Eagle Eye Flashlight Review – How Does It Work

The Eagle Eye Flashlight is a high-powered flashlight sold online through an exclusive offer. The flashlight promises to offer police-grade quality, aircraft-style aluminum, and other high-end features – all for a ‘free trial’ price of just $5.75.

Is the Eagle Eye Tactical Flashlight legit? How does the Eagle Eye flashlight work? Find out everything you need to know about the Eagle Eye Tactical Flashlight today in our review.

Eagle Eye Flashlight Review

What is Eagle Eye Flashlight?

The Eagle Eye tactical flashlight is a high-performance tactical flashlight built from high quality material, offering exceptional durability. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is one of the most durable materials used in making tactical flashlights.

The aircraft-grade aluminum material also keeps the flashlight safe from water and rust. Therefore, it is not only waterproof but also rustproof and stainless. The head of the flashlight also contains a strike bezel. Also, the head is slightly heavier and bigger than other tactical flashlights which means you can use it as an emergency tool in dangerous circumstances such as breaking a window or protecting yourself from any attackers. 

Now all other types of tactical flashlights we have reviewed before such as the Shadowhawk or Alumitact, the brightness capacity is usually 700 lumens. However, Eagle Eye tactical flashlight has a lightning capacity of 1200 lumens which is way brighter than its alternatives. Perhaps that’s why it is one of the best selling flashlights currently. 

How does Eagle Eye work?

How does Eagle Eye work?

Eagle Eye tactical flashlight features four different focus settings and five different light modes. With its advanced telescoping focus settings you can zoom from 1X up to 2000X. You can simply twist the flashlight and adjust the zoom settings according to your needs. 

Additionally, the five different light modes are particularly helpful in many situations. There are high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe modes you can choose from. Depending on how much brightness you need in your current situation, you can choose the usual modes which are high, medium, and low. As for the special two modes: strobe and sos, you could use them in emergency situations. 

The Eagle Eye tactical flashlight offers approximately 100.000 lamp life hours which is an impressive performance for a pocket-sized tactical flashlight. When you’re going on long trips where there is no electricity, it will be working constantly without any issue. 

Cree T6 LED bulb ensures the lightning will be super-bright and long-lasting. In fact, the Cree T6 LED is one of the best Cree lights, especially in flashlights. 

Eagle Eye Features

The makers of the Eagle Eye advertise all of the following features:

  • 100,000 lamp life hours
  • Cree T6 LED bulb
  • Beveled edge for self-defence
  • Telescoping focus for x1, x250, x500, and x2000 zoom
  • 5 pre-set light modes, including high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS
  • Aircraft grade aluminum

Overall, these features are identical to other military-style flashlights sold online. In fact, the Eagle Eye seems identical to all of these competing flashlights in terms of design, features, and build.

The flashlight purportedly works for up to 6 hours on a single charge, providing 1,000 lumens of output. That may sound like a lot of light output, although the average incandescent or LED light bulb outputs 800 lumens of brightness.

The flashlight also seems durable. In promotional videos, we see the flashlight survive being run over by a truck and placed in boiling water.

Where to buy 

As demand for such a product grew in the last few months, manufacturers of Eagle Eye Tactical Flashlight decided to offer a free trial of their product online. This means that individuals only have to cover the shipping costs, which sum up to only $4.99. Placing the order online is very simple and the orders are securely delivered to clients’ doors.

Eagle Eye Refund Policy

Eagle Eye  Refund Policy

The Eagle Eye comes with a 30 day refund policy. You can request a refund within 30 days of receiving the flashlight.

You will not receive a refund on any shipping charges.

To initiate the refund process, contact the Eagle Eye’s customer service department at [email protected] or 1-800-831-5654.


The Eagle Eye Flashlight is a high-priced flashlight marketed online through a trial offer. You pay $5.75 today to cover shipping, then pay the full $54.95 retail price within two weeks (your credit card will be automatically charged).

You can find identical Eagle Eye Flashlights old online for under $6 – including flashlights with the same model number as the Eagle Eye Tactical Flashlight.

If you’re spending $60 on a flashlight, then you can find plenty of better options than the Eagle Eye.

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