PixPilot Drone Review 2022 – Best Foldable 4K HD Selfie Drone

Today, we’re reviewing a product called PixPilot drone. You may been one of those persons who has gotten tired of the outdated selfie sticks, someone who’s fed up of having pictures cut in half or you feel that technology has gone so far that you don’t need to exclude any members of your family or crew while taking pictures, this review is for you. Here, we will go through all the important aspects of this drone like we do in all the products we review and see if its worth spending a few bucks on.

PixPilot Drone Review 2021 - Best Foldable 4K HD Selfie Drone

What is PixPilot Drone?

PixPilot Drone is an affordable ultra-compact WiFi-enabled selfie drone, designed as, durable, light drone that has low cost relatively, but has all the benefits of a quality HD drone. It can even live- stream and record to a mobile device. This device is easy to control and makes up for a lonely moment for everyone at home and isolation .

This pixpilot flying machine makes sure that you get the perfect group or solo selfie of your choice anytime anyday. The fact that this drone has an app that is very compatible with android or iOS users is another reason for a good thumbs up. Equipped with an auto-fly or 360 modes feature, this drone can take pictures for you on its own while you’re busy working out some other thing to save some time.

Features of PixPilot Drone:

This drone is made with modern technology which has the following features in it.

  • Movement Range: The movement range of PixPilot Drone is very amazing and attractive for its customers. This drone can take flight up to 50 meters(150 Feet) away in the air. This has the feature of 3D flips and rolls agile movement and precise positioning.
  • HD Quality: PixPilot Drone camera is a super fit drone that has the quality of taking photos and videos in HD-quality. You will get clear and blur-free photos by using this drone.
  • Weight: The weight of the PixPilot Drone is just 85 g which can be carried anywhere easily.
  • Easily Portable and fordable: Due to having lightweight, this drone can be easily portable with you anywhere. The blades of PixPilot Drone can easily fold that help you to carry it with you easily. It will comfortably fit in any pocket or bag.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of this drone are just 250 x 250 x 35(mm) which is equal to the size of your hand
  • Wi-Fi Connection: This drone can connect with your smartphone with wi-fi. With this quality, you can easily monitor your drone by just your smartphone.
Features of PixPilot Drone:

PixPilot Review Technical Specifications

Below are the technical details and specs of pixpilot that make it not only an innovated project but an incredible one at that.

  • Weight: 85g
  • Color: Black, Turquoise
  • Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 35mm
  • Battery life: 6 to 8 minutes
  • Charging time: 70 minutes
  • Moto type: Coreless
  • Main material: ABS and hardware
  • Gyroscope: 6 Axis
  • Controller: WiFi
  • Supports cordless control
  • Built in camera: Yes
  • No of camera: One
  • Function: Forward and backward flight, left and right sideways flight, ascending(up) and descending(down), hovering, 3D flip. headless mode, high and low speed, one-key landing, FPV image transmission, photo taking and video recording, altitude hold
  • Operatign systems: It supports Android 4.2 and above, iOS 7.0 and above.

How to set up pixpilot drone?

How to set up pixpilot drone?

Setting up this drone is very easy. It shouldn’t take you up to 10 minutes if this is the first drone you’re getting. Here are step by step process on how to setup your drone

  • Unbox your drone and remove it from its packaging
  • Next thing is to put in the propellers. Each propeller should be installed by making sure it partners with its corresponding leg. There are diagrams on the manual to help you with it. When you fail to install these propellers appropriately, it will affect in a negative way the performance of your drone. Make sure you use the included screw to install the propellers properly
  • It’s time to charge its lithium battery. Charge its lithium battery using the included USB cable in the package
  • While its charging, download the pixpilot app on your phone.
  • Once charging of the lithium battery is completer, scan the QR code on the manual for your android or iOS device.
  • Install the already charged battery, drop the drone on a flat surface, turn on your WiFi and connect to the name Wi-Fi 720P-##
  • After this your drone is now ready. You can now open the app and use it to fly, take pictures and record videos just as you wish.
  • Cheers

How Does Pix Pilot Drone Work?

It’s very simple and easy to use Pix Pilot Drone. The new, super intuitive PixPilot Drone is packed with cool functionality that makes it easy to fly and take photos or videos with your Pix Pilot Drone, and then you can edit them and share them instantly without ever leaving the app.

You can easily control this drone through your cell phone. Download the app to your Apple or Android smartphone device. Through this app you can easily monitor your drone. Use the main interface to fly, snap pictures, and record video. Special Discount: Order Today With Best Price and Special Offers

How Much Does PixPilot Cost?

Part of PixPilot’s popularity is due to its unbelievably low price. While most drones of this quality go for hundreds of dollars, PixPilot sells for just $59.99! At that price, anyone can afford to become a drone pilot!

How Do I Order PixPilot HD?

PixPilot HD has been selling so well, it’s hard for the company to keep up with demand. But assuming it’s still in stock, this is how you get one:

  • Order the PixPilot HD from the PixPilot website.
  • Download the FREE JY UFO app and connect to your smartphone (Android and iOS compatible).
  • Start having fun today!
How Do I Order PixPilot HD?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register my Pixpilot drone with the local aviation authorities? 

 In the United States and Canada, registration is required for drones weighing 0.55 pounds (250 grams) or more. Pixpilot weighs just 0.18739 pounds (85 grams)! However, you’re advised to find out more on your country’s locality’s drone policy. Towards the end of this review, I will provide a brief information on drone regulations. 

What is required to get started with pixpilot drone 

Your Android or iOS smart device (phone or tablet) functions as your pixpilot remote control. You’ll also require a power source to connect the USB cable for fast, efficient charging of the unit’s battery. 

Where is the best place to fly pixpilot? 

Pixpilot is compact enough for getting great shots indoors and out. In order to avoid any potential complications, it’s best to fly in open areas without low barriers or large crowds of people. 

Is there an emergency switch in case I lose control? 

Yes. Your pixpilot comes with an Emergency Stop should the need ever arise; however, the unit is designed to build up confidence and skill in new users. The unit features multiple speed levels and responsive fine-tuning adjustments for added control. 

Do you need to install the product before using it?

You just have to download the app in your smartphone and this drone connects with your cell phone through Wi-Fi in just seconds 

Is PixPilot Drone can capture both photos and videos?

Yes, this drone has improved technology and can capture both photos and videos with high HD-quality.

What is the movement range of the PixPilot Drone?

This drone can take flight up to 50 meters which is equal to 150 feet. This range is enough to capture all moments in your gathering. 


As you can see this review has listed all there is to know about this drone. We strongly believe that this drone will give you a great user experience that drones that cost a thousand bucks and above will do.

It takes pictures that are crystal clear. It records videos in HQ quality. That way not only will you have these memories, you will have then in very wonderful forms. They will never look obsolete.

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