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CoolEdge AC Review 2022 – Best Portable Air Cooler

A new portable air cooler, CoolEdge, is here to solve all the summer heat and cooling problems. Unlike the big AC units, you can always use the CoolEdge air cooler whenever you want additional cooling. This review will look at its features, how it works and where you can get one for yourself.

Cooledge is a portable air conditioner which is utilized for cooling down surroundings. These cooledge portable ac have been used by many homeowners not only in the United States but all over the world as well. This cooledge ac is superb in combating heat on a daily basis.

What Is CoolEdge Portable AC?

CoolEdge AC is the ultimate solution to both expensive energy bills and also poor air quality. It is very compact and easy to use as well. The best part is that it is silent. Therefore, you can use it when you are sleeping or place it in your baby’s room without the worry of disturbing sleep.

Whether you like to stay in the office, park, or your room, worry no more about excess heat because this device will ensure you enjoy your surroundings. Another great thing about CoolEdge is that it is easy to handle and operate. It requires very minimal maintenance and the best part is it is cheap.

Features Of CoolEdge AC

Cooledge unit is the perfect companion to help one get through hot summers. The summer heat can be unbearable. The heatwaves can cause medical emergencies such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, or even heat strokes. It’s always best to keep yourself fresh and hydrated and avoid excessive sweating, which is why cooledge ac review  is created. Here are the features of cooledge ac.

Features Of CoolEdge AC
  • Three In One Functionality: Many of the air coolers sold on the market are built with older technologies and very limited when it comes to what features they provide. In other words, they’re only blowing out cool air, which means they don’t put moisture to the air, nor do they purify the air. Luckily, a cooledge ac is built to do all these things. Cooledge AC brings the temperature down and purifies the air, all while making sure the humidity is at normal levels.
  • Easy To Use: Even if built with the latest technology, cooledge ac is still easy to use because it doesn’t have a complicated design. The settings can be easy to operate by anyone, even by seniors who are not knowledgeable about modern technologies. Powered with a USB cable so that it can be charged using a laptop, power bank, or power adapter.
  • Low Maintenance and No Installation: cooledge ac review states that It does not require any sort of setup and requires minimal maintenance. The cooledge ac can easily be cleaned within minutes. This reduces the repair and maintenance cost, and the installation cost that comes with wall-mounted ACs.
  • Boasted For Durability: While many desk air coolers out there are convenient to use, most of them need to be refilled too often, not to mention they break down after only a few months of use. Cooledge ac USA has a generous water tank that can hold up to 380 ml of water, operates economically, and can run for as long as 10-12 hours at its highest speed.
  • Energy Efficient: CoolEdge Portable AC is very energy efficient. There is no need to get freon gas. All you need is water or ice cubes, and you are good to go. It contains a water tank that can last up to 8 hours without worry about refilling it.
  • Adjustable Blade: The adjustable louvered blade allows you to move the wind direction either up or down. It also contains a 3-speed fan that you can always set for when you prefer silence or chilled air.
  • Hydro-Chill: CoolEdge can quickly reduce temperatures in your surrounding within 30 seconds with plain water. In addition, it emits refreshing air, and you can always add some ice in water to get some extra cool within a short time.

Benefits of Using Cooledge AC

Wondering the advantages that come with using cooledge ac? Then read cooledge ac ac review to learn all you need.

Benefits of Using Cooledge AC
  • Regulates air temperature and keeps the room cool.
  • Does not produce any type of unsafe gases neither in the room nor outside.
  • Does not make any type of bothersome noises.
  • Begins working instantly.
  • Consumes 10 times less energy and also hence saves a lot of money.
  • Is mobile as well as can be kept anywhere.
  • Reduced maintenance expense.
  • Easy to fix.
  • No hazardous chemicals.
  • Functions as a Fan, Humidifier, and AC unit all in one!
  • Keeps you cool & comfortable on warm days.
  • Rechargeable, portable, and cord-free!
  • Filters air of dust and pathogens
  • Easy to Clean & Use
  • Powerful and Quiet

How the CoolEdge AC Work?

The CoolEdge Desktop AC cools the space in which a user is currently located. This device operates by drawing in warm air and cooling it before recirculating it throughout the structure. To cool the air, it makes use of cold water that must be applied manually.

The thermoelectric cooling theory governs the operation of the CoolEdge Portable AC. The Cool Edge AC Ultra is a thermoelectric AC system that converts electrical energy to thermal energy through a simple solid-state semiconductor unit. To provide optimal cooling, the AC unit utilizes both alternating current and direct current. On the one side, the heat is absorbed, while the other cools to a temperature far lower than the ambient (environmental) temperature.

How the CoolEdge AC Work?

How Is The CoolEdge AC Used?

The following are the basic steps for using and operating It:

  1. If someone is interested, the person must first purchase their own CoolEdge AC (79) from the official website and take advantage of a fantastic promotional price of 50% off.
  2. Upon receipt of the device, the person should inspect it to ensure it is in good condition. The user can then place the CoolEdge Classic Desktop AC system where he/she wishes.
  3. The person is then expected to charge the device. Charge it using a Type-C charging cable. Users can position their CoolEdge Pure Chill AC on a flat surface and then connect the power adapter to the port on one end and to a wall outlet on the other. The CoolEdge Portable AC charges similarly to any other portable cooling unit.
  4. Fill the 300ml water tank halfway with water, choose your preferred setting, and enjoy cool air immediately.
  5. At this stage, the user should turn it on. When It is turned on, it claims to begin functioning immediately. As air passes through the water curtain and into the surrounding atmosphere, the person may experience cooler temperatures.
  6. Additionally, the user can increase the system’s cooling capacity by adding ice cubes to the ice tray and water tank. The longer the water remains cold, the more effectively it cools the surrounding air. The tank cannot be removed; instead, water is poured directly into the unit to keep it running.
How Much Does CoolEdge AC Cost?

The cost of the CoolEdge Portable AC cooling unit is determined by the package selected – with more comprehensive bundles providing greater discounts. The following are the CoolEdge air conditioner packages and their associated shipping costs:

How Much Does CoolEdge AC Cost?

Pros of using Cooledge Air Cooler:

The bliss that follows the usage of this gadget includes:

  • Reduced power usage: This device is battery-operated and the batteries require a very low amount of power to get charged. Due to this, the usage of power is reduced. The batteries are known to last for a reasonable amount of time.
  • No installation cost: As compared to a conventional air conditioner that requires continuous monitoring and frequent services, this device does not need a lot of attention. Since it is portable, there is no installation cost and no labor cost involved. It is a one-time investment that lasts for years.
  • 3-speed adjustable fan: On days when you do not want cool air, this device can act as a fan as it has an adjustable speed. Moreover, it can also be used in winters to keep the air in circulation.
  • Adds charm to the environment: This device is available in two colors, green and white, both of which can add to the beauty of your room.

Cons of using Cooledge Air Cooler:

  • Available online only: This gadget is available for purchase online only through websites and cannot be purchased through stores.
  • Cools a small space: This device, in no way, can be compared with a traditional air conditioner when it comes to cooling up a large room. It can cool small spaces and cubicles only.
  • Continuous refilling of water tank: The cooling of air will continue till the water tank has cool water. Once the temperature of water drops, it has to be replaced for cool air to continue.
Where Can I Get a CoolEdge Air Cooler?

Now that you know how to utilize CoolEdge to get its excellent cooling and humidifying benefits, it is time to consider where you can get one. Unfortunately, CoolEdge is only sold on the supplier’s website. The good thing is it is now being offered at a significant discount, but unfortunately, the website states the offer will not last for long.

To purchase the CoolEdge portable device, select your preferred package, fill in your details for purchasing. Your package will be packed for shipping almost immediately. Also, do not worry about your transaction details because they are all encrypted.

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What is the CoolEdge AC ‘s design?

This air cooler’s architecture is modern and elegant. It is white in color and is shaped like a cube. The unit is extremely compact. This means you can install the CoolEdge Best portable air conditioner in any room without fear of it destroying the decor.

Which of the CoolEdge AC package option is the best?

If you’re purchasing a single unit of It for personal use, go for it. If you have a larger family, you may want to consider a larger package that includes individual air coolers for each member.

How often will the water tank be refilled?

When the CoolEdge Portable AC ‘s tank runs out, it must be refilled. To achieve the best results, fill the machine with clean, cold water.

Is this item available for purchase in a store?

Not at all! It is sold in limited quantities and is only available online via the manufacturer’s official website.

How do I return the CoolEdge Portable AC ?

It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This ensures that if you are dissatisfied with your order, you have 30 days from the time you placed it to request a refund.


The summers can get too hot to handle, and often lead to medical emergencies such as heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heat strokes. On top of it all, extreme heat can make one feel demotivated to carry on with everyday activities and result in frustration.

Especially when were all sitting behind closed doors, and many arent given the privilege to beat the heat with a little trip to the northern side, this is acts as a life-saver.

Wall-mounted air conditioners are equivalent to extensive electricity bills and can put holes in your pocket. It is the most cost-effective way to deal with summers by staying calm and breezy. It uses minimal power, which enables it to reduce electricity bills.

Most importantly, this cooledge ac’s portability is a money-saver. You don’t need to install it in every room around the house, as you can conveniently shift this portable cooledge ac along with you wherever you’d like to go. The compact design and lightweight ensures smooth shifting of It, allowing users to stay fresh throughout the day.

Cooledge AC is also entirely safe for use, and easy to function. It does not require any specific expertise and can be used by anyone of any age. The batteries are rechargeable through the ACs USB slot, and can easily be charged anywhere. Once charged, the battery is durable enough to keep the cooledge ac blowing fresh air throughout the day.

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