LingoGet Review 2022 – Does LingoGet Really Work?

We all know this when we go on holiday and would like to have a conversation there, but it usually leads to something other than what was intended. Be it that suddenly a completely different piece of cake lands on your plate than the one you ordered or something else.

Everyone has experienced these things at least once. Learning a language is still difficult nowadays, if you stick to the typical language courses that are offered. Other programs online do not always keep what they promise. That’s why we have now checked out a language learning computer which should make it easy to learn languages.

LingoGet Review

What is LingoGet?

LingoGet is promoted by its manufacturer as a revolutionary language learning device. It is designed to support more than 30 languages and help you learn new languages even faster than before. This special learning method is based on the principle of repetition and is combined with a new type of speech recognition technology. This should make it possible to learn particularly effectively. The language learning device is a small, handy gadget, which is equipped with a microphone and a speaker as well as some buttons for setting and changing the language. As soon as you hold the product in your hands, you can already start learning a new language. But before you can, you’ll need to download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Now the mobile device is paired with the speech recognition device and you can select one of over 30 languages and your preferred difficulty level from the app. Now you can start to improve your language skills in English, French, Spanish, Swedish or any other language.

Benefits Of Using LingoGet

There would be no point in buying Lingoget if no benefit is attached. Below are a few benefits you’ll enjoy from using lingoget.

Benefits Of Using LingoGet

1. Never Miss An Opportunity

In today’s world, every region has been connected through the internet, hence the phrase “global village”. It is no news that opportunities spring up every day around the world.

It can be a job opening, an internship, or academic pursuit. As humans, we’re very subjective. If there are two applicants of equal standing but one spoke the language of the administrator, guess who has a higher chance now.

Situations like this occur all the time. And it wouldn’t stop because subjectivity is in our nature as humans. To never miss such opportunities, Lingoget is here for you.

This device will take you by the hand and teach you all the necessary words and phrases you need to carry out conversations.

2. Learn From The Source

A lot of language classes or courses out there are not even though by natives. They might know the grammatical rules and all the jargon but can they teach you day to day conversations?

On the other hand, lingoget covers over 10,000 common words in over 30 different languages. It equips you with what you need to carry out a casual conversation.

Additionally, the speech recognition feature of lingoget allows you to learn the language from natives. All you have to do is use the microphone when they’re speaking and it’ll be translated for you to understand.

Doing it this way helps you learn from the direct source, not through books or videos. From research, this has been shown to be way more effective.

3. Learn Multiple Languages

This is already obvious from the start but you can learn up to 30 languages with lingoget. More importantly, you’ll learn the important aspects of the language that will help in your day to day activities.

Lingoget is more of a practical teacher than a theoretical one. You learn by hearing, speaking, repeating, and memorizing.

4. Learn Languages Fast

One of the reasons why people fear to learn a new language is because of how long it takes. Can you keep up the interest for that long?

However, lingoget is all about fast-paced learning. You can learn 8x faster using this device. This is because it doesn’t teach you useless things rather what you would need.

5. No Prior Knowledge Needed

Lingoget is a language device that works for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you have basic knowledge about the background or not.

It has different levels that will encompass everybody no matter your knowledge. Even if today is the first time you’ll encounter, you don’t need to be scared.

Lingoget will literally walk you through all the necessary steps and in no time you’ll be able to communicate in your new language.

The benefits of lingoget are surplus but these a just a few to serve as an eye-opener.

How does the LingoGet work?

Once I unpacked my LingoGet, the first thing I needed to do was to download the device App on my cell phone. To do so, I just scanned the QR code on the bottom of the package.

How does the LingoGet work?

Then I opened the Lingoget App, and selected the language I would like to learn: I selected Japanese. I also had to select my native language.

How does the LingoGet work?

The next step was to select the learning level: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

How does the LingoGet work?

And the last step was to pair my cell phone with LingoGet using the bluetooth connection.

How does the LingoGet work?

Imagine LingoGet as a pocket teacher. The learning process works on the principle of repeating and memorizing new words, expressions and phrases. The system makes me repeat words until I will be confident with using the language in real life situations.

So it works like this:

  • It shows me a word or a phrase in the learning language;
  • I press the top button and say the word or phrase;
  • The device gives me feedback about my pronunciation, if it is correct or not.

It has a database of 10.000 words and sentences needed for everyday conversations, in all languages offered by LingoGet. So it helps me to learn quickly and remember important expressions and how to use them effectively.

I can also learn by just listening to the 10.000 words and sentences, since it has a bank of voice recordings made by native speakers with perfect pronunciation, which I can listen too.

Even though it is necessary to be connected to the phone for the LingoGet to work, I didn’t have to keep the phone on hand. I kept it most of the time in my pocket and the device still worked very well.

Technical Specifications:

  • Built-in lithium battery, 3.7 V, 800 mAh
  • Transmission distance: 10 meters
  • Speech recognition distance: 1 meter
  • Language: Chinese (Simplified / Traditional / Cantonese), English (US / UK / Australia / India), Korean, Japanese, French (France / Canada), German, Spanish (Spain / Mexico), Thai, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese (Portugal / Brazil), Russian, Arabic (Egypt / Saudi Arabia / International) Hungarian, Swedish, Czech, Finnish, Danish, Polish
  • Compatibility: Android / iOS
  • Dimensions: 12.5 * 3.5 * 1.2 cm
  • Weight: 65 g

Where can i buy the LingoGet?

It is good you purchase LingoGet from the official website of the manufacturers.

In order for you to get the quality you deserve and prevent you from falling into the wrong hands. This is as a result of the current increment in the cases of online fraud.

You can easily order this LingoGet directly from the manufacturer at their official website. Ordering is quick and easy. There are multiple payment methods available so you just pick the one suitable for you.


How Many Languages Can I Learn Using LingoGet?

Purchasing the product gives you access to over 30 languages, which you can learn and be fluent in.

How Fast Can I Learn a Language Using LingoGet?

It takes about 48 days to learn a language while studying it for 10 hours a day using a regular class. LingoGet brings down this time to 5 times less than the expected time you would conventionally take.

Can This Device Work Alone, or Does It Need Anything Else to Function?

The LingoGet needs your smartphone to access all its desirable functions. It uses the smartphone as an interface allowing you to change different attributes like the language learned and level of learning. The device also needs an app that is available from the Play Store or App Store, depending on the device you are using.

How long does it take to see results with LingoGet?

This question is hard to answer. LingoGet helps consumers learn a new language, but precise progress depends on a number of important personal factors.


Learning a new language takes time and can be stressful. But it can also be an enjoyable experience.

The LingoGet language assistant gives you the freedom you need to learn a new language without the pressure associated with a class set up.

It gives you the option of learning more than 30 languages with ease. Try it today and enjoy the freedom of being multilingual.

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