Dartle Type Keyboard Review – The Best Laser Keyboard

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Dartle Type Keyboard Review

What Is Dartle Type keyboard ?

Dartle Type is a virtual laser keyboard and mouse. Instead of using a physical keyboard it is simply projected onto a table or other smooth surface with the offered product, according to the manufacturer. Whether at the kitchen table or in a café, this product allows you to continue working without having to take a keyboard or mouse with you. The device is simply connected wirelessly via Bluetooth HD. Thanks to its handy dimensions, the device fits into any pocket and does not take up much space. Except for a few hints on how to use it, the use of a laser does not pose a health risk to your hands or eyes.

Advantage of Using Dartle Keyboard

Advantage of Using Dartle Keyboard
  • Battery life lasts for two full days
  • Built-in speaker for the keying hectic sound
  • Shipping is fast
  • Lithium-Ion battery is rechargeable
  • One button power
  • Laser resolution is amazing
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Windows
  • Full-size mouse and keyboard
  • Portable enough that can be brought anywhere

Dartle Type Test and Quality

This special keyboard and mouse as a laser is an American invention and therefore offers a slightly different handling regarding the letters and the arrangement of the letters than a German keyboard. So letters like “ü” or “ä” are missing, which do not exist in English. Here you have to make a paraphrase and either avoid such letters, which is often not possible, or paraphrase them with “ue” or “ae”.

How does the Dartle Type Keyboard work?

How does the Dartle Type Keyboard work?

The Dartle type keyboard uses laser technology to produce a red-colored hologram. When projected to any flat surface, it can be used as a keyboard that is very easy to use. It connects through the Bluetooth and can be switched to the Dartle mouse mode as required.

As it gets connected, as you start typing on the hologram, letters will start appearing on the screen just as typing on a standard keyboard.

Where To Buy Dartle Keyboard

You can directly buy Dartle Keyboard on their official website. They are offering discounts if you but one of more devices. Of course the higher the quantity, the higher the discount. Paying is easy with Paypal or Credit Card and the site is protected by SSL encryption so there’s nothing to worry about.


There are many reasons to buy the Dartle, and a few reasons why you may not find a need for it. If you’re a busy body, like to travel, catch up on your work, and don’t want to carry a heavy laptop with you, then this is the perfect device. But if you’re looking for a complete replacement for a traditional keyboard, then this wouldn’t be the right fit.

The Dartle is a great alternative when you are on the go. Its convenient, weighs almost nothing, and fits anywhere. I also think the Dartle is very affordable. I checked online and other laser keyboards were nearly twice the price. If you check the official website, you might get lucky and find it on sale. When I purchased mine, I only bought one (which I now regret), but if you buy more than one you will get it at a discounted price.


Why do I need this virtual keyboard?

This special technical invention is especially useful for all those people who are on the road a lot and have to write a lot, but do not want to do this constantly on large devices such as notebooks or laptops. With Dartle you can type anywhere on any surface and it is much smaller and handier than any other keyboard. It also allows you to type in the dark without interrupting when you need to work at night.

Where can I buy Dartle Type?

You can place the order for this virtual keyboard from the official website.

For how long does the battery lasts?

If you fully charge the keyboard, it can run for upto 2 days without any issue.

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