InvisiCharger Review 2022 – Best Wireless Charger

With the innovation of technology today, it’s not really surprising that more and more gadgets are coming out today with different amazing features. One of the features that gadgets are getting today is the wireless feature. Smartphones can now work with wireless earphones and wireless chargers. Unfortunately, these smartphones don’t come with wireless chargers and you need to purchase a separate one if you want to charge your smartphone wirelessly.

InvisiCharger Review 2021 - Best Wireless Charger

What is Invisicharger?

Invisicharger is an wireless pad or a stand that marvelously charge any device within it’s large bandwidth. The equipment is basically, stuck under a table or any platform made of wood, glass, granite, plastic or quartz. Thereafter the place itself turns into a charging zone. So, whatever you place in there, whether your smart phone, laptop, tablet or any other portable and stationary gadget, it will get charged in a jiffy.

One of the best things about InvisiCharger is that it gas a built-in cooling system. This means that no matter how long you are using this wireless charger or how long it is plugged in, it will never overheat because of the cooling system that it has. It is also certified to be safe, so there’s nothing to worry about using InvisiCharger.

The InvisiCharger works with any device that uses the Qi wireless charging standard, including Apple iPhones, Samsung, LG, and Motorola phones and tablets. It’s one of the most powerful chargers you can buy, and it charges right through tables, desks, glass, or any other non-metallic surface!

Benefits of using Invisicharger

Benefits of using Invisicharger
  • The main advantage is evident as it’s totally clutter free. Invisicharger is just a magnetic disc without any wires projecting out of it. So, your space won’t appear clumsy anymore with lot many black strings covering it. 
  • You also won’t be restricted to a single charging point, where it’s almost required to keep your phone or gadget stranded till the time they don’t become live after some percentage.
  •  It’s user friendly, intuitive and convenient to use. Invisicharger can be used under any flat surface made of any common material. 
  • Any average ‘so called’ wireless charger would project a signal length of 5mm maximum but this innovative new product increases the distance by 27mm. 
  • Apart from this, the equipment is portable, hands free and sleek.

Important Features of InvisiCharger

  • Easy To Set Up

One of the features that people love about InvisiCharger is that it is very easy to set up. All you have to do is peel the plastic off the charger and stick it to your preferred place. You can stick it under your work table since most probably, this is the place where you often stay most of the day. Once done, you can immediately charge your phone in no time.

  • Mess Free

Another feature is that it is mess free since there are no cords hanging around your table. Also this means that you will have more space on your work table for your other things.

  • Fast Charging

InvisiCharger is also a fast charger, which means that if you are in a hurry, you shouldn’t worry because your phone’s battery will be charged almost immediately. Also, the device can charge your device for up to 32mm away because of its induction coil.

Important Features of InvisiCharger

Specification of InvisiCharger

  • Size: 22.5mm in height and 130mm in width
  • Charging distance: 22-32mm
  • Weight: 220grams
  • Box inclusion: manual and boosting pad
How does a Invisicharger work?

Invisicharger works on magnetic resonant coupling. This scientific discovery was made by a pioneer in the world of electricity named Nikola Tesla. This technology envisages transmission of electricity between a pair of transmitter and a receiver circuits.

The very scientific basis under a number of wireless electrical applications, are increasingly making our lives day-by-day mess free.

How to use Invisicharger?

If your smart device supports wireless charging, then just position your phone or laptop in a landscape or portrait mode. You can very well text messages, receive calls or play games the entire time the model is placed on your charging station or stand.

Invisicharger has a light indicator which turns on for eight seconds and then diminishes. The light turning off means the magnetic disc is entering standby mode and would remain there till the next charging session.

A blue light indicates charging at high speed, whereas a white light shows weak strength. Once your charging has attained 100% completion, the disc would hibernate automatically

Where To Purchase InvisiCharger?

You can purchase InvisiCharger directly on their official website. Currently, they are offering discounts when purchase two or more InvisiCharger. You can purchase one for yourself or for your family or friends, depending on how generous you want to be. The more devices you purchase the higher the discount. It wouldn’t hurt having a spare, one for your home and one for when you are traveling. Enjoy a wireless free side table with InvisiCharger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my phone is compatible with InvisiCharger?

Check your phone’s specifications on the supplier website. If your phone is “Qi-enabled” then it will work with InvisiCharger.

What other devices is InvisiCharger compatible with?

InvisiCharger can charge any Qi-enabled device. This includes tablets, smart watches, and wireless earbuds.

What kinds of furniture will InvisiCharger charge through?

InvisiCharger can charge through any surface that isn’t metal up to 32mm in thickness. This includes wood, plastic, glass, quartz, granite, marble, and more!

Do I need to remove my phone case before charging?

InvisiCharger is designed to charge through most phone cases and pop sockets, but if your tabletop is extra thick, you may need to remove accessories to get a successful charge.

Can I charge more than one device at a time with InvisiCharger?

It can only charge one device at a time, but you can mount multiple InvisiChargers on the same table to charge all your devices at once. 

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