a compact camera with all the functionality you need to switch on the best shots.

How Is Android 360 Camera used?

How Is Android 360 Camera used?

There are simple measures that must be followed:

1. First, the 360 Camera system must be downloaded from the Google Play store;

2. Now you have an app to install;

3. Then, you must connect the device through a USB port;

4. It’ll get the program going.

5. Then you’ll have to give the device the permissions needed and let it begin;

6. Now, with never earlier, you could capture all the photos or videos you desire!

How can You purchase an Android 360 camera?

If you want to purchase a high-quality lens, this would be the piece for you. It is best to buy the Camera online from its official site. This Camera must be purchased by every man who wishes to tap on amazing photos. The site also provides a 50 percent offer, and purchasing such a high-quality product at an affordable price is a great deal.


The Android 360 Camera will offer you a highly qualified visual experience. Quit worrying and get the gadget in your hands without wasting time. This Camera will give you all the qualities you were searching for in a picture. With a 360 degree view, you can capture all of your special occasions with just a click. It is not only lightweight but easy to carry as well. The compact size of the device enables you to take it wherever you feel like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can 360 images be shot on Android?

1. Build images with a mobile

2. Open the app for Street View

3. Tap Creating

4. Tap the Camera in the bottom right

5. Take a selection of images

6. Tap Done at the edge

How to take pictures at 360 degrees?

Scroll up to the profile page to generate 360-degree images within the Facebook app and press the ‘360 Photo’ icon. Then turn around gradually for a complete turn while still holding the icon’s core in the center. Lastly, publish it when done.

How to purchase an Android 360 camera?

You will be shocked and glad that you chose to invest in it. You can conveniently order the Android 360 Camera from its official site of the supplier.

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