Hoarder TP Game Review 2022 – Keeping your Family Together!

Has it ever wondered what more can a tissue roll do? Do you think this tissue roll, which is always lying inside the hole of a water closet, can have other uses as well? Personally, I have many times tried what other things I can do with this tissue roll. In this process, I found something exciting which you can do with the tissue roll and this piece of roll can actually be a big source of fun and entertainment. 

If you are a basketball fan like me, then this mini basketball game that I’m going to describe will be your next go to game. I am calling it mini because the basket where you throw the tissue roll is like a waist level basket which is in the form of a toilet seat. This game has immensely become popular amongst many people so I thought to give you a detailed review about it. 

I am sure, you would have guessed it by now, it is the Hoarder TP Game. TP here means Toilet Paper, yes you guessed it right. Now, you know how much fun toilet paper can bring in. Read along and I will tell you how to play this game, what is this game all about and its advantages. 

This one is a BIG source of entertainment. So, if you also wish to be a star of your house and parties, then bring your tissue roll and play along! Here we start!

What is Hoarder TP Game?

Hoarder TP Game Review

It is a very fun game where people have to wear a inflatable toilet bowl rim on their waist and others have to throw the “TP rolls” through that to score points. The person who scores the maximum wins. It is a very fun game and has become popular in this period of lockdown and has really brought down the stress levels. As we all are stuck up at home and are in the middle of a pandemic, this game provides hours of unlimited fun with your family and close knit people. This is a super awesome game which is very entertaining and fun.  

Thus, it is a must buy product, also it is space efficient as after the use you can deflate it and keep it. You don’t require a special place to hang the rim as the basketball thus even if you are staying in a small apartment then also you can make full use of this product. 

For those who wish to improve their aiming skills must definitely try this game. If you are finding it quite silly, trust me try it out once and you will surely enjoy it. Also, it keeps you active. 

Main Features of the Hoarder TP Game

Perfect to beat the isolation blues

We all are going through tough periods in our lives. We never thought this state would come and that too for such a long period of time. It has drained us totally and we all are in a state of mind where nothing excites us. But, this game really has changed the game and keeps our bodies energized and active. It is fun and entertaining at the same time. It gives us good quality time away from screen time. 

Hours of entertainment for you and your family:

This game promises you hours of unlimited fun with your family. It can be played with any age group, thus anyone can make full use of the time and spend some quality time with the family. It doesn’t require to be charged or anything, thus it is ready to use anytime you wish to play. After a lot of time, this will ensure you have loads of fun with your family.  

It is Appropriate for all ages

Anyone can enjoy this game irrespective of age and sex. Be it your 4-year-old kid or 60-year-old father; all can play it together. One game is for any number of people and any age group. So, click on the link to buy right now. 

It’s Easy to clean

You don’t have to spend hours cleaning it. Simply wipe it off and you are good to go. This can be cleaned in less than 10 seconds. 

One size fits all

Also, you don’t have to worry about the sizes as one size fits all.

Outstanding Quality

The product is highly durable as made from the best material. The product promises hours of unlimited entertainment and fun. 

No-Hassle Returns and Friendly Return Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can easily return it within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund. But, till date nobody has ever claimed a refund as the product is so good. 

Fast Delivery , No time Wastage

The game is directly shipped to the address of your choice, thus it is the best choice for gifting as well. 

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How does the Hoarder TP Game Work

You don’t have to be a master to learn this game. Also, there will be no online classes to learn this game! Anyone after unboxing this would straightway begin playing. You can even skip reading the instructions. It is not rocket science and very quite basic.You only need to inflate the toilet seat ro the rim and then hook it around your waist. Stand at some distance from the other player and you are good to go! Can it get any simpler than this! The person who is holding the roll needs to aim at throwing the roll into the rim hole. The player who shoots the maximum is the winner. 

What are the Benefits of playing the Hoarder TP Game

The following are the benefits of playing the TP Game . It encourages:

Physical activity and exercise to enhance body fitness: We all have been confined to our homes during this pandemic thus limited our exercises and outdoor activity. Also, home workouts are a buzz these days, but we all have now lost the motivation to actually get up and do the mundane routine in closed doors. We all wish to go out for a run, cycling and yes, we do miss our GYM. But this game gives you the motivation to get up and in turn, you indulge in some exercise and physical activity.  While playing the Hoarder TP Game, you put your body in motion and activity. This helps to enhance body fitness and you engage your muscles, tendons, and ligaments too.

Bonding and Family time – Are your kids always on phone or tabs? Do you wish to decrease their screen time? Then this game is the best way to do so! As it can be played with any family member, thus the entire family can play together and this can improve the relationship and bonding among family members.

Ease of Mental stress, improving mental health: We all are stuck in the monotonous routine from working from home to online classes, we are sitting inside the home and this has really increased our stress levels.  Listening to all the negative news around has really got us thinking, if we will actually get back to our normal or the “New Normal ” will actually be the reality! Playing the Hoarder TP toss game, can loosen you up, relieve you of some stress make you enjoy the moment, and make you feel a lot better 

Modification : You can modify the game in many ways and this game can be played in different ways like play throws, or play catch, or handball, or ball in the hole. Thus, modify it the way you wish to and also if you invest a new way, kindly drop a comment below. I would also like to play in that way. Also, if you have been looking for party games for a group of people this game is totally apt for it or if you are looking for a couple games, this game will be a sure shot hit. 

Improves Body Health: Playing physical games surely helps you to remain fit. Thus this game encourages you to move your body thus reflecting on your physiological health. Also, while aiming as you are concentrating thus, this improves the concentration also. You can burn calories and sweat when playing the game. And this permits the body secretion of waste products. This game aids to improve your health by making the body more active.  

Improves concentration, attention -To win in this game, you need to focus and concentrate. Thus, the game helps you increase your  focus, and aiming skills. It aims to improve the attention span and as you tactically try to improve your aiming skills, you in turn better your mental health. This pandemic has also taught us to improve our mental health and also focus on the game. Get this game and it improves both mental and physical health.  

Many Other Benefits Include

  • The velcro strap ensures that one size fits all.
  • You can use the game to improve the mental health of your children and make them to enjoy the period and avoid worrying.
  • Easy to inflate. You’ll be playing for the throne in no time!
  • Just wipe it down with water or your favorite cleanser for easy cleaning.
  • you can use this game to engage your children and reduce how often they scatter the house
  • You can Use or play the game at home, or at the office party, or your dorm room. It’s a great party game.
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How To Use

  1. Inflate the toilet seat and TP rolls: It takes just moments to inflate the strap-on toilet seat and TP rolls. I’m sure your kids will be cheering you on though.
  2. Have fun!Have a normal one-on-one game, or maybe a weekend tournament. Blindfold the thrower for higher difficulty and even more silliness.

For Adults: ( 2+ players Maximum)

  • Each person takes a turn to throw a TP roll.
  • The player with the toilet seat sits or stands 10 feet away from the throwers.
  • Each person takes a turn to throw a TP roll.
  • For every successful throw, the person wearing the toilet seat must take a drink.
  • Each player Takes turns wearing the toilet seat.

For Children:

  • Choose a player to wear the toilet seat.
  • The player with the toilet seat stands 8 feet away from the players with the TP rolls.
  • Each player takes a turn throwing their TP rolls.
  • For every successful throw, the player gets 1 point.
  • The player with the most points after 5 rounds wins the game.

If you are tied after 5 rounds? Three-minute overtime! Blindfold the players and whoever gets the most throws in during the overtime period wins.

Does the Hoarder TP Game work or Is it a Scam?

No, it is not at all a scam if you are wondering. This game surely provides you the entertainment that it promises. I myself have been playing with my family and friends and now this has become my best Christmas gift for my loved ones as it is such a big hit.  

Why You Should Buy Hoarder TP game Right Away

Kids Love This Game

Potty humor really interests the younger boys, thus this game will surely attract them towards it. Thus, get the Hoarder TP game right away and again begin spending the quality time with your kids.  This will increase the bonding between you and teens and you will thank me later for having introduced you to this game. 

Adults Love This Game, Too

I’m sure, adults will totally love this love but they can have some time with themselves while their kids are busy playing this game. Also, during parties at home, this game is sure to keep your guests entertained for hours. 

This Throne Game Will Actually Bring Your Family Together

Now, what exactly you do to spend time together with your family. You catch up for a series or movie, right? But do you talk in between ? Do you even share what is happening in your lives? This game breaks all the stereotypes and brings your family together. Your kids will begin to share things with you once they see you spending quality time with them. It is one size for the entire family thus, all the family can have a good time together. 

 Improves social skills

The Hoarder TP game can also be played by many players. It enables many players to engage in a particular game simultaneously. As such, there is constant communication between the players which in turn results in the development of meaningful as well as casual relationships among players of the game.

This helps players meet new friends while also strengthening bonds with their old friends.

Reduces stress

Playing the Hoarder TP game  is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

Keeps you feeling fresh and energetic

In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Play can boost your energy and vitality and even improve your resistance to disease, helping you function at your best. This Hoarder TP Game makes you energetic and you get to feel your old self as an adult. And makes playing feel real good.

Fosters relationship and Trust between Partners. The Hoarder TP Game, when played together by couples, helps to Foster relationships between parties and trust. You get to understand your partner very well and feel the bond. Games generally help to Foster relationship and is a good way of encouraging romance and love amongst couples. Get your partner to play the Hoarder TP Game.

Hoarder tp game.jpeg

Is it Simple to Play this Game?

It is pretty easy to play and the process of playing is not hard. But the mode of play is different for adult and children. 

  • When playing as  Adults: ( 2+ players Maximum)
  • Each person takes a turn to throw a TP roll.
  • The Player with the toilet seat sits or stands 10 feet away from the throwers.
  • Each person takes a turn to throw a TP roll.
  • For every successful throw, the person wearing the toilet seat must take a drink.
  • Each player takes turns wearing the toilet seat.
  • When the play involves Children:
  • Choose a player to wear the toilet seat.
  • Player with the toilet seat stands 8 feet away from the players with the TP rolls.
  • Each player takes a turn throwing their TP rolls.
  • For every successful throw, player gets 1 point.
  • Player with the most points after 5 rounds wins the game.

Tied after 5 rounds? Three-minute overtime! Blindfold the players and whoever gets the most throws in during the overtime period wins.

Disadvantages and Drawbacks of playing the Hoarder TP Game:

There is no much disadvantage or drawback from playing the TP Game. However we can pick out some grey areas.

•The rim can deflate easily.

• It is available online only , not only any physical store.

• it doesn’t come in different colours. Thus, Not much color variety is there

• it claim of having one size fits for all is questionable , can the rim adapt to players who are fatter, bigger or obese.

Hoarder TP Game Price and where to buy?

One good thing about the hoarder tp game is the fact that it is very affordable. It has gained wider popularity in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other countries. The price list is as follows:

There is 30 days refund policy, thus if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it in 30 days and you will get full refund. 

Conclusion Hoarder TP Game Review

So, if you are bored sitting at your home with your monotonous routine, then this product will surely add a spark in your life. Increase the family time and thus bonding. Play with your kids and elders alike. A perfect game for parties or even kitty parties. A must buy product for every household. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Hoarder TP Game Review)

Is this game boring?

No, not at all. Different versions of the game can be played and you can make it interesting every time you play.

How do you fasten the rim on your waist?

The rim comes with a velcro belt which can be easily fastened around the waist and thus adjusted according to the waist size. Make sure you do not fasten it too tight.

How does it help to reduce the stress?

It surely allows to reduce the stress as it is a fun activity and after playing this game, the happy hormones are released which make you feel better.

I am an adult, can I play this?

Yes, definitely you can play this game. This game can be played by age group. Thus this game is equally enjoyed by elders and kids.

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