Bondic Review 2020: Super Glue that fixes Everything!

Bondic Review

You more likely than not encountered a few breakages or harm during your working out activities at home or even in the workplace. Here and there it puts you off on the off chance that something gets broken and you need to fix it. With the development of an assortment of pastes fit to fix a wide range of gadgets, it makes it tedious to pick what paste is appropriate for fixing a specific kind of harm.

Be it at home or at your work environment, you would have dropped something and thought about how to fix them immediately in secret! You may have utilized pipe tape as it is the most straightforward approach to fix things, be that as it may, the tape is very noticeable. Truly, we know that this little assignment isn’t extremely simple and however there are numerous items which guarantee a convenient solution, not very many of these items carry out the responsibility well. It tends to be hard to choose from the wide assortment of alternatives that are introduced to us. Likewise, a portion of the pastes accessible probably won’t fix certain things.

Be that as it may, there is another contestant in the market that guarantees all harms and broken things get fixed right away. The item Bondic is a recipe that gets evaporated the moment it is presented to the sun’s UV beams. The maker guarantees that Bondic isn’t glued.The equation is an unmistakable fluid that helps in fixing nearly anything. When you purchase this item and use it, you will never buy some other item. Our survey on Bondic will take you through the highlights, advantages and upsides and downsides of this item. So read on to know more.

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What is Bondic?

Bondic Review

Bondic was established in Germany by Dr. Thomas Offerman, a German Dentist. This stunning item has gotten the honor of Retailers Choice also. Bondic is fluid plastic welder which is handheld and has an extraordinary fluid equation that changes anything into plastic in only 4 seconds, when it presented to UV light. It very well may be utilized for fixing broken things made of plastic, low voltage wires, texture, glass, and so forth.

When the fluid has been utilized on an item and the item gets presented to the bright beams for 4 seconds, the paste evaporates. It is productive and an extraordinary option in contrast to superglue since superglue can be clingy, chaotic and furthermore doesn’t fix things forever. Bondic doesn’t simply fix broken things yet it makes them more grounded as well. On the off chance that you utilize progressively fluid, the bond gets more grounded. Notwithstanding, superglue won’t have a comparable impact. Bondic is the best choice to fix up little openings, frayed texture and furthermore zipper creases.

BondicEVO Liquid Plastic Welder
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Features of Bondic

Remember that Bondic is not a glue. Bondic is liquid plastic welder which makes use of a special adhesive that bonds only under UV light. There are some amazing features of Bondic which make it unique and special:

  1. Easy to clean – If you want to bond any two materials, they must be cleaned up well.  Now, the materials will have to be cleaned in every corner possible, and this would need a sharp tool. This tool is provided in the Bondic package. The material has to be cleaned before you apply Bondic. You can use a paper towel to clean the materials and you do not need any special cleaning materials.
  2. UV Light – The Bondic Liquid Welder package includes UV light, which has been designed to ensure the liquid substance solidifies and transforms into plastic quickly. Once the liquid substance is shaped, you can use the UV light to dry it up and bond.
  3. Versatility – Some glues can fix only specific product materials. However, Bondic can be used on any material – wood, plastic, fabric, toys, glass, ceramic, etc. It is a versatile product. And it dies only when exposed to UV light. Furthermore, it is waterproof and weatherproof, and hence exposure to any condition will not hamper the product quality. You can use it to prevent leaks in aquariums or pools. The hardened plastic does not melt at all. Even when it dries, Bondic is very versatile. You can also paint on it, polish it, or mold it. Based on the number of layers of liquid applied, the area can be given a good shiny appearance with the help of sandpaper, and no one will ever know that it was broken.
  4. Safe – Bondic is a non-toxic and safe product. It removes the risk of burning as it doesn’t need heat like glue guns. You will not have problems when you use Bondic.
  5. Long Life – The typical glue generally sets when they are exposed to air. Despite closing the tube/can, the glue might dry out. This indicates that the sealant of the tube gets clogged easily and it gets tough to open it up. Bondic is a substance that dries up only when exposed to UV rays and hence it remains in liquid form in the tube for years together. The Bondic kit includes every tool you need to begin your repairs immediately.
  6. Strong Bond – Once the liquid gets cured under UV light, Bondic’s liquid plastic formula gives you a very strong hold that lasts forever.
  7. Does not Dry – Bondic is not like glue. Hence it does not dry when it is in the bottle. It can be used for years.

Benefits of Bondic

Some of the benefits of using this product are:

  • Bondic helps in replacing the missing pieces in any broken product quickly. It also ensures the bond created between the pieces is strong and long-lasting. It is a great filler.
  • The liquid formula ensures that the materials that get fixed have a permanent bond.
  • Bondic is not a sticky product and you can keep modifying the liquid on application to the material, till you are satisfied with the shape. Only once this is done, you can use UV light to bond the materials.
  • The product is free of chemicals and is non-toxic, thereby being very safe to use.
  • The product will be in liquid form always; it never dries out. It dries only when it gets exposed to UV light for 4 seconds.
  • The liquid formula can be used on any material and any product.
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Who can use Bondic?

Anyone utilizing family things and they wish to claim them for quite a while, can utilize Bondic. Those with treasures and nostalgic things can utilize the item, at whatever point such items get harmed because of little mishaps. To put it plainly, everybody needs Bondic!

What Comes in the Starter Kit?

Before you buy Bondic, you should keep in mind that there are different kits available. The starter kit is the most basic and includes all of the following.

  • Bondic bottle: The most important item in the starter kit is the bottle of Bondic. This bottle contains enough of the adhesive for multiple applications.
  • Applicator tip: Your starter kit will also come with an applicator tip. This tip looks similar to those found on ballpoint pens. It allows you to apply a thin layer of the adhesive to any surface without wasting any.
  • UV light tool: Unless you see the UV tool listed in the product description, you’ll want to order a different kit. Bondic will not work without this tool, but some kits require that you purchase the tool separately.
  • Carrying case: The basic starter kit comes with a metal carrying case with a bright silver finish. This case is more than large enough inside to hold your Bondic and other supplies. It even has enough room for the UV tool, which ensures that you never lose it. You can store both the UV light and the bottle of adhesive together.

What all can be fixed using the Bondic?

Plastic welder usage is wide from plastic to metal. You can use it for water pipes, for car parts, for toys, for the craft. It is just you name it and it can be fixed by Bondic. Following are some of the uses mentioned of the welder-

  • The welder is used to binding metals.
  • It is used to fix the space between the plastic which can’t be fixed with normal glue.
  • Welder helps to create strong bonds between things irrespective of the material.
How to Clean Skin if Welder gets Bondic

Are there side effects or any problems?

The main issue is that Bondic isn’t found in numerous family units!! This stunning innovation must be in each and every house, in each town and each city. It is the best option in contrast to some other paste or paste firearm accessible in the market. When you purchase Bondic and use it, you won’t return to the super paste. The aftereffects of Bondic will flabbergast you!


The Bondic bundle accompanies a rundown of security updates just as admonitions. Any contact with eyes, skin or even inward breath of Bondic could be unsafe. You can visit their site to check the complete honesty and all the prudent steps to be followed.

How Does Bondic Work?

Bondic is basic and anybody can without much of a stretch utilize the item. You need to apply Bondic also to the manner in which you apply stick on the material that you need to fix together. The fluid recipe is much the same as that of superglue. When this is done, you can wipe any abundance, structure it or even include additional layers of the fluid, till you begin holding the pieces together. When this is finished, click the catch which is on the instrument, at that point hang tight for only 4 seconds. You will see that the fluid changes into hard plastic. This makes a changeless and durable bond. The producer asserts that this plastic is waterproof and weatherproof, in this way being incredibly strong. You can’t locate this fluid anyplace in the market, because of which the ubiquity of Bondic has expanded.

How to Use Bondic

Bondic is very easy to use as it only requires the following four easy steps:

  1. Make a rough area where you’ll apply the bondic if you need permanent mend. If all you need is a temporary fix, let the area remain smooth.
  2. Apply sufficient amount on the part of the item you need to be fixed.
  3. Expose it to ultraviolet light for four seconds so that it can toughen.

What Comes in the Starter Kit?

Before buy Bondic, you should keep in mind that there are different kits available. The starter kit is the most basic and includes all of the following.

  • Bondic bottle
  • Applicator tip
  • UV light tool
  • Carrying case

How to Clean Skin if Welder gets it on?

This adhesive is easy to use but sometimes it get sticky on fingers. But unlike other adhesives, it is easy to remove. Follow the following instructions to clean the adhesive-

  • Put the affected area under the water.
  • Apply some mild soap over it.
  • Rinse it with water again.
  • If still, the glue is on apply the soap again
Bondic Plastic Welder
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How much does it cost?

Bondic is the best product at the given price and the ongoing deals can get a Bondic Kit for as low as $19.99. And you can fix everything that you thought is not fixable.

Where to Buy Bondic?

Bondic is being sold in many different package configurations. The basic kit can be purchased on Amazon for less than $20. You can also pick up refills or larger sizes from the website of the manufacturer directly.

Pros and Cons of Bondic

  • It offers controlled drying and it is consistent when it hardens
  • You can use it to form any shape and recreate the broken item
  • The liquid plastic welder is easy to use
  • The liquid dries in 4 seconds only when exposed to UV light
  • You can sand the material post-curing
  • The liquid can be used on various materials inclusive of wood, glass, wires, ceramic, plastic and metal.
  • The product comes in tube form and can be applied easily
  • It is not sticky and not messy
  • It creates a strong bond which is long-lasting
  • It is chemical-free and is non-toxic
  • It has a long life
  • The liquid hardens only on exposure to UV light

Final Verdict

Along these lines, on inquiring about the item Bondic, it is reasoned that this item is an absolute necessity have in each family unit and work environment. It is too reasonable, non-clingy, non-poisonous and entirely strong. It offers the client controlled drying which is just astounding. On the use of the item and presenting it to UV light, when the materials are fortified, the bond made is solid, and lasting. Additionally, Bondic will never dry except if it gets presented to the LED or UV light. In this way, the item has a long life and won’t terminate for a considerable length of time. Bondic can be utilized on any material and can be utilized to apply on broken things, molded and reproduced. When the thing is formed utilizing Bondic and is relieved, you can likewise send the thing to give it a sheen. When you start utilizing Bondic, you will dispose of the various pastes in your tool compartment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy refills?

We currently only offer a complete Bondic Kit, which includes two Bondic pens and a UV light. You don’t need a lot of Bondic to get the job done, so two tubes should last quite a while.

What would happen if I use it outside?

On a bright, sunny day, the sun will cure Bondic at a similar rate to the UV pen, so indoor use is recommended.

Can I buy in New Zealand? In store? Or online?

We’re not aware of any retailers in New Zealand who might carry this product but we are definitely able to ship there!

Will bonic hold a pane of glass that is 24 inches by 12 inches

Not reliably, especially if it’s a heavy piece of glass. Glass is difficult for any adhesive due to the fact that the surface is smooth and offers nothing for it to grip to.

Are there 2 lights? One I saw was ON the pen and another separate!?!

That was the same light. It’s not permanently attached to the back of the pen.

Is it food and drink safe? If you use it to repair plates & cups, can you use them again?

Bondic is non-toxic and safe to use on both flatware and drinking vessels.

Are there any safety measures to be observed when using bondic?

No, bondic is safe to use because it does not contain any harmful substances. It has been manufactured using ingredients that are safe for use by humans. However, it is advised that it should be handled by individuals who are aged 12 years and above.

How long does a tube of bondic last?

Seeing as one tube contains 80 drops of bondic, for small repairs, it can be used more than twelve times for big jobs, you may need one or two tubes of bondic. It however depends on how much a user uses per task as well as the magnitude of the repair that needs to be done.

Can bondic be used in, against or underwater?

Yes, it is waterproof and doesn’t cause any difficulties when being used in, against, or underwater. Once it hardens too, it cannot be affected by water at all.

How do you wash off bondic in case it spills?

Bondic spills are washed off very easily using wet clothing of any organic solvent.

Does bondic dry up or expire if left without use for too long?

No, bondic plastic welder never expires, and it only dries when you’re ready for it to do so by exposing it to ultraviolet light.

Can bondic be used for the dishwasher?

Yes, the bondic material once dry is waterproof and you can effectively use the dishwasher regularly.

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