RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater Review 2022 – Does It Work ?

The RangeXTD USB Wi-Fi repeater extends network coverage space by amplifying existing signals, allowing users to get multiple devices online simultaneously. Installation is quick and easy, just plug it into a USB port.

RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater

What Is RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater ?

The RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater can be used for extending WiFi service in big areas for home and commercial use. It can take an existing 802.11n wireless signal of your wireless router to repeat and extend its range. RangeXTD supports 2.4G wireless network connection, and it can support 2.4G transmission speeds of up to 300Mbps.

RangeXTD USB wifi extender is a very portable and efficient Wi-Fi extender. That boosts your internet speed and covers a wide range of areas of a poor network as well. As of technicality and functionality, It performs its function by syncing the WiFi signal to your area and using its in-built 3D antennas to amplify and transmit the amplified signal to the rest of the house, thus resulting in faster internet and increased range.

Benefits of RangeXTD USB WI-FI Repeater

The Benefits of RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater Review include – Wide Compatibility And Easy Set-Up: The RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater plugs into any standard USB slot, and can be used with a wall outlet, a phone, or a power bank!

  1. Powerful WiFi For Your Entire Family – The RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater plugs into any standard USB slot, and can be used with a wall outlet, a phone, or a power bank! If you have a spare USB port, you have access to seriously amazing WiFi in every area of your home.
  2. RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater – Easily connect multiple devices to your RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater simultaneously so no one has to miss out on any of their favorite entertainment! It doesn’t matter if you’re in the bedroom, the porch, basement, attic, or backyard! You’ll have perfect WiFi everywhere!

How Does It Work ?

How Does It Work ?

Many a time buyers find themselves online to know how a particular product works before purchasing the product and RangeXTD usb wifi repeater is not an exception, that’s why we took our time to come up with the how this latest usb supported wifi repeater works in our new edition of RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater Review guide.

Stay glue as we talk about it’s working principle here. As said earlier, RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater can boost the Wi-Fi signal’s coverage and speed in just minutes after it has been delivered. This is because, to work, it just has to be plugged into an electrical outlet or into USB port of your gadget and have the Wi-Fi Booster signal checked.

After, its Connect button needs to be pressed. As soon as you have completed these 3 simple installation steps, the RangeXTD USB WIFI Extender starts working without any problem. Those who want to extend their Wi-Fi signal further and need a stronger internet connection because, they have many devices in use can always install more RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeaters to get what they want.


  • Extends Wi-Fi network coverage space by amplifying existing signals and get multiple devices online simultaneously
  • Complies with IEEE802.11a/b/g/n standards
  • 2 built-in antennas
  • 2.4GHz frequency band
  • Up to 300Mbps transmission rates
  • Compatible with most of routers (not tested in mesh routers)
  • USB powered
  • 180 degrees, bi-directional rotating antenna to optimize signal strength
  • Portable and compact
  • Simple setup
  • Easy wireless security encryption by one push on the WPS button
  • Support WPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK encryption
  • Factory reset by holding WPS button for 6 seconds

Installing Made Easy

But what about installation? Some extenders make it really complicated to set up and start using their device.

RangeXTD is different. Unlike other WiFi extenders, Range XTD plug in wifi extender actually has a wizard for quick and easy setup. If you’re not tech savvy, this feature will make your life so much easier.

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User Friendly Experience

With the RangeXTD booster, all you have to do is plug it in, turn it on, and use the wizard to set everything up. And of course, you have the LED signal strength indicator that lets you know whether you’ve chosen a good spot to plug in your extender.

How To Use RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater ?

How To Use RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater ?

Economical with a low power draw, the device plugs into a USB slot, outlet, phone, power bank, or phone charger! The super-fast signal will give you ultimate internet speeds with a solid connection you can use on the porch, basement, attic, or yard!

Where To Buy RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater

Having the power of changing the way of using the internet. This exceptional it has been constantly in demand since the day it has been launched. According to the experts, RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater has been reasonably priced. When compared to the benefits that it offers and the cost that it saves. Considered as an affordable first-time investment by a lot of people having an average income, a lot of people do not restrict themselves from buying it because of its price.

However, considering the benefits of this technology, the price is affordable and convenient. The RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater is available on the official website from where you can get multiple discounts and offers for the same. You also have a money-back guarantee, if you are not happy with the product.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I install multiple RangeXTD USB WiFi Boosters for an even stronger signal?

Yes! With additional RangeXTD USB WiFi Boosters, you can extend your wireless internet signal even further and create a stronger connection for all your devices, and coverage more dead spots with a stable connection.The more RangeXTD usb wifi repeater you’ll take, the better coverage you’ll get, with a lower price per unit, and of course – FAST SHIPPING!Just for you to know: 3 RangeXTD usb WiFi Boosters, is the most popular pack! Don’t say I wish I’ve bought more!

Does It work with my old devices?

It works with any device! This means that even if you have an old computer, laptop, phone, or TV – it works perfectly! Any model, any generation, if it uses a wi-fi signal, it can connect to RangeXTD usb wifi booster. You know old devices have never browse so fast!

Why do we always recommend buying 3 or more?

Having multiple Wifi Repeaters throughout your home not only boosts your signal, but it also greatly improves your range as well. To get the maximum distance anywhere in your home (or yard), we recommend having at least 3-4 Wifi Repeaters positioned around the far ends of your home to get greatest benefit.

Is there a limit to how many devices can connect to RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater?

No! You and your family can connect as many devices as you want and with the improved wi-fi signal, you’ll all experience faster downloads and streaming. And the more RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater you’ll take, the better coverage you’ll get, with a lower price per unit, and of course – FAST SHIPPING!

Does RangeXTD usb WiFi work outside?

Yes! Wherever you have a wall socket or a usb port and wifi, RangeXTD usb wifi repeater will extend your internet signal to cover all of your dead spots! Like the yard, balcony, basement, or even the garage.

Can I move the RangeXTD usb wifi repeater after it’s installed?

Yes! Unlike your router, It doesn’t need to be plugged into a phone jack so you can easily relocate it anytime, in your home, office, hotel, and basically anywhere.We made it so compact and easy to fold, so you can travel with it and take it wherever you go!

Can I use this with my phone’s hotspot?

Sure. It can be used to extend your smartphone Hotspot Wifi range. This is a huge bonus if you use your Hotspot a lot! Another trick for lowering the Internet cost is to replace your router with a cheap 2.4G SIM card and use it with the RangeXTD usb wifi repeater to Extend your Internet all over the house.

How does It work?

Just connect it to a USB port and it will enhance the existing WiFi signal from your router, strengthening the connection and removing Wi-Fi ‘dead zones’ in your home

I’m no good with technology. How hard will this be to set up and use?

Don’t worry! It’s extremely simple to set up and use, and you shouldn’t need anyone from the ‘geek squad’ to help you out!


RangeXTD usb wifi repeater brings the benefits that would be highly appreciated by anyone who needs faster and more reliable internet speed and a wider coverage area at their home or workspace. Whether you’re a passionate gamer, lover of the movies, or a simple student who needs all the information to be available at all times – It will help to meet everyone’s needs.