Belissas Teeth Whitening Review – Know the Truth

Belissas Whitening is a teeth whitening system that claims to whiten your teeth in 20 minutes.

Using the power of blue light, Belissas Whitening claims to eliminate discoloration caused by red wine, coffee, tea, cigarettes, and more.

You place gel in a tray, place the tray in your mouth, then clamp down on the device. Turn on the light and hold in place for 20 minutes. By repeating this process daily, you can quickly whiten your teeth using the Be-White blue light LED lamp.

As the world continues to learn about the ultraviolet light benefits, from UV light sanitizers, UV humidifiers or UV vacuums, to all of the benefits of teeth whitening, is Belissas Whitening too good to be true? Does it actually work to whiten your teeth? Or will it cause more harm than good? Find out everything you need to know about Belissas Whitening today.

What is Belissas Teeth Whitening?

A girl using Belissas Teeth Whitening device

A revolutionary device in the teeth whitening industry, Belissas Teeth Whitening Kit is an at-home remedy towards clean, bright teeth.

The FDA approved formula does not require you to get a dentist’s prescription, heck, you do not even need to make an appointment.

The technology was made by a Harvard Research Company called Snow and the product is proven to show positive results within just 20 minutes.


  • Belissa whitening gel: this is the most important content of the whitening kit. This gel contains Hydrogen peroxide and essential oil which play important role in giving you that sparkling white set of teeth.
  • Blue light lamp: this is a device made of led blue light. The blue light helps hasten the oxidation reaction of the hydrogen per oxide with the color pigments on the teeth. This blue light lamp comes with the kit and used for the best results
  • Custom fit gel trays: this is made out of high grade harmless silicone, this tray molds to the shape of your teeth when you wear it, in as little as 5 minutes your gel tray is customized to take the shape of your mouth because of the soft silicone. It helps hold the gel to your teeth for you the whitening to take place.
  • Gel applicator: these are meant to look like syringes but they are not it is used to pour in your tooth whitening gel into your gel try.
  • Easy usage: this teeth whitening procedure is easy to use and requires no extra skill or another person to help you out with it.

Benefits of using Belissas Teeth Whitening [Belissas Teeth Whitening Review]

  • Belissas Teeth Whitening guarantee great sparkling white teeth, in just 10-15 days.
  • It propels teeth brightening framework and saves important cash.
  • It achieves the primary noticeable outcome in just 2 applications (10-15 minutes for each application).
  • Effectively removes yellowish stains in just 6 applications.
  • Increases Self-esteem.
  • The application is painless, and causes no side effect.
  • The white results last for 3 long months with negligible upkeep(normal brushing).

How Does the Belissas Teeth Whitening System Work?

How Does the Belissas Teeth Whitening System Work?

Belissas Whitening is one of many teeth whitening kits available today that uses a combination of blue LED light and hydrogen peroxide to give you visibly whiter teeth. However, Belissas Whitening is one of the few teeth whitening kits that has added essential oils to the hydrogen peroxide.

Belissas Whitening describes its combination of hydrogen peroxide and essential oils as the whitening dream team. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent that attacks organic pigment molecules in the enamel of your teeth.

The oxidation breaks the pigment apart, making it easy to scrub and remove. By applying blue light to hydrogen peroxide, you can purportedly increase the oxidation activity. The blue light makes hydrogen peroxide more effective, enhancing its teeth whitening power. The best teeth whitening kits use ultraviolet light – not blue light – to whiten teeth. Ultraviolet light is proven to have germicidal effects, although blue light shows no such effects.

How to use your own Belissas Teeth Whitening Kit?

As mentioned earlier in this review, Belissas is very easy and simple to use. Follow these steps listed below to use your teeth whitener.

  • Use the gel applicator to apply the gel to the gel trays that can hold it against your teeth. 
  • Apply the gel tray against your teeth and make sure it is in contact with all your teeth. Remember that the tray is made up of flexible silicone material that you can adjust to fit into your teeth.
  • Hold it for about 15 to 20 minutes each time you are using it. Note! If the gel is not making contact with your teeth the oxidation reaction will not take place and you won’t get any result after use. 
  • Shine the blue light to facilitate the reaction for a faster result. 
  • Next step is to remove the tray and rinse off the bye product of the reaction from  your mouth. 

That’s all you need to do each time you want to use your Belissas. Use it everyday and look out for the result. It will put winsome smile on your face after few days of application. 

What comes in the kit ?

What's in the box of Belissas Teeth Whitening

Our Be-White Teeth Whitening is perfect for first time users as it includes everything you need to get started with your treatment. Your kit will include:

  • • 1 x LED Light & Mouth Tray
  • • 2 x 5ml Teeth Whitening gel (total 10ml)
  • • 1 x Set of instructions and a shade guide to monitor your progress

Where can I get the Belissas Teeth Whitener?

You can easily order this Belissas Teeth Whitening directly from the manufacturer at their official website. Ordering is quick and easy. There are multiple payment methods available so you just pick the one suitable for you. By clicking the button below, you will be taken straight to the manufacturer’s website.

It is important you know that there is an on-going discount for the Belissas Teeth Whitening. For every order placed today you get a discount with free shipping to your door. There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, if for any reason you decide to return the product within 30 days of purchase, your request will be fully granted. This is the best opportunity you can get right now. Make use of it today to prevent paying the full price tomorrow.

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