MagnetPAL Review: Best and the most powerful magnet Keychain

The MagnetPAL is a very unique and multi-purpose magnet that is a key chain holder. It serves as a key chain holder, a magnetic finder, and various other functions it offers. It has a very tough plastic casing that makes it a great deal to use at home. Especially in the outdoors, in the workshop, etc. If you are also looking for a magnetic keychain then this review is here for you. This also includes a molded loop that is present at the top. That makes it very simple to attach to a variety of objects. 

This is a fantastic device to work with. Magnet PAL is an award-winning device that works as a magnetic stud finder, key chain holder, among many other things as well. It is useful in hiding, finding, holding, and making sure in everyday tools. Ensuring them at the right place where you need them to place. Magnet PAL is great for DIYers, outdoor enthusiasts, anyone who believes in fixing things around the office or house. 

If you are someone who doesn’t like to carry heavy bodyweight. Then this small magnet that is as small as a quarter, will surely hold over 100 times the weight of itself. Because many people are calling it the world’s strongest and the most beneficial magnet. You can read the review below to know more about the product in detail. 

What is a MagnetPAL all about?


Do you know that the Magnet PAL is for sure a lifesaver? It not only maintains screws when you are working but also helps in concealing the spare keys. But this also holds any item that is made up of steel material that locates drywall screws. Most of the time, people use it, especially when involved in household repairs. That all you can say is it really changes the love of the people. 

The product also consists of a very durable plastic that makes it a great choice for the usage of the workshop, using it in outdoor adventures, and also the home use. This also molded a loop at its top. Thus, making it relatively very easy to attach to the various things. It is light in weight as this weighs about three ounces.

The creators usually claim that it has more than 100 uses. The device is perfect for handy tasks that usually are performed on a daily basis. Not only this the product is great in finding the studs, storing nails, or any of the screws. This is also helpful in organizing some of the things. And at the same time, it is even useful in a magnetic hide-a-key.

Now below let us check out some of the key features of the Magnetic PAL device that you must acknowledge before buying the product. 

  • A heavy-duty Neodymium rust-free magnets.
  • This is also helpful in hiding a key tool holder and retriever.
  • Magnetic stud finder.
  • The quick-release keychain magnet.
  • It easily hangs the artwork and hangs signs without holes.

Top Features of the MagnetPAL

  • The device is capable of holding up to 12 pounds: the device is very small but is mighty. The device is so amazing that is what makes this tiny magnet lift heavy stuff. With a simple handy loop, you can attach this to anything and everything. 
  • This is made in the USA: the MagnetPAL is at its finest durability. This is made from rare earth metals and materials. As you do not have to worry about its rust. They fail or fall off. Especially even in extreme weather conditions whether it is hot or cold. 
  • A very useful friend, Magnet PAL: you can use this as a magnetic stud finder. A magnetic key holder. You can find various ways in which you can use the product. Magnet PAL is a great investment. 
  • You can also use it for professional usage.
  • It is a Wall mount scanner. Hence, you can use it to mount a flat-screen TV.
  • It is a very small finder that will never fail. Falls off, or rust. 
  • It can also find the metal that started behind the plastic, sheetrock, wood, drywall, plastic, or tile. 
  • You can quite easily map out and can find what is behind the wall. 
  • Portable- the device is highly portable. The MagnetPAL is light in weight. Thus, you can easily carry it anywhere you want to. Apart from all this, the device is very easy to use. And cleaning and maintaining it is also very easy.

What Problem does the device solve?

This gives you the power to hold, find, hide, and so on to secure thousands of everyday objects and tools. So you always need the items right where you need them. This multi-purpose magnet offers 100s of uses. Thus it is durable enough for most of the rigors of any workshop, home, or outdoor adventure. 

Pros And Cons Of MagnetPAL

  • The device is very powerful and the strongest magnet in the market currently.
  • It is very affordable.
  • This is great in detecting both wood and metal studs.
  • This can also double up as a wall mount scanner.
  • The product has a wide variety of uses. 
  • The device is small in size, thus making it very difficult to complete some of its uses, for example, a magnetic stud finder. 

Things that you should consider before buying

Are you someone who is looking to organize the workspace? So, keep all of these common tools that are out of the toolbox and within arm’s reach. Thus, hanging various other items without causing permanent holes on your walls. The Magnet PAL is all that you need right now. By using these powerful and multiple purpose magnets that will give you as a user a guarantee. A decluttered and well-organized office and home. 

Do you know that the device is very easy to use and can tackle any DIY project too with very absolute ease? If you want a magnetic stud finder, hide-a-key solution, magnetic keychain holder, or a very useful replacement for the tool belt. MagnetPAL is also an ideal solution. Also, the Magnet PAL has various uses at home.

You can easily use the Magnet PAL so that you can hang it in your kitchen utensils. And also you can also stick the reminders and pictures on the refrigerator. The device is so capable of even arranging and hanging the tools in the garage. Since this is capable of holding up to 15 pounds of the metal. Apart from this, you can even use the device to organize whatever accessories you have. By simply hanging them on your shower rod in the bathroom. At the same time hanging the decorations during the holidays. 

Benefits of MagnetPAL

Here I am listing some of the benefits of the device that you must follow- 

  • Organizing tools, keys, signs, and many other objects- the molded loop in the top gives you to attach it to almost everything and anything. Which you can then easily hang from any of the metal surfaces. 
  • A very good replacement for the bulky magnetic tool belts- you can normally clip the Magnet PAL to your jeans so that you can easily access nails. And also the screws while you are on the job.
  • It is a magnetic key chain holder- you can also clip the keys to the belt or can simply hang them near to the door so that you can never lose them. You can also count on the Magnet PAL to hang it on tight. But you can release it also when you are interested in disconnecting it.
  • The magnetic Stud finder- this can easily locate the screws especially in your studs through almost any kind of wall. You can simply wave the magnetPAL all over your wall until you feel it.
  • Hide a key discretely- rather than hiding a key under the mat. You can use the Magnet PAL to hide a key accordingly. 

Some Other Benefits Of The Device 


Here are some of the other unique benefits of the device and these are as follows- 

  • The MagnetPAL device has sold for more than $5 million globally.
  • It has a hundred applications.
  • This device can carry up to 15 pounds and is capable of handling 100 times its own weight. 
  • The device is small and light. Thus, you can carry it anywhere and even attach it to a keychain. 
  • It will survive a long run because of its construction of rare earth materials and also has a military ABS coating. 
  • It also has a guarantee, thus making this device risk-free.

Why is the product different from other solutions?

The MagnetPAL is definitely not an ordinary magnet. It is an award-winning gadget that is patented. You can surely take and use it everywhere. The best part about the product is that the core consists of an entirely Rare to Earth. Thus, making it very strong and durable compared to the traditional magnets. At the same time, it is a unique metal that comes straight from the earth. The extensive mining process will add to its rarity. Thus, solidifying the magnet PAL is one of the most powerful and versatile tools in the world. 

  • Various ways in which you can use the product– there have always been hundreds of ways in using the MagnetPAL. You can use it to simply hide a spare key. Also useful in finding the studs that are behind the walls. Or at the same time old the screws, bolts pins, tools, or other equipment that are close by while you are working on the projects. The possibilities of using the naive device are endless
  • This is helpful in holding anything that is up to 15lbs- this device is an example of powerful engineering that can hold up to 100x its own weight. You can use the device very securely that can easily hold heavy items like for example drills, hammers, and other larger tools. Or for that matter even small items like bolts, some screws, and pins. 
  • The device is super compact and light in the weight-the device is very light in size and you can easily carry it with you anywhere you want to take them with you. You can add them easily with your keychain, tool belt, or bag without actually weighing anything down that you carry. 
  • This device is built to last- the magnetPAL’s military-grade ABS plastic shell. The rare earth core is something that ensures MagnetPAL will last for years. That won’t lose its strength over time. This also works at extreme temperatures. It is 100 % waterproof and will resist rust.  
  • A gift that will be used everyday- this is a great idea of a gift that you can give to someone. If you are looking for a nice gift that you can give to your friend and family then this is for you. 

Where you can use MagnetPAL in home 

Many of us just want only one thing and that is a decluttered and organized home. Your overall mood depends on the kind of ambience you have created besides you. This is the reason your home organization must always be on the top most priority. You should always develop an organization system to optimize the space at home. Here are 6 of the places where you can use the Magnet PAL to organize your home. 

  • You can use this device in the kitchen- this makes cooking easier with the help of the MagnetPAL. You can arrange all of the cooking utensils for easy access next time you cook a meal. Simply just hang your utensils with the magnetPAL instead of hanging hooks on the kitchen wall. You can also use the Magnetic PAL to stick the pictures or some of the important reminders on the fridge as well. 
  • Garage- the device is a multi use magnet that is very useful in holding up to 12 pounds of the metal. You can also use it to arrange tools such as ladders, and even a small wheelbarrow that is present in the garage. You can use the MagnetPAL to hang them properly on the wall.
  • Vanity- if you are someone who is fed up with the jewellery that is kept in the drawer or on the table. Trying to untangle these jewellery pieces can be very disturbing. Then you do not have to worry much as the MagnetPAL is your solution. You can simply use the metal beard and MagnetPAL to organize the accessories. You will never have to worry much about your accessories again. 
  • Bathroom- shower curtains also are useful in making your bathroom look cute and good. After selecting your favorite shower curtain. You can simply hang it up. Add the shower curtain and you are then done. 
  • In the times of the holidays- while decorating your dream house has never been so delightful. You can simply use the MagnetPAL to hang the cHristmas lights all around your house. The MagnetPAL is great especially during the festivals. 
  • Patio- if you are thinking of calling your friends and family for the BBQ party. Then use the MagnetPAL to hang the lights and decorations outside, so to ex[erience the BBQ experience. Magnet PAL can easily double as a stud finder that too with 100% accuracy. Unlike the electronic stud finders that are famous usually for giving out false readings. 
  • This device is also useful in securely holding other equipment as well. Especially at your side like drills, hammers, or other large objects. MagnetPAL’s has a very compact and unique design that will keep it very light in weight. It is portable as you can keep them by your side without worrying about iots bulkiness. Or weighing you down while you are working on your job. After your work is completed, you can use the MagnetPAL to safely pick the smaller items such as screws, nails, and bolts. Simply, you can hang your tools and hardware with the help of the MagnetPAL. At the time when they are not in the use to keep the things tidy and simply organized all around the shop. 

What makes the MagnetPAL  this special?

MagnetPAL is not like any other magnets because it consists of rare and unique earth metals. These so called Neodymium magnets provide a lifetime of a pulling power. This means that this will not lose magnetism for a longer time. This will never rust, and this will also not mess with the phone or the credit card chips. This is also available in the USA, thus ensuring every MagnetPAL must meet their high quality standards. Learn about Keysmart review.

What are customers talking about the device?

I always wanted a well organized office space. Where I can keep all my items in an organized manner. Sometimes I just enjoy keeping all of the stuff at home that I use everyday at a particular spot. Therefore, sometimes I just enjoy optimizing the space at my home and thus I need a perfect gadget that is durable to hold some of the heaviest items. The MagnetPAL is a very unique neodymium magnet that is made in such a way that it works in an excellent way that also offers various functions as well. The price is very affordable too. Apart from this, the product has a rating of 4.4 from the verified buyers. But before buying the product. It is always advisable for the readers to conduct the research properly to ensure that it is catering to all of their specific needs. 

Where can you buy the product from?

I would surely advise you to buy the MagnetPAL from the company’s official website. So to ensure that you purchase the authentic device. Also, the official website consists of mind-blowing prices and discounts. That will surely make you go crazy. If you buy the device from an assured vendor then you are always eligible for the 1-year warranty. According to the manufacturer, it is sure that the device will definitely meet your expectations. Otherwise, you can buy the device from any of the retailers or the local manufacturer but the only thing is that you will not get the surety. 


The above review on the MagnetPAL will surely give you immense reasons on why you should buy this product. This device is highly useful whether you are organizing your office or home. Just start using the device and see the difference by yourself in your day-to-day activities. Hence, I hope the above review has been very helpful to you in understanding the importance of the magnetic key chain. Also apart from this device serving you in many aspects of life. The key chain has its own benefits depending on your imagination. There are various aspects of the magnetPAL that are very handy.

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