Draft Top Review 2022: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

A draft top tool is a pocket-size bar tool designed to safely remove the top of an aluminum can and open it to enable you to drink topless. Unlike other splitters, this has blades designed to use pressure to efficiently remove the center without leaving any sharp edges or damaging the can’s rim. Using any other device to open a can top can leave a dangerously sharp edge that could leave you with an injury on your lips.

It enables you to fully detach the heads of most aluminum containers, or at least drive them in, making them into individual beverage containers. Getting the surface removed allows you a cleaner splash, removing the splutter that emerges from drinking through the tiny top gap if you do like to sip from a bottle. Your drinks can also be garnished straight in the can.

What is The Draft Top?

Thousands of different types of drinks come in cans. Whether they are alcoholic, seltzers, soda, or even juice, aluminum cans have become a resourceful and convenient way to enjoy a drink. However, they are not the most elegant drinkware. It is surprisingly easy to have difficulty opening a can, and accidentally pulling off the tab means that the user can give up drinking their beverage. The Draft Top eliminates all the problems by removing the top entirely.


1. Release the handle

Push the tool’s upper top right corner. In the lower right of the tool, one can also take out the end of the handle. When everything is further out, then you can sense the handle locking into position.

Suggestion: It would be hard to access the handle of the tool has not been thoroughly rinsed.

2. Place the device on Can 

Position the device straight on a can, checking that perhaps the can tag is not balanced on either of the edges. Push the device downwards softly and grip the handles gently to catch the can. You must be able to select the can out with only the unit by pressing.

3. Hold the can

Using the opposite hand to pick the can whilst retaining the instrument in one hand, either by grasping the top or bottom where it is stiffer.

Suggestion: While not needed, the forced escape can offer guidance on which there is stability to keep if you unlock the can first.

4. Compress Grip and Turn can

Compress the grip until you notice like it is starting to stretch. Keep a stable force of pressing and start to turn the can.   If you imagine, it does not require that much gripping energy and you’ll be capable of rotating the can quickly.

Suggestion: If you have difficulties spinning the can or if it tends to crush, make sure you hold the can in the right position and you don’t squeeze the knob too tightly.

5.  Carry on with rotating

Oscillate the can till you encounter a set of cracking and a sound, at least once. Such sounds mean that the top was already removed.

Suggestion: Mostly in the marketplace, there have been two kinds of can top: “Straight” and “Bevel” Fenced. The most popular are “Bevel” walled cans, which only need at least half a turn. “Straight” walled containers are less popular but are somewhat harder to open.

6. Pressure through lids 

Release the grip all the way to detach the device (See Stage 1), so that blades don’t catch the can. Stand at the bottom of the can with one of the screws in the knob and move the lid steadily. It is then necessary to leave the lid connected or fully removed.

Suggestion: Locate the weakest aspect while rolling the lid in. When it does not move in quickly, then you still have not twisted the can enough just to remove the end. Repeat Phase 5 for the top to be completely removed.

7. Uh, relax!


During each activity, the instrument must be washed to function properly as intended. No soap is needed if it is washed after every use. If it is very dirty, it is possible to use hot water and soap. The instrument isn’t suitable for a dishwasher.

The instructions about how to run the Draft Top are given below:

  • Remove the handle that bends sideways.
  • Position a regular can (8oz-16oz) on top.  
  • Wiggle the handle (step 1) and grab the can with another hand.
  • Go to click the handle and begin to spin the can for many spins.
  • Force or drag the top into the can
  • Don’t get a koozie before trying on your brew. Along with the koozie on, you drop the force to spin the can.
  • Also at the base and not the center, keep the can. The can will start to crumble and drop beer by keeping it in the center.
  • Using your grasp with a certain strength and rotate for a fresh opening.
  • Then use it, rinse the can’s cover off as the cover goes into the beer.

Seem to be you clean open, without any pointy steel on your lips that may cut your mouth? They were all incredibly clean and smooth in the several cans that I checked. Your particular observations can differ, but testing never hurts.


The Draft Top is a practical and smart product that helps you to get rid of the top of the cans without any hassles. The hand-held device leaves no sharp edges on the can, leaving a smoother pour and bigger opening available for an all-around better experience. Additionally, the tool provides a perfect opportunity for garnishes, people who love to play drinking games, or drink mixing lovers.

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How does it function?

The patented concept of the Draft Top’s® contains four rotary blades. Within the edge of the can, the blades rest and utilize friction to break and flip the lid as it spins. To finish the division, it needs around 1/2 turn.

Is it effective on all the cans?

For many of these 8-16oz aluminum beer cans and over 19oz cans with regular tops, the Draft Top® was specially developed Crawlers,  soup 24oz tallboys,  the Sam Can, or  8oz Redbull cans do not work. Some parts of the globe manufacture various lids of can and others are not compliant with this instrument. The can diameters that match are between 52man57mm.

Will it keep the cover off?

By taking the lid out of the can, the tool is built to remove the upper part of the can. The lid may be taken out by hands in most circumstances or pressed in when the lid does in the usual opening process.

Can it end up leaving any sharp points?

The Draft Top® is built to bend the lip so that the chance of any jagged corners is reduced. It may lead to sharper edges or tiny steel shavings unless the Draft Top® is never used correctly. Notice that like a regular can opener, the separate lid may have jagged corners. Handle this with care, please.

Could it grab the top?

The Draft Top® could not snatch the can or retain it. This calls over the use of two palms. The second hand must be located squarely at the peak of the can on the edge, in which you possess the most influence and power

Is it hard to use?

There is indeed a tiny learning process, and most are efficient around 2-3 tries, based on the client. It’s almost like riding a motorbike and it feels normal after you work it out.

Do the 4 rotating blades have sharpness?

The Draft Top® blades are made for pressure splitting of the material. The edges have a dampened tip.  When managing the Draft Top, always tread cautiously but don’t use the commodity for anything besides its original intent.

Is it possible to wash?

Yes, just wash with hands. To stop beer or soda sticking among mechanical components. It is a smart idea to rinse with hot water after each use

Why Draft Top® was created?

The Draft Top® was designed to maximize the pleasure of consuming cans by encouraging your senses to taste the fragrance.