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FIXD-OBD II Review 2022 – Your Car’s Personal Doctor

Is your car smart? Can your car tell you about any problem? If not then No problem Georgia-based Fixd Automotive brings for you a device that can identify information ranging from when you need to bring your car in for maintenance to why that check-engine light just came on.

Specifically, the website tells us this system can detect 6,800 possible check engine light causes, translate them into simple terms, provide you with a summary, indicate their severity, and then give you instructions on what to do. You’ll even be warned about possible consequences if you continue driving.

FIXD can also provide users with automatic oil change and maintenance reminders, the ability to access data across multiple cars in your family, along with an active timeline. FIXD-OBD II app will remind to take your car for regular car maintenance. It will remind you before the check engine light alert blew off. By this, it will save you a lot of money. Keep reading the FIXD-OBD II review for a better understanding of the topic

Fixd Review
Fixd Sale Offer

What is FIXD-OBD II?

FIXD is a small sensor that plugs into your vehicle’s OBD sensor and then pairs with your smartphone and an app to display information about check engine lights, maintenance requirements, and more.

FIXD is a combination of hardware and software systems. FIXD consists of a sensor and an app. The sensor is attached to the given OBD II port of the car. From there signals of any repair related delivers to the FIXD app. All the signals are transferred through Bluetooth. Information includes all the repair work that car needs.

The signals transferred through the app also include warning information. FIXD-OBD II provides two in one solution as it gives a warning and also tells the severity of the problem.

Advantages What You Will Get After Using Fixd

  • You will get Check Engine light information and know which type of repair is needed.
  • Its Maintenance timeline will tell you when your service is due.
  • Mileage detection that works to tell you about potential maintenance requirement based on the vehicle mileage.
  • Vehicle history that maintains in-depth, running log of your vehicle’s history.
  • Continuous monitoring alerts you whenever Fixd detects any problem.
  • Multi-vehicle control to properly monitor your as well as your family vehicle’s needs.

How do FIXD Sensor and OBD II Port work together?

Dashboard under the driver’s seat contains OBD II (On-Board Diagnostic) which is a way-in to diagnostic data. The work of the sensor is to scan all the diagnostic data and send it to the app. This information on the app could be used by you and your mechanic to resolve the problem. No need to charge the sensor as it gets its power from the car itself.

From time to time it will also signal you any upcoming service and maintenance that is required by the car. So drop all the troubles and get the easy solution for your car with FIXD. It will save you time and trouble.


FIXD Review – Design and Key Feature of FIXD – OBD II?

Build and design of the FIXD-OBD II is very simple. It consists of the FIXD sensor (Hardware), FIXD App (Software), and an OBD II port. How the Sensor and app work and signals the customer is described below

FIXD Sensor

The dimension of FIXD Sensor 1.8 x 0.8 x 1.6 inches and weight of the sensor is 0.96 ounces. The sensor is customized to attach to the OBD port. The sensor scans the diagnostic data and delivers it to the app via Bluetooth signal with decoded and simplest information. No need to charge the sensor as it gets its power from the car itself.

FIXD Mobile App

FIXD Mobile App easily accessible app and receive the signal from the sensor via Bluetooth. You simply need to connect the mobile phone with the internet. The app stores the data received by the sensors. The app contains a Scan tab which on tapping signals the sensor to scan the present condition of the car. If the scan button turns green then it means no problem in the car, if turns Yellow then it means moderate issues with the car, if it turns red then it means your car needs urgent repairing.

The bottom of the app screen has a timeline button which will provide the timely reminder of the maintenance and repairs that are pre-booked. The screen also has the Wear Item button which gives you access to log all the information regarding tires condition, battery wipers, battery’s voltage, etc.

FIXD Mobile App also contains a Live Data Option which by using various sources such as mass airflow, Fuel pressure, RPM and others to display PIDs in form graphs and charts.


Is FIXD Device Compatible with all Cars?

If your car is made after 1996 and operated on gas then the device is compatible with your car. The cars made before 1996 generally didn’t come with OBD II port. The device is also compatible with hybrid cars.

If your car works on Diesel or it is an electric car then, unfortunately, the device might not work to its fullest.

Problems being Identified by FIXD-OBD II Device

As per the data, it is claimed to identify 6800 engine problems with other problems. Before the Check Engine light alert below off the FIXD-OBD II identifies many problems with major problems such as high engine oil temperature or O2 Sensor failure. You can clear the Check Engine Light Alert signal through the app if the problem incurred is insignificant.


How Does FIXD Work?

When you buy this tool, you get both the diagnostic sensor that acts as a scanner and the FIXD app. Before you can run a scan on your car, you must plug the tool into your vehicle. If you ever used one of the boxes that insurers offer to help lower your rates, you’ll already know how this works. You will then need to open the store on your phone where you buy and download apps. 

Anyone using an Android phone will use the Google Play Store. Once the store loads, do a search for FIXD and download the official app from the manufacturer. You need to click on the name of the app and then select the install button before waiting for it to download.

As soon as you plug in the tool, open the FIXD app. You can use the Bluetooth on your phone to search for the sensor and form the connection that you need.

Once you form this connection, you will click on your screen and tell the app that you want to scan your vehicle. After the scan finishes, the app will show you everything it found. This lets you know what is wrong with your car and what you need to do or talk to your mechanic about later.

Installing Fixd and overall performance

As mentioned earlier in our review, installing the system is pretty straightforward, and requires no tools or special skills. Find the OBD-II port, plug the sensor in, download the Fixd app and pair it to the sensor. Remember to write down the number of your sensor prior to plugging it in in order to be able to easily pair it with the mobile app. You will also need to have the VIN of your car in order to pair the hardware and software correctly.

As far as performance, there can be some issues with connectivity, but otherwise, as far as diagnostics and discovering issues as well as sending on-time notifications for engine issues, the system works perfectly.

What is the difference between Fixd and other similar devices?

As you can imagine, Fixd isn’t the only car health monitoring device being offered on the market. In fact, there is a wide variety of other similar products being offered right now like Verizon’s hum+, CarMD or Zubie Key, to mention a few.

The fact is that Fixd has been readily available for purchase at all of the leading national and international retailers which fact has given the product a serious advantage amongst others.

Also, the Fixd mobile app is considered one of the most comprehensive, easy to use, and useful apps in this sphere.

One of the main advantages of the Fixd system is that it can break down the problems into simple terms which are easily comprehensible even by people who are not tech savvy, instead of presenting you with an incomprehensible code. Fixd will notify you of the seriousness of the issue, as well as the consequences if you continue driving with this issue so that you know when you need to get off the road immediately and when you can still go on to reach your destination and take actions after that.

It also has a useful timeline maintenance notification service, which is very useful for those of you who always forget when it is time for periodic maintenance such as oil change, filter change, tire rotation, and others.

What kinds of car problems can Fixd identify?

The Fixd APPlication is thus one of the best things that you can get. After reading this complete Fixd review, you might be surprised to by just how many things you can actually learn from the application. According to the company, the sensor can almost recognize more than 6800 maladies affecting the car and also hamper the car engine. It can easily diagnose the main cause of the check engine alarm in your car.

Though can never easily recognize all the things that its app can find it is pretty efficient to list down the major faults of the application. It can easily denote faults with the engine oil or even the O2 sensor. The Fixd car monitor can also help you to know about the bigger issues that will help you to take the car to a mechanic.

Apart from this, the Fixd APP also gives you the opinion to clear the check engine light when needed. However, you can still take your car and verify yourself that the problem is identified is not significant.

  • The Fixd can keep a track of the car maintenance easily.
  • This not only lets you plug the sensor into the car but also monitor’s the car quite effectively.
  • It determines what your car’s manufacturer recommends for maintenance at each milestone.
  • The application also alerts you to take actions against those recommendations.
  • The Fixd monitors the mileage so that you can get to know what you need to get done.

Is it Possible to use FIXD in more than One Car?

All gas-controlled and cross breed vehicles that were produced after 1996 can utilize FIXD. All the diesel-filled vehicles made after 2008 are likewise perfect with FIXD.

It is also possible to use FIXD on all trucks under 14,500 lbs in weight, that are gas-powered and bought from the United States. Claims that FIXD can work on any type of car is just a mere fallacy that has no truth in it.

Introducing the Fixd APP

The companion app of the FIXD is known as the Fixd APP where you can easily get a lot of information about the car. You can easily use the application to check the status of the car and see what the current faults in the car are. Just because of the fact the some of these errors can be nebulous, the application thus helps to put up a description on each of them.

  • The application notes out the potential consequences that your car may face on the run.
  • It also recommends you to stop the vehicle and turn it off so that you do not damage the vehicle.
  • The application reduces the costs efficiently for fixing the problem when it is possible.

You can easily port all the Fixd devices through one single application. This allows you to plug in the different Fixd devices to different vehicles and get them connected with one single application. From the application, you can easily choose the car you wish to diagnose and you shall be good to go.

  • Easy diagnosis of the car problem and saves you from all the trouble.
  • The app will alert you beforehand and save your time.
  • It will remind you of timely maintenance and service required by the car.
  • The app can diagnose 6800 of the known engine problems.
  • The device is very easy to install and fix.
  • The app store the data of the car safely.
  • No need to charge the sensor as it derives the power from the car itself.
  • Complicated error codes are easily translated.
  • The app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems.
  • The device is not compatible with diesel or electric cars.
  • Other than check engine alerts, the device is not compatible to detect other light indicators such as ABS or Airbag.
  • After the check engine alert blew off only then the sensor start picking up the problems.
  • It only works with the Cellular network or WiFi on.

What’s included in the Fixd Package?

The Fixd Package can offer you lots of benefits. It has a basic instruction manual and the unit itself.

There is no need for any external charger of plugs. You can simply plug in the device to the port and configure it with the application.

The application is available on both the platforms Android and iOS. If you have a device that is compatible with the OS, you will be able to download the application and install it.

The synchronization is completely wireless and thus it is very fast in work.

How can FIXD benefit you?

Fixd offers fast and simple scheduling of maintenance undertakings in view of pre-defined criteria. It guarantees that no important assignment completes by sending automatic notifications. The greater part of today’s CMMS solutions offer Mobile access and Fixd is no exception. Technicians can get the software from any gadget with an internet connection and a program. The program includes and refresh work orders from for all intents and purposes anywhere. Android and iOS applications are additionally accessible for much more convenience.

The software enables simple assigning of work requests to an advantage and brisk endorsements give a continuous stream of work orders waiting for an endorsement. The adaptable resource chain of importance empowers to make any compose or a number of advantages at any location, whether huge or little. It permits capturing basic information; including serial numbers, model, and warranty start date and so on.

The cost tracking highlight works well to track work arranges information to show which parts perform better and where material and time costs are the most. All work can be followed back to an individual resource, paying little respect to preventive maintenance or breakdowns. This means staff can see the full maintenance history of the considerable number of benefits.

What about the cost of Fixd?

You can expect to pay about $60 for a Fixd sensor, but you can opt for a double pack for just under $100 which is a pretty good deal if you own more than one car, or want to monitor more than one car via the Fixd app.

Should You Buy it?

As important as your general health is, the health of your vehicle is just as important. Something as simple as a loose wire in the motor can cause your check engine light to come on and stay on for weeks at a time. There is no guarantee that the light came on because of something simple though, which is why you need a diagnostic scanning tool such as FIXD. FIXD comes with a sensor that you can plug in and set up in seconds as well as an app that works with that tool.

One benefit of this tool is that it does not require charging or new batteries. The power from your engine provides all the power that the tool itself needs. As long as you have a Bluetooth connection between the tool and your phone, you get full access to the app. FIXD does require that you create an account once you download the app. If you upgrade to a better phone later, you can log in with your information and gain access to your account again. While this is a tool that we recommend and one we think you should buy, we wanted to show you some of the pros and cons of this model to help you feel confident about your purchase.

What Is FIXD’s Maintenance Club?

Although it wasn’t yet released at the time of our research, FIXD’s upcoming Maintenance Club will allow members to receive the items they need once they reach their next maintenance interval, tailored to their specific vehicle year, make, and model.

The program can be customised as you see fit, and whether you’re a beginner or a pro, they’ll also show you how to complete the maintenance, without having to leave your home and head to the parts store.

Your membership can be canceled or pauses at any time, and no deliveries are sent without your approval.

How Much Does the FIXD App and Sensor Cost?

The FIXD app is free, although you’ll pay the following for sensors:

  • 1 Device: $59
  • 2 Devices: $88 ($44 each)
  • 3 Devices: $118 ($39.33 each)

Once released, the Maintenance Club membership will be free, and you’ll only pay when products are shipped.

For one device, you’ll also pay $5 S&H, while all other options come with free shipping.

Regardless of the number you order, FIXD comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, less S&H, along with a one-year limited warranty. To request one, the sensor must be in good condition (not physically damaged, broken, or altered) and you’ll need to send an email to [email protected].

Where You get the FIXD device?

Unfortunately, You won’t be able to find Fixd everywhere. The company sells the sensors on its Official website and at Amazon, Walmart, and several other stores

Fixd Sale Offer

What Is the FIXD Maintenance Club?

To add a bit more value to owning a Fixd system, the company now offers a service that is the Fixd Maintenance Club.

Under the membership, you use the fixd to see what’s wrong or when you need an oil change or new air filter, but after identifying the problem you have to go to the garage to get the work done. But instead of having someone else do your car work, you can send your vehicle information to Fixd company, and through its Maintenance Club, the company will send you the parts you need to do the work by yourself.

Additionally, Fixd will also send to you all the specific maintenance items which are based on your upcoming maintenance work. Fixd’s incredible service allows you to select by yourself when your maintenance kit should ship.

The membership plan is Club is completely free, but the company will charge for the parts. Prices may vary, depending on the parts you need and the maintenance work.

What About the FIXD Vehicle Protection Plans?

Fixd also offers Vehicle Protection Plans. After subscribing this service you can get services like 24*7 roadside assistance, 24*7assistance for key replacements in case you lose your key. ItsTitanium Plus Protection plan gives you roadside assistance, tire, key/remote replacement, wheel protection, paintless ding repair and windshield protection.

Here is the pricing plan of different services which comes under Fixd Vehicle Protection Plans.

Fixd Roadside Assistance: $49
Fixd Key Replacement Plan: $69
The Fixd Full Vehicle Protection Plan: Yet to come

Fixd Sale Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

A professional mechanics view of FIXD?

We have a few guys that use something similar, or maybe even that. I mean you’ll know what mileage your vehicle is at and can check problems with your car. You’ll also know when your check engine light is on and what it actually means or anything else.

Has anyone tried the FIXD diagnostics device?

The information it will give you is what the car tells it. It will not make a “dumb” car “smarter.”If the car’s sensor malfunctions, and is detected by the vehicle – it will be passed onto FIXD. This is legitimate information.If your car doesn’t have a sensor that measures washer or oil level and/or condition – then what FIXD will tell you about is the estimation of levels present in the system. It will simply be an estimation of when they should be refilled/replaced.

Where do I find this port in my car?

It really is ideal when a client can get data concerning wellbeing and fuctionality issues on their vehicles when there is an incident. Having a background marked by the vehicle’s issues that you can allude back to is progressively natural since it empowers you to recognize a potential issue that has been rehashing itself every now and then. FIXD OBD2 scanner is an element inside the FIXD application that records the happenings inside your vehicle and saves them for scrutiny later on.

Do I need to disconnect FIXD from my car when it is not on use?

FIXD sensor devours next to no power when it isn’t in contact with the application. It, hence, does no mischief leaving it connected consistently. It is anyway suggested that clients disengage the sensor from the vehicle in the event that they have no expectation of running the vehicle for three weeks.

Will FIXD Work With My Car?

FIXD works on all gas and hybrid-powered cars built in 1996 and after, and every diesel vehicle built in 2009 and after. FIXD also runs on all gas-powered trucks that were purchased in the US and have a gross vehicle weight under 14,500 lbs.

Can I leave FIXD in my car all the time?

You can leave the sensor plugged in all the time, as it uses very little power when not communicating with the app. If you leave your car sitting for more than 3 weeks, we recommend that you remove the sensor.

Is it necessary to charge the FIXD device?

It isn’t important to charge the gadget snce it devours vitality from the vehicle. It will anyway not channel your vehicle’s battery since it is likewise a low-vitality user.Is it feasible for the sensor to meddle with different gadgets that utilization Bluetooth in my vehicle?The sensor doesn’t meddle with other Bluetooth gadgets since the client is entrusted with the job of permitting association with other Bluetooth gadgets with their cell phone.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. There is a warranty for every device sold. It is limited and goes for one year after the sale of the device.

Do you leave FIXD plugged in all the time?

Yes, you can leave it plugged in, but it depends on the period. FIXD doesn’t drain your battery power especially after the communication with the FIXD app is cut off. However, if your car is sitting idle for more than two weeks, then it’s better to unplug the sensor to preserve your battery life. Remember that the FIXD sensor relies on your car’s battery to power up and if left for a long time it may strain the battery.

Can FIXD be used on multiple cars?

FIXD can connect up to 5 cars. Simply buy multiple sensors for each vehicle and link them all to one smartphone. With this innovative technology, you can monitor all your family member’s cars and have peace of mind knowing that they are safe.

Does FIXD offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, it does. FIXD offers you a 30-day money back guarantee. The FIXD OBD-II, second-generation scan tool, is also covered by a one-year warranty. If the device doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to call customer service and demand for a refund.

Will FIXD work on diesel?

Nope. This is not a product for cars run on diesel. FIXD only works on hybrid cars or vehicles powered by gas.

Do You Need to Unplug the Scanner When You’re Done?

One of the best benefits of FIXD is that you can plug it in and leave it plugged in all day and every day. It will not drain your battery or cause any other problems. As long as you keep it attached to your car, you can open your app and do a quick scan whenever you want.


The car health monitoring device FIXD-OBD II is an inexpensive option to analyze the car engine problems which saves you maximum time and trouble. It gives you the warning of upcoming problems so that you can manage your time and visit the repair shop. The timely reminder of maintenance due and other services make the device a must buy.

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