QB Kraftz Review 2022 – The Ice Making Kit

QB Kraftz clear ice cubes can enhance any drink, not just cocktails. If you’re a whiskey drinker, and you like your whiskey “on the rocks”, you might already be familiar with this type of ice mold. These ice cubes are usually meant for alcoholic beverages. But ever since getting a mold for myself, I have been using them for so much more.

QB Kraftz Review 2021 - The Ice Making Kit

What Is QB Kraftz?

Qb Kraftz professional ice making kit makes pure, crystal clear cocktail ice. QB Kraftz is patented and allows you to stack them as high as your freezer allows. Make as much ice as you want. The outer housing is insulation that allows the inner molds to cool slowly. QB Kraftz has a special valve at the bottom that allows water to push from the bottom as it freezes. Creating a crystal-clear slow freeze on the ice in the mold and at the same time, keeping its shape. The water at the bottom settles in a special small ice tray for regular cocktails or blended drinks. Here’s what you can expect from the QB Kraftz:

  • Professional quality ice making kit
  • Patented design to ensure best quality ice
  • Insulated for purity
  • Slow freeze ensures clarity
  • Hundreds of molds to choose from

How do you make the perfect cocktail?

How do you make the perfect cocktail?

It starts with ice. An expertly-crafted cocktail just isn’t the same without the best ice. QB Kraftz is built to address two important things about ice and your cocktail. Ice does two important things to your cocktail. First, it cools down your drink to make the flavors more enjoyable.

Secondly, it dilutes your drink, because as it melts, the water mixes with your spirits and ingredients. And don’t worry about dilution, because it’s a myth that dilution is a bad thing for the flavor of your cocktail. The best mixologists know, and it has been proven by research. That a little bit of water from slowly-melting ice opens up the spirit and its related flavors. That is where your run-of-the-mill ice tray or fridge ice dispenser all fail.

QB Kraftz features:

QB Kraftz features:
  • Patented to ensure best quality ice
  • Insulated to ensure purity
  • Slow freeze ensures clarity
  • Hundreds of shapes available
  • Fast and portable, best for cocktail parties
  • Stackable and reusable, make as much ice as you need

The exciting new, fun professional product QB Kraftz now allows you to create great home cocktails at home. Simple QB Kraftz molds make unlimited crystal clear ice. This allows you to enjoy the best whisky and the best cocktails.

  1. Guaranteed high quality – QB Kraftz is made of the best materials to ensure that the ice. You get is clear, pure, and free of anything that will taint the taste of your drink.
  2. No hassle returns – If you are not satisfied with your product. You can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
  3. Quick setup – QB Kraftz is literally ready to go out of the box and you will be making great big crystal clear ice in minutes.


  • Top Tray/Stacking Tray
  • Middle Tray
  • Bottom Tray/Reservoir Tray
  • 2 basic sphere molds made from silicone.

What makes ice clear?

What makes ice clear?

Unlike other ice cubes, the QB Kraftz clear ice cube maker uses a method called slow freeze. When ice freezes too quickly. The air bubbles don’t have a chance to escape, leaving a cloudy appearance in the ice. By freezing the water at a slower pace. It allows the air to escape, giving your ice the crystal clear look that every high-end drink needs.

There are also other ways to get that crystal look in your ice. But they are very labor intensive and inconvenient. Some QB Kraftz reviews mention boiling your water first. Freezing your water in salt water, or using an insulated cooler in your freezer. You could also order these types of ice cubes from businesses that specialize in ice. But it seems pretty costly considering water is free!

Who needs a QB Kraftz Clear Ice Maker?

Anyone who likes making cocktails or is interested in picking up a new hobby! You don’t even have to drink alcohol to enjoy the benefits of this device. There are some great drink recipes with frozen cubes for different styles of drinks. Here are some favorites from other QB Kraftz reviews:

  • Coffee cubes – If you have leftover coffee. Wait for it to cool and make coffee cubes for a refreshing iced coffee in the morning. Add this to your favorite milk base. It works well with dairy, oat, or nut milk. This recipe is my favorite because I generally prefer cold over hot drinks. To enhance my drink, I will drizzle a bit of chocolate or caramel on top.
  • Cream cubes – This works great for iced coffees or if you want to cool your hot coffee down. If you have kids, this is really good in hot chocolate as well.
  • Lemon cubes – Perfect for water! For people that like a slice of lemon with their water or fizzy drinks, this works great. It will last for a few drinks. It’s a resourceful way to use your leftover lemons if they are about to spoil.
  • Infused water cubes – When I have people coming over. I like to use fruit cubes in a big jug of fresh water. It’s a playful way to give your plain, boring water a bit of flavor, without processed sugars or sweeteners. If people want to sweeten their water, they can add a touch of sugar to their own glass.
  • Juice cubes – I like juice cubes for kids. Sometimes an entire glass of juice has more sugar than I’d like. So I let the kids pick out what kind of juice. They want and let them add it to either a cold glass of water or sparkling water. Letting kids get involved in the process will also encourage them to drink what they made.
  • Herb cubes – These work best for homemade ice tea. Herbs like mint, basil, or even a bit of rosemary bring out the natural tea flavor. You could also have some simple sugar handy to balance the flavors.


 Doesn’t ice dilute drinks?

If used improperly, yes. QB Kraftz produces larger chunks of ice, which means it melts at a far slower rate. This allows you to enjoy drinks at a consistently cool temperature without having to rush to avoid a water-logged drink. The best mixologists know a small amount of water from slow-melting ice opens up spirits and their related flavors and ingredients.

How many different shapes are there?

QB Kraftz has a variety of different molds from sports, movies, pop culture, and everything in between. We’re brainstorming hundreds of new ideas every month, so be on the lookout for more soon!

 Is it easy to use?

Yes. It’s as easy as those boring “depression-era” plastic trays you’ve probably got in the freezer. All you need to do is choose your favorite mold, pop it into the device, and pour fresh water through the specialized filter holes.

What else can I do with QB Kraftz?

You can freeze other liquids – think juice and coffee cubes in the summer for refreshing iced drinks. You can even include frozen berries or other fruit to add a subtle but delicious flavor to drinks.

Is QB Kraftz easy to clean?

Yes. Clean it with soap and water at the sink or pop it in the dishwasher.

Final Verdict

These clear ice cubes can really change an entire dinner and even set the tone for the rest of the night. They make drinks classier, enhance the flavor, and give your drink more perceived value. QB Kraftz is the best deal you can get out of a simple ice cube tray. Right now, they have them at a great price for $67.48 for 3 units. There is also a money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to you at all.

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