SharperMate Review 2022 – The Electric Sharpening Device

SharperMate is a portable electric sharpening device suitable for any home cook who wants more than just butchered cuts. Over eight types of knives can be sharpened: kitchen knives, steak knives, serrated bread knives, prunes, filleting knives, scissors, cleavers, and even your garden shears.

SharperMate Review 2021

What is SharperMate?

Preparing healthy meals is a matter of more than just getting some food on the table. Consumers need to have all of the kitchen tools to prepare the ingredients for these foods. While wooden spoons and spatulas may need to be periodically replaced, the SharperMate device can keep your knives sharp and ready.

Knives lose their sharpness over time, leading to dull blades that may not slice through the foods that need to be prepped. Whether it comes to cutting a well-cooked steak or chopping up carrots, the blade needs to be sharp enough to create a clean cut that is equally easy to get through. The device is made to work with nearly any kind of knife, including serrated bread and steak knives. SharperMate is also designed to help users to sharpen scissors and cleavers.

Benefits of Sharper Mate

  • Sharpens Over 9 Kinds of Knives
  • Compact and Safe Design
  • Reuse Old Knives and Save Big!
  • Compact, versatile, portable
Benefits of Sharper Mate

Sharper Mate features

  • Makes sharpening easy – To sharpen the blade at the perfect angle, choose from six different guides. From kitchen knives to gardening shears, you can sharpen anything.
  • Motorized sapphire stone – Surely, will your knives sharpen and refine to perfection? It is just the right tool for home cooks who need to sharpen rusty blades and fixer-uppers.
  • Portable and cordless – No worries about cords and clunky machinery. Sharper Mate is for taking anywhere. Connect 4 Double-A batteries, and it’s good to go.

Sharper Mate specifications

  • Dimensions – 140 x 85 x 60mm
  • Batteries – 4x Double-A
  • Weight – 230g
  • Color – Green

How Does SharperMate Work?

How Does SharperMate Work?

SharperMate is portable, cordless, and compact, so it’s perfect to use anywhere in your kitchen or the garage. With the SharperMate’s slotted guide adjusting to any angle for all knives.

Sharpening by hand is incredibly difficult and dangerous, considering that there is so little control over the blade by the sharpening surface. Even electric sharpeners are so bulky that storing them becomes its own task.

With SharperMate, the entire device is relatively compact. After pressing the button on the device’s side, users will hold the device in place as they slide their knife slowly through the slots. It will take about 3 or 4 slides through this slowly to completely sharpen a knife.

Users will need to keep a steady supply of AA batteries to keep the SharperMate properly powered. And the SharperMate doesn’t need much storage space as its specs show

Have sharp kitchen knives with Sharper Mate

Sharper Mate is more than just a kitchen knife sharpening tool. It can also sharpen scissors and screwdrivers. It is good for both the garage and the kitchen. Rotating the guide lets you sharpen at any angle, and you can sharpen larger tools like gardening shears if you remove the guide. There are many blades to sharpen, and with only Sharper Mate, you can do that.

This perfectly shaped and easy to use knife sharpener fits into every kitchen counter or workspace and provides slots of varying sizes to match all your different blades. The Sharper Mate will sharpen them all without any heavy or noisy equipment, kitchen knives, cleavers, scissors, and even screwdrivers.

Save Time & Money

Getting your knives sharpened by a professional sharpener can cost you up to $75! And, they can take up to two weeks when you send them away. What are you going to do while you wait, use a butter knife?

Easy At-Home Sharpening

SharperMate is the ideal at-home sharpening tool for all your knives. It’s cordless, compact, and portable so it’s perfect to use anywhere in your kitchen or in the shed! SharperMate’s slotted guide adjusts to any angle for your many knives. It’s one easy tool for all your knives!

Purchasing SharperMate

To get a SharperMate device, there are several packages offered on the official website, which include:


SharperMate provides a way to sharpen knives without sending them out to a company for professional sharpening and waiting to get them back. The device is battery powered, which means users don’t have to keep it plugged in to sharpen knives. This SharperMate will sharpen over eleven kinds of knife blades commonly found in the kitchen, and users will only need to press a button to ensure that the device is working.

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