Bondic vs 5 Second Fix: Which is Good?

bondic vs 5 second fix

Modern brands provide hundreds of different glues, but 5 Second Fix and Bondic are two of the most popular plastic welders that deliver excellent results. They utilized it to quickly reassemble the broken materials. You can get rid of ordinary glue that tends to stay to our hands for long periods of time. Learn about Bondic vs 5 Second Fix.

All you have to do now is roll the devices over the damaged area, which will harden and bond the joint. There are distinctions between Bondic plastic welder glue and 5 Second Fix. In this essay, we’ll show you which is superior: Bondic vs. 5 Second Fix Let’s get started.

What Is 5 Second Fix ?

5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix is a liquid plastic glue pen that uses mending, sealing, and repairing ways to connect any cracked things. Within 5 seconds, it can repair broken metal, wood, glass, and plastic products. The 5-second fix may easily link materials that would otherwise be impossible to join with regular adhesive.

Features Of 5 Second Fix

  • 5 Second Fix is a plastic and UV light-based welder that uses mending, filling, repairing, and sealing processes to join any materials. Let’s have a look at what it’s used for:
  • Work with a variety of materials: It seals permanently on plastic, fabric, metal, wood, glass, and other materials. Using liquid plastic and UV light, it forms a strong connection between the fractured joints and fills the cracks.
  • Simple to use: A plastic glue welder can be used by anyone without the assistance or knowledge of an expert. Simply place the plastic liquid on the location, expose it to UV light, and observe the binding.
  •   Fast and strong: In just 5 seconds, it forms a permanent glue over the fractured pieces. You can easily move the joints, and after completely connecting, it looks and feels like a brand new one.
  • Convenient: When applying the 5-second fix to repair a broken material, it never adheres to fingers like regular glue. As a result, you are free to use it.

What Is Bondic ?


Bondic UV glue is a liquid plastic adhesive that can be used to repair a variety of things, including personal goods such as jewelry, on the spot. It can quickly reassemble shattered glass, plastic, porcelain, and other materials. When a regular glue fails to hold a material together, a plastic welding tool is utilized. Where super glue couplings fail after a few days, it permanently unites a broken thing.

Features Of Bondic

When glue fails, this Bondic plastic welder pen can help. Consider the following benefits of Bondic plastic welding:

  Its liquid plastic joint provides super resilience by firmly breaking the shattered component. It works well in the dishwasher, in the sun, and in dry conditions.

Simplicity: The plastic glue pen is incredibly simple to use and may be used by anyone with no prior experience.

It operates on liquid plastic and UV light to ensure that it does not stick to the hand and provides long-lasting performance.

Metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, and other materials are among the materials that it can be used on. Because it does not dry out, it can be reused for long-term use.

Final Thoughts – Bondic Vs 5 Second Fix

The 5 Second Fix glue technique uses a UV LED light that runs on batteries to harden the solution. The LED light is poorly constructed. The majority of users also complained that when they first tried to use the LED light, the batteries were dead. If your batteries are weak, your UV light will dim with time, causing the bonding process to be hampered. The 5 Second Fix is not a glue.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about generating a sticky mess. Lighter goods, such as children’s toys, eyeglasses, belts, and ropes, can be repaired. Bondic may be used to make lasting repairs in a matter of seconds. Bondic is more effective because it is both heat and water resistant. Because the bond is exceptionally strong once you use your LED light on the liquid, your repair will be permanent.

Bondic allows you to repair all of the same items as 5 Second Fix, plus a lot more. Bondic is also effective on low-voltage cables and casings that have been damaged. You have the ability to form invisible bonds that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as hanging your keys. Bondic is non-toxic and resistant to lubricants, Lyles, and acids, according to the official website.

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