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Mobile Klean Soap Review 2022 – The Portable Travel Paper Soap Sheets

Mobile Klean Soap gets the job done, say goodbye to germs with this amazing accessory. People rarely take soap or any kind of sanitizer with them when they leave the house. But in these days especially, it’s absolutely crucial that we are being proactive with our cleanliness. Especially if we have children, as they are never very eager to wash their hands. It is a convenient way to keep your hands free from germs. Incredibly compact and portable, this soap will go with you everywhere and provide peace of mind as you go about your day-to-day activities. Never be intimidated by dirty public washrooms with their empty soap dispensers again!

What Is Mobile Klean Shop?

Mobile Klean Soap is another product sold by  Mobile Klean online. The company has launched a portable UV light sanitizer called Mobile Klean, which uses UV light to sanitize all objects or surfaces.

When wearing gloves, your hands can become wet and wrinkly, which provides a perfect environment for bacteria and germs that you already have on your hands to multiply. As a result, you can end up with even more dirty hands, as well as rashes, and in extreme cases — even various infections.

But what’s the alternative? You have to use your hands, and if you tend to spend long periods outside of the house, you will have to eat and drink. Not to mention that you tend to get those insufferable itches, especially at times when it is not safe to use your hands to scratch your face.

Benefits of Mobile Klean Soap?

The benefits of Mobile Klean Soap are innumerable. Some of them are:

  • Easy to carry
  • Biodegradable
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-effective
  • Great for traveling
  • Cleans hands properly
  • Kills pesty germs
  • Good lather and foam
  • Small and portable

How Does Mobile Klean Soap Work?

MobileKlean Soap has 50 wafers of clean, strong, antibacterial formula in each package. You pull out a sheet or wafer whenever you need to use the soap, following these steps:

  • Step 1) Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), turn off the tap, and apply a single sheet or wafer of Mobile Klean Soap
  • Step 2) Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap, lathering the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails
  • Step 3) Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Step 4) Rinse your hands well under clean, running water
  • Step 5) Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dry them

Each wafer is designed to be used once. It dissolves instantly on contact with water, creating lathering soap like you would normally use.

You use Mobile Klean Soap just like you would use a traditional bar of soap. You wet your hands with water, grab a sheet, lather, and rinse.

In terms of effectiveness, MobileKlean does not claim to kill a specific percentage of germs or bacteria. Many hand sanitizers claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria and more, for example. Mobile Klean claims its soap is “as effective as the leading gel hand sanitizers”, although the company does not mention a specific percentage.

Features Of Mobile Klean

  • Strong and effective cleanser that destroys lipid membrane of viruses
  • Dissolves instantly
  • Portable, compact, and lightweight
  • Refillable and water-resistant container
  • Great for travel, camping, and public use

Washing your hands, especially after going to the comfort room and commuting, is one of the best ways to prevent getting sick. However, soap is not always available and even when they do, it’s not advisable. Soap bars may have been contaminated by previous users while liquid soap may have been diluted and no longer be effective in cleaning. Protect yourself and stay healthy by bringing your own soap. Mobile Klean Soap it’s a high-sudsing soap that comes in wafer form for your ultimate convenience.

How to use Mobile Klean Soap?

It is extremely easy to use Mobile Klean Soap. You just need to follow the following steps to use It.

  • Take a single sheet of Mobile Klean Soap
  • Foam it up with water
  • Rub it on your hands, and rinse
  • You have germ free and clean hands

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! There is a hassle-free, money back guarantee. If you decide this isn’t the right product for you, you can easily send it back. I usually like to test things out before I buy them online, but unfortunately you can’t with this product. Reading up on Mobile Klean Soap reviews helped me decide whether or not I should buy them. But with the money back guarantee, it was no risk to me at all.

How much does it cost?

Now, you might think that a new and super-handy solution like this will cost you a fortune. However, in reality, this is not the case at all. It will be a bit pricier than your regular soap, but considering everything mentioned so far — including the circumstances that the world finds itself in at this moment — the price is more than agreeable.

There are four different packages of  Mobile Klean soap that you can consider purchasing, and they all come with huge discounts at this time.

So, you can buy:


How do you use it?

Use It as you would use a traditional bar of soap. Just wet your hands with water, grab a ‘sheet’ of Mobile Klean Soap and lather up, then rinse. They’re single use for your convenience

Why should I use Mobile Klean Soap rather than my usual gel hand sanitizer?

It is as effective as the leading gel hand sanitizers, but they will not leak or explode, in your pocket or purse! They’re also much more compact than the vast majority of sanitizer containers and will not damage or dry out your hands as much as regular sanitizer.

How portable is a container of Mobile Klean Soap?

Very portable. The container measures just 2.36 inches long and 1.57 inches wide. It fits easily into a pocket, purse, backpack, or wherever. The container is also designed with a small key-ring loop so you can attach it to your keys or a lanyard.

How many ‘sheets’ of Mobile Klean Soap come in a container?

Each container holds 50 ‘sheets’ of paper-thin disinfecting soap.

Is Mobile Klean Soap just a cheap version of regular soap?

It is extremely affordable, but it is definitely not “cheap”. It kills germs like your traditional bar of soap, but it is conveniently compact, meaning you can take it and use it anywhere, something you definitely don’t want to do with the traditional bar of soap in your bathroom.

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Final Thoughts

Mobile Klean Soap is a paper soap product that claims to provide portable, pocket-sized hand sanitizing without the mess. You activate the paper soap with water, and the paper soap dissolves instantly, creating lathering suds in your hands.

At $25 for a package of 50 sheets, MobileKlean Soap seems expensive compared to other sanitization products. The company also charges high shipping costs of $9 to $12 per order.

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