BriteGrip Review 2022 – Its Features

Take a look at britegrip and discover the glove life together put a link to in the description not very big but britegrip seemed like a way to carry a light on your hand without having to do any thing. So here it is looks like there’s a piece of velcro on the back there. I think you kind of put your fingers through here nope you’re supposed to kind of use your index finger and your thumb so let’s say I’m right-handed because I am and you put it on like this kind of like britegrip gloves and then apparently. What you’re supposed to do is somehow wrap this around your wrist like that there you go you’ve got two pieces of oak trail right there. So now it’s going to wrapped around my wrist and I’ve got my glove lights on here you know it’s kind of stretchy. What the I don’t know like a thin neoprene spandex type of material you know it’s fitting my fingers pretty tight but I still have the tips of my fingers available.

BriteGrip Review

What Is BriteGrip?

In case of a power failure or any emergency, having flashlight gloves will make it easier to repair a broken fusebox or find your emergency supplies more quickly. In an emergency, every second counts, and having a reliable light source with LED light gloves saves you time and keeps your hands free.

So you can manipulate small things you can’t one-hand to turn on the light or anything there’s a power button right here or rubberize button. You know nothing is really super high quality and CP the rubber edge here it’s kind of kinky but britegrip works seems like there’s a battery in it I turn it on and boom I have two little LED spotlights on my finger. So if I’m working on something small right at my fingertips no problems you know that’s it that’s kind of how BriteGrip works. I can point to things it’s actually pretty clever that you’ve got these two little LED lights on kind of riding on the dorsal side of your fingers here and they’re pretty bright I’ve got no problems with that it’s pretty cool this isn’t too obtrusive. I would say though for me and got my fingers are a little thick chubby but kind of the sleeve that goes around my fingers a little too tight from my taste. I wouldn’t want to wear this a long time. I’m sure it might stretch out and if you have small thin hands you might even say oh it’s too loose but now me I think it’s too tight it can certainly manipulate things here anyway the glove light. I don’t know if you work in dark places kind of do find manipulation with your hands you might find it useful check it out I’ll put a link to it in the description but this is what it looks like kind of cool get it wrong panda out.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • One Size Fits All
  • Batteries: 2x CR2016 Batteries

How To Use

  • Slip on your flashlight glove.
  • Push the on/off button to activate the LEDs.

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