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Arctic Breeze Mini Review 2022 – The Portable Cooler

A 3-in-1 convenient and highly versatile air cooler. Lots of adjustable settings to tailor your environment the way you like it.

The temperature across the world is on the constant rise, all thanks to the immense global warming. This leads to an increased demand for electricity leading to an outage of power. SO in order to beat this heatwave, it is mostly suggested by the doctors to stay indoors. But that does not serve the purpose; instead, it will prompt you to switch the fan or AC on, which leads to an increased bill of electricity. So the best solution to beat the heat is the Arctic breeze mini portable cooler’s cooling system. That isn’t much expensive but still pretty efficient.

arctic breeze portable mini cooler

What Exactly Is Arctic Breeze?

Arctic Breeze mini cooler is a portable cooling system that has a digital thermostat, 2 fans, and an LCD display. This space portable cooler is cheap yet efficient. It works as your personal air conditioner. Traditional window ACs just adds up to your cost and the ceiling fans are just not good enough to keep you cool for longer periods. Arctic breeze makes a good alternative option.

Investing in an air conditioning system can be a daunting task. When you are done with the basics, there are other products to consider to make the summer months more bearable. When you are at home, you don’t want to be messing around with multiple gadgets so to take some of the burdens away, products like ArcticBreeze are a lifesaver.

arctice breeze portable coolers

This product is turning heads because of its multiple applications. But what is it about this room air cooler and humidifier that is making it a staple product in many homes? We’re going to take a closer look.

The Top-Notch Technology

To keep you cool when the sun is blazing, a simple fan will not do. ArcticBreeze works by pushing out conditioned air with the use of water evaporation. It is purified by a filter to ensure it is hygienic and improves the air quality in the room.

Not many brands use this combination and it is highly effective and can even ease breathing difficulties.

Working Of The Arctic Breeze?

The cooler works on the evaporation principle mean that water inside the design is used to pull the hot air in and Fitler it to make the surroundings cooler. The portable cooler is used to cool the room as big as 45 square feet. It also comes with two powerful fans and a digital thermostat. The digital thermostat makes it easy for the customer to set the desired temperature. This makes the cooler different from other traditional coolers in the market.

It Is A Complete Space Saver

If you work from home, you know how precious your desk space can be. You might not have room for a bulky fan, not to mention an air humidifier and air condition as well.

Because of its compact size, ArcticBreeze would save space compared to any single unit, let alone all three. Its miniature size is built for convenience without compromising performance and has so many different functions that it is ideal for any room where space is at a premium.

You Get Everything In Just One Gadget

A lot of air coolers use old technology and this means they are limited in what they can do. This means that they blow out cool air but you can still be sitting in your sweat thanks to the humidity in the air.

Thankfully, products like ArcticBreeze are built for comfort. When the air cooler helps to bring the temperature down, it can also purify the air in the room. This means any family member who has difficulty because of impurities in the air can benefit from such a product.

It Is Pretty Easy To Use

Modern technology is amazing in so many ways, but not everyone gets on with it. Complicated settings can mean the older demographic are often left confused and because of this. They do not get a lot of the benefits.

The settings on ArcticBreeze are so simple that anyone can use them. Setting up is also simple, the USB ready cable plug into any compatible device so it can be powered by a laptop, power adapter, or even a power bank. Filling up is also simple thanks to the wide mouth of the water tank that can be removed, filled, and put back in place.

Specifications Of The Arctic Breeze

Dimension 10.9 x 10.4 x 10 .4 inches
Weight 1.45 lbs
Digital Thermostatyes
Cooling Capacity45 sq. ft.

The Prominent Features of The Arctic Breeze Portable Cooler

Pretty Portable And Easy To Move

A lot of air coolers are bulky units, taking up a lot of room and are inconvenient. Old technology often means you are left with a task on your hands, especially when moving the product up and downstairs.

Because the device is not reliant on a plug socket, ArcticBreeze can be placed anywhere in any room. It is easy to pick up and move into a nursery or the office. Although it is light, the materials are high in quality and it is easy to clean to ensure you are always getting hygienic air.

The dimension of the cooler is 10.9 x 10.4 x 10 .4 inches. This small size of the Arctic Breeze makes it the best fit for anywhere. One can even carry it in their car and can use anywhere.

Cooling Does Not Require Much Water

The cooler works on the evaporation system which requires water to give a cooling effect. For that, very less water has to be filled in the tank of the cooler. One fill of the water can stay up to 10 hours.

It Is Completely Environment-Friendly

The cooler doesn’t contain halocarbons which makes it Environment-friendly.

The Fan Speed Is Variable

You don’t have to bear the cold for a long time. We can adjust the fan speed of the cooler in three variables- low, medium, and high.

You Get Money-Back Guarantee

If delivered defective you can return it in 30-days and the company ensures you a complete money refund.

Comes With Programmable Digital Thermostat

The digital thermostat allows easy adjustment of the temperature.

How You Should Be Using The Ultra Cooler?

  • First, the cooler has to be placed on a flat surface for better functioning.
  • Connect the cooler with power
  • Place the air filter, use the guide to know how to. For filter first placed it in cold water.
  • Fill the tank with water up to the MAX line.
  • Turn it on.
  • You can adjust the fan speed from low to medium to high.
  • Can change the direction of air from the Airflow direction tab.

Ways You Can Maintain The Filter Of The Cooler

Maintenance is required for better functioning of the cooler. You have to replace the filter every 2 or 3 months and wash the filter weekly. Simply just takes out the filter and rinse it with soap and water. If the filter is very dirty and filled with molds place it in vinegar bowl and clean it. It will remove all the dirt and smell it has.

Advantages of Arctic Breeze

  • Portable. Easy to carry
  • Cheap yet efficient
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Purify the hot air and cools it.
  • Digital Thermostat

Disadvantages of Arctic Breeze

  • The cable got heated easily.
  • Difficult to see at night as there is no night light.

Wrapping It Up

After reading all the features and measuring the pros and cons you have made the judgment that the pros of the cooler outweigh the cons. Arctic Breeze cooler is cheap, efficient and on top that comes with a money-back guarantee. Make your summer cooler with the Arctic Breeze mini portable cooler.

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