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LiveTemp Pro Review – Best Laser Thermometer

The LiveTemp Pro product is an infrared thermometer that prides itself on ease of use. Its typically utilized to measure and determine accurate human temperature.

To use it, one needs only point it to a particular part of the body. This includes the forehead or the neck. It works instantly. All you have to do is tap the included measuring switch to see what the temperature is.

What Is LiveTemp Pro?

It’s a infrared thermometer created to safely measure the body temperature without touching. It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to use, which makes everything better in these difficult days we are facing right now.

Once it is set up, all I need to do to measure somebody’s temperature is simply to point the LiveTemp Pro to the person’s forehead, push of one button and I am able to get its temperature instantly on a bright, easy to read LCD display.

Actually I love the semaphore LCD display because it makes it better to see if something wrong is going on: Green light means the temperature is ok and there is no fever; Yellow light means mild fever and I need to keep watching; and Red light, it is fever and I need to seek help.

How Does It Work?

One of the reasons why this thermometer is so popular is that its easy to use and accessible to anyone.

It doesnt take much time for shop keepers to train their workers to use it. It doesnt affect productivity because it works so fast. All you have to do is point it onto the subjects forehead, press the included button, and give the device a moment to start working.
It will then display the persons temperature on the easy-to-read LCD screen. Thanks to the various backlight settings, this device is able to display different temperature ranges.

When a person has a high temperature, the screen will flash red and sound an alarm. If the person is within the normal temperature range, the screen will remain green or display a yellow color which stands for a medium temperature.

Benefits of LiveTemp Pro Forehead Thermometers

Parents must be able to familiarize themselves with these benefits of using forehead thermometer.

Quick Readings and Easy to Use

The whole process of taking temperature readings with a forehead thermometer is quicker and easier as well. The usage of this thermometer is as simple as a hand-held scanner.


This is one of the major advantages of using a LiveTemp Pro forehead thermometer, especially for mothers. With non-contact option, you can easily record the temperature without disturbing the baby. All you have to do is just hold the scanner over the forehead.

Usable in Dark Environments

Most of the forehead thermometers come with illuminated LED display. This feature is perfect for taking readings at nights or in darkened rooms. Large display also ensures easy readings.

More Hygienic

Usually ear and rectal thermometers come with probe covers to maintain their hygiene. However, a forehead thermometer doesn’t require any extra factors for hygiene maintenance as they don’t need contact to take the readings.