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Grow Pad Mini Review – Is the Perfect At-Home Hydroponics Device

Grow Pad Mini is an all in one hydroponic system. You can grow Fruits,  Vegetables, and Herbs right from the comfort of your own home!

What Is the Grow Pad Mini?

The Grow Pad Mini by Farm Culture is a small at-home all-in-one hydroponics device that is convenient and simple to use.

Grow pad mini

This small device makes growing herbs and small vegetables at home an absolute breeze. Complete with their own quality substrate (soil replacement) they provide, all that’s needed is to stick a finger in, place a seed or two in, pour some water in the reservoir, press one button and you’re good to go!

Grow Pad Mini comes armed with a Smart LED system, which automatically cycles every 12 hours and ensures whatever you’re growing gets the exact light they need to THRIVE.

And with the beauty of hydroponics you can grow year-round, indoors or outdoors. Heck you can grow these right in your pantry if you want!

Who wants to run down to the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning to grab some basil? That’s why my favorite place to keep my Grow Pad Minis is right in the kitchen.

There is nothing better than picking out a little fresh basil for your soup, some fresh cilantro for your flatbread, some fresh cherry tomatoes for that Sunday Caesar or some parsley on your seafood pasta. Yum! 😋

The Grow Pad Mini takes all the complications and difficulties of Hydroponic Gardening and simplifies it. The closed system of Farm Culture’s Grow Pad Mini simply takes in water in the reservoir and allows the crops to flourish.

Using the Smart LED system, it ensures that your crops get the proper amount of light, in any space, any time, year-round.

What about soil? 

Good news! Each Grow Pad Mini comes with its own substrate to hold seeds instead. That means no more messes!

But this device sounds complicated, so I’m sure you’re wondering…

What is Features Of Grow Pad Mini

grow pad mini
  • SMART LED — Includes a smart 12hr hour cycle LED system to ensure your seeds get the perfect amount of sun.
  • NO SOIL REQUIRED — No need to get messy, our quality substrate holds your seed, all you need to do is pour in some water and see your plants grow
  • INTERNAL RESEVOIR — Simply fill up the internal water resevoir and the Grow Pad Mini ensures your plants will get the perfect amount of water each day.
  • SEEDS INCLUDED — No need to worry about picking up your own seeds, each order of a Grow Pad Mini comes with a complimentary Italian Basil seeds to grow right away.

How to Use Grow Pad Mini?

  1. UNBOX IT – Your Grow Pad Mini includes a soil foam substrate, seeds, usb cord and a platform with an LED light.
  2. ASSEMBLE – Connect your Grow Pad Mini to the power, place the pot on the base and add the substrate on in the pot.
  3. SOW AND FILL – Add a couple of seeds onto the substrate and add clean filtered water. Now watch it grow!
  4. HARVEST – After 6 weeks you can start harvesting for up to 6 months!

How Much Does It Cost?

None of us are looking to break the bank to get into gardening… as a matter of fact, most of us are looking to use gardening as a way to SAVE money…

That’s why the Grow Pad Mini is made to fit any budget, starting at only $50.00.

With all of the complexities and difficulties of hydroponics, you would expect a modern device that handles all of it to cost a fortune.

Setting up your own hydroponics system with PVC pipes (although the tools are cheap), normally costs several hundred dollars when it’s all complete, not to mention the insane amount of maintenance they require.

Before you know it, you’re a full-time at-home gardener whether you have a green thumb or not.

$39.99 is such a small price to pay to avoid all of that. And to make it RISK-FREE they are even offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Question

How do I plant my seeds?

Easy! Soak soil substrate foam wet in a cup of water for about a minute. Then place it inside the pot. Then grab a couple of seeds and place them on top of the substrate.

How do I care about my plants??

The main thing to take care is water level and plant fertilizer. When being a seed your plant doesn’t need plant fertilizer. Just make sure the LED cycle is activated. When the sprout has appeared you can add a bit of plant fertilizer into your water. Remember to use filtrated water. Once the plant is growing check your water level regularly, about every week and add plant fertlizer to the mix.

How often do I need to water my plants and when?

Always check your water level window. If its running low add some more filtered water. For the seed/sprouting stage you don’t need to water very much, once its start growing check at least every week.

How do I activate my warranty?

Your warranty is activated automatically when USPS marks the delivery of your Grow Pad Mini. If you did not purchase the extended warranty you have 30 days only. If you would like to purchase extended warranty please contact us at [email protected]

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