Safe Grabs Review [2022]- Best Pot Holder to Buy

Everyone must be aware of the daily happening kitchen accidents like burning of hand while taking a bowl out of the microwave or while using a potholder for picking hot food item. But Safe Grabs claims that you will forget about all these incidents you will have this at your kitchen. This is the item that comes with features like heat resistance, flexibility, and outstanding design. Let’s get started with In-Depth Safe Grabs Review.

Safe Grabs Review

What is Safe Grabs?

You might have gone through the incidents like burning or hurting yourself in the kitchen with a hot bowl or hot cup handle. It will be a disaster to see yourself with liquid spills in the kitchen, broken dishes, and second degree burns on your hands. So better to use an item that can save you from these blunders which Safe Grabs. This item comes with a firm grip that can hold things easily and heat resistance which makes use not only in the kitchen but also in the home.

Safe Grabs Review

Why Safe Grabs different from its Competitors?

Trivets and pot holders come in a wide variety and beautiful designs, but with these can burn or have small spots on their surface. On the other hand, Safe Grabs comes with a reliable & straightforward built along with immunity that obstructs the appearance of tiny spots that can lead to unexpected burns or marks on the table’s surface. These are available in two solid colours and heat resistance up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit.

Safe Grab is perfect for using in the kitchen, at counters that damage due to heat produced by hair styling items, and hot glue guns. It is heat resistant, flexible, and has a lovely design. It is manufactured with a silicone material which is BPA free and has holding edges making a great splatter guard also. As it is dishwasher safe, you can make your cleaning steady and swift. The design of Safe Grabs that has rising edges and ridges makes it an upgraded item over the traditional jar holders of rubber. It can hold firmly and easy to carry.

Features of Safe Grabs

  • It is made up of the food-grade material that is silicone, and it is BPA free. So this is used to prevent you from the proximity of extreme and shallow temperatures.
  • The heat resistance of this item is up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit besides being non-toxic in different temperatures.
  • It comes two sets one of ten inches, and the other is 12 inches diameter. You can use the 12-inches mat by placing it below the bowl for protecting splatters. Keep the ten inches mat above the bowl to save your hands from blistering.
  • It is dishwasher safe so you can put it in the dishwasher with other items for cleaning.
Features of Safe Grabs Review

Usage of Safe Grabs

Using this microwave mat is very straightforward. Just place one mat under the bowl in the microwave and one you can place over the bowl to prevent splatters. After cooking is finished, pick up the mat from below to safeguard your hands from possible burns. Now keep the mat with the bowl on your table, converting it into a placement mat instantly. Another exciting thing about this mat is that it can be used for open bottles and jars, covering the bowl inside the refrigerator, picking up the hot stuff from microwave, and saving the furniture from curling iron.

Usage of Safe Grabs

Benefits of Safe Grabs

Let’s have a look at the benefits that you will get by using Safe Grabs:


You can use this excellent silicone mat in many ways besides picking up hot foodstuff from oven or microwave. Besides this, you can use this mat as funnels, trivets, jar openers, pot grabbers, placemats, and food covers. With so many uses, it becomes a must-have item in your kitchen.

Comes in a variety of colours

Most of the people know that vibrant colours are instrumental in lifting anyone’s mood. This mat comes in six different colours. Rest depends on the brand how much colour schemes it will. More colours, more choices and improved chances of having this great item at home. 

Hassle-free cleaning

Kitchen materials must be easy to clean as much as possible. The cleaning of this silicone mat is also a breeze as it is a non-stick mat. You can wash them in the dishwasher also it is dishwasher safe, or you can clean it only by washing.

Easy to store

If you want to keep this item anywhere in your kitchen, then place it in your microwave as it will make reheating of food or soup more convenient.

Refrigerator safe

Safety of your fresh food in the fridge is essential. For preserving the food, these silicone mats can be used. It would be best if you placed the mat at the top of the dish, and your food will be safe.

Perfect jar openers

Opening jars is not an easy task. Many people have to struggle a lot for opening the jars. Due to silicone offering the tight grip, you can safely and efficiently open the jars.

BPA free

These days you must be careful with the material used in making the drinking cups and water bottles. A BPA free label on any product gives you assurance about the safety of the product. This silicone Safe Grabs food-grade is also made up of BPA free material.


The mats are ideal for use at any location and occasion as carrying these to any place is very easy.

Final Verdict- Safe Grabs Review [2020]- Is It Legit?

The safe Grabs silicone mat is a handy and smart way of stopping the kitchen mishaps. With the features like heat resistance, great design, versatility, and multi-functional, this is the item which is must-have in the kitchen. So why wait? After reading Safe Grabs Review buy yourself a pair of Safe Grabs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is safe Grabs BPA free?

Yes, it is made up of material that is BPA free.

Is it possible to use it to line the pan for baking in the oven?

Yes, lining a pan can be done by this mat for baking in the oven.

After stopping the burners on the glass stove, is it possible to use them as burner covers?

Yes, this mat can be used as burner cover after cooling down the burner.

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