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Copper Protector Review 2022 – Be Safe Always with 100% Germs

We can’t see bacterias with our bare eyes. We all are aware of that fact as the world is coming up with the COVID-19 virus and have faced several deadly viruses in the past. It becomes difficult for us to keep ourselves protected from such viruses. These viruses can enter your body through touch or air sometimes, so it becomes essential for us to take care of ourselves. Keep yourself safe with the Copper Protector.

 But it’s also not possible for us to do things without touching particular objects. And we just can’t hide from the outside world because work also plays an essential role in our lives. Copper Protector has the perfect solution to all your problems. Now you can step outside without worrying about getting infected by germs. It is a tool that can open doors and windows without even touching them.

What is Aviano Copper Protection?

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way that people handle their everyday life. While any normal trip to the grocery store or to pay the bills was previously something mundane, even as much as walking out the door takes a lot of necessary precautions. Though the recommendations from the CDC are evolving, consumers are taking heed of any measures that are recommended to them during this time.

There has been some debate over whether the novel coronavirus can survive on a surface, but many customers are working to keep themselves protected no matter what. Using a tool like the Aviano Copper Protector makes that barrier much easier to achieve, since consumers don’t actually have to touch anything directly at all.

Shaped like a key, the tool is made with 99.9% copper, which is primarily due to the fact that this metal is known for being antimicrobial, killing off germs that could otherwise infect customers. Since germs are killed almost right away, the user is able to touch multiple surfaces with the Aviano Copper Protector without having to wash it between uses to reduce the spread of germs.


This device is the latest invention of technology, and it is a boon for humans. Copper Protector has 99.99% of copper, which reduces the transmission of germs and bacteria. It also kills them as copper is a natural germs killer because of its antimicrobial properties. So now you don’t have to worry while pressing on the atm buttons or while opening the doors of a restaurant. All you need to have is one Copper Protector inside your pocket. In this manner, you will do your work while not touching the surface and a smart and effective way of doing work without getting infected.

And, because Copper is inherently antimicrobial, it even sanitizes itself!  You don’t have to worry about collecting germs that you’ll just end up touching later.

Door Handles

Touch Screens


Copper Protector

Door Locks

This is huge. Finally, something that’s actually safe to use and won’t end up spreading more germs than it prevents – unlike your pen or elbow! But naturally, I’m sure you’re wondering how it actually works. Well, guess what? That’s the most interesting part!

Features Of Copper Protector :

 This device has so many good traits that differentiate it from the rest of the products available in the market. Let us have a look at Copper Protector features in detail.

  • Easy to use: This device is quite simple and easy to use. Any person can use Copper Protector. Because of its simple design and good grip, it becomes easier to open doors and windows. It doesn’t bother an individual while carrying Copper Protector inside their pockets or bags. It doesn’t harm your skin at all.
  • Long-running tool: Copper is an excellent metal that comes with some useful properties. The majority of the gadgets and household fixtures have copper inside them. Copper Protector can last you for years because it consists of 99.99% of copper. It won’t get destroyed easily, and the shine of copper won’t fade either.
  • Unique design: This tool has a very unique and convenient design which makes it stand out from other devices. We go through such situations when we have to open doors/windows or insert pins while visiting the nearest ATM. But with the help of Copper Protector, you can open any door or window without worrying about the transmission of the germs. So take your Copper Protector with yourself wherever you go, and you will stay germ-free throughout the day. An individual can attach this tool from a keychain also.
  • Low chances of getting the infection: Copper is a metal with so many unique properties for human beings. The majority of the people prefer to drink water on a copper glass, and nowadays, water purifiers come with in-built copper features. Copper can kill germs and bacterias. It also reduces the transmission of germs and viruses naturally. So with the help of Copper Protector, one can quickly go outside and won’t worry about catching such hazardous viruses and bacterias.
  • Automatic disinfect feature: As the majority of people are aware of the fact that germs can’t stay on copper for a longer time. So it means one doesn’t have to clean the Copper Protector after use. The properties present on the copper doesn’t allow bacterias to grow any further, so the bacterias kill themselves when they can’t grow. So the germs automatically get killed. Copper Protector not only saves you from germs but also does the process of sanitizing by itself.
  • Zero-touch contact with the surface: We go through situations when we have to enter the pin or give feedback on-screen when visiting stores and ATMs. Now with the help of Copper Protector, it becomes easier to do that task. This tool enables you to do your work without even touching the surface or screen. An individual can enter the pin or type something with the help of this device.

Why A Copper Protector Must For You?

  • One can carry Copper Protector with themselves anywhere, and it is also very light in weight. To attach it with your purse, bag, or keychain, and you are all set to go outside.
  • The chances of getting germs and bacterias will be less because one can easily use Copper Protector and do their work without even touching the surface.
  • A person doesn’t have to clean a Copper Protector again and again because it self cleans itself. It happens because germs can’t grow or stay on copper.
  • This device is relatively easy to use, and anyone can use it. Its unique design helps to open doors and windows without any struggle.
  • An individual can get a sense of security after using Copper Protector because it reduces the transmission of germs and bacterias. So you can visit any store you like and can roam anywhere without tension.

How Does the Aviano Copper Protector Work? 

How does Copper Protector Work?

As I mentioned earlier, copper kills germs and bacteria pathogens; and it does the job passively, 24/7, effortlessly. The Aviano Copper protection is made with 99.9% copper that does a great job eliminating the DNA and RNA of the bacterial pathogens.

When you have to open the door of a super shop, twist a lock, or press the password on an ATM, the device comes in handy. It has a truly versatile design to work with almost anything; it even works on a touchscreen as it’s a conductive material.

What are the benefits of using the Aviano Copper Protector?

As per the advertisement found on the official website, the Aviano Copper Protector is reasoned as being effective in:

  •  Reducing germ exposure and anxiety
  •  Supporting multiple uses
  •  Disinfecting itself within a matter of minutes
  •  Easily attaching to a keychain, belt loop, and purse
  •  Handling heavy-duty work

How does the Aviano Copper Protector self-sanitize?

The self-sanitizing property is related to the oligodynamic effect. As per the oligodynamic effect, metals containing ions that kill living bacteria are the only ones able to self-sanitize. Based on the reporting’s of one source, copper has the ability to disinfect itself 15 minutes after coming into contact with bacteria.

That said, should one feel the need to clean the Aviano Copper Protector, one way to do so would be with soap and water. Another way that might also help to retain its shine is by simply mixing two ounces of white vinegar with one teaspoon of salt and placing the tool in the solution. Once 10 minutes are up, it is a matter of rinsing it and drying it with a soft cloth.

Does It Really Protect You From Germs?

Copper is a natural way to kill and eliminate pathogens from viruses, germs, and bacteria. It releases the copper ions to react with the RNA and DNA of the germs and kill them without any outside help. The copper ions work as a lethal dose for the membrane integrity of the germs that damage the virus and cleans itself. 

When you get the Copper protection infected, it disinfects itself on its own and gets you a clean handle every time. As you don’t touch anything outside, you’re free from infections; the gadget is also free from germs passively. So, finally, you can stay out of contaminations, no matter how bad a situation you’re in, such as COVID-19. 

How it’s Different from Competitors

There are several copper tools like the Aviano Copper Protector on the market. Some of them have slightly different shapes. Others are made of different materials, like brass, which is a copper alloy. Like copper, copper alloys have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Differently-shaped tools might make for easier use depending on the size and shape of a user’s hands. Some competitor tools have larger finger handles for easier gripping. Others are smaller and may be better suited for smaller hands.

Alloy materials are often less expensive than pure copper. Copper alloys are often proven to kill bacteria and viruses. In many cases, these alloys might be just as effective as copper tools, though pure copper is absolutely proven to be effective against many different disease-causing microorganisms.

How much does the Aviano Copper Protector cost?

Consumers have the following deals to choose from:

  •  1 Copper Protector: $24.99 plus S&H
  •  3 Copper Protectors (Buy 2, Get 1 Free): $49.98
  •  5 Copper Protectors (Buy 3, Get 2 Free): $74.98
  •  8 Copper Protectors (Buy 4, Get 4 Free): $99.96

On that note, if for any reason, consumers are dissatisfied with the Aviano Copper Protector, there is a 30-day money back guarantee in place. In order to get fully refunded, consumers will have to contact customer service and return the product. It is important to mention here that shipping and handling will be the customer’s responsibility. Here is the necessary information:

  • Phone number: (786) 246-1235
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: MARINETOP, 1853 SW 31st Ave, Hallandale, FL, 33009

Where I Can Buy It?

I believe that when it comes to buying something; never buy something from a third party if the manufacturer sells it directly. Fortunately, the company Aviano that makes the Copper protection sells it online on its official website. I also suggest you get it from the official website to get the original product without any third hand manipulating the product or price. Have a look at the Terms and conditions I mentioned under this article to know more about the product and its sales to get an idea-

FAQs About Copper Protector:

Does Copper Protector work?

Yes, it works totally, and it has 99.99% of copper. It vanishes the germs and bacterias and reduces the transmission of them as well. So the chances of getting the virus decreases.

Does Copper Protector have any side effects on the skin?

No, it won’t show any side effects. This device is side effects free and won’t harm your skin at all. It’s suitable for anyone regardless of age.

Do I have to clean the Copper Protector?

No, not at all, it doesn’t require any sort of external cleaning. As it cleans itself, one doesn’t have to clean the Copper Protector. So just sit back and use your Copper Protector whenever going out.

Do I have to touch the surface while using Copper Protector?

No, not at all. By using Copper Protector, you don’t have to touch the surface or platform at all. The key will do its work, and your work will get done as usual.

Final Thoughts:

Only we are responsible for our good or bad health. If we take all the necessary precautions, we can stay healthy and positive. Copper Protector will help you and your family remain free from germs and bacteria’s whenever they go outside. Its unique design makes it easy to use, and it’s portable as well. So one can carry it with themselves anywhere and won’t get the infection.

So buy your Copper Protector now and enjoy its benefits. Also, give this tool to your loved ones and show them how much you care about their health.

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