Shine Bathroom Assistant Review 2022 – Cleans Your Toilet Automatically

Shine is a smart toilet cleaning & maintenance bathroom assistant that will keep your toilet clean and trouble-free. No plumbing skills needed. Bathroom duty is my least favorite chore. Going down to find the drain and deal with the unpleasant smell while cleaning is unbearable. After looking for bathroom assistants that can help me with bathroom duties, I found Shine. Shine is a bathroom assistant that automatically cleans and deodorizes your toilet without the use of harmful chemicals.

Shine Bathroom Assistant Review 2021 - Cleans Your Toilet Automatically

What Is Shine Bathroom Assistant ?

When it comes to keeping at home clean, there are few tasks as unattractive and unpleasant as cleaning a toilet bowl. While there are many products on the market that help to keep this porcelain throne clean, all the products have a single trait in common – they don’t eliminate the elbow grease users need to wash it. The cleanest households can still have grimy toilets, which could be the result of calcium buildup or the number of people sharing one bathroom. Still, the use of the  Shine Bathroom cleaner can improve the task for every member  of the household.

Shine provides a unique service to customers – it’s instantly and automatically cleans toilets. As the device cleans, it eliminates odors to keep any bathroom smelling substantially cleaner. Though other products require users to apply highly toxic cleaners, Shine doesn’t use any chemicals at all. With no toxic substances in the bowl, consumers don’t have to worry if their mischievous pets or curious toddlers will it be at risk.

Shine uses AI technology to provide a comprehensive, automated toilet cleaning service. The device detects odors and works to neutralize them using its AI, automatically cleans the toilet bowl when grime builds up, automatically detects and maintains leaks, and tracks water usage. Using no harmful chemicals, Shine makes use of electrolyzed water technology to clean toilet bowls.

How does Shine Bathroom Assistant work?


Automated Cleaning and Deodorizing:- Throw out your rubber gloves, toxic detergents, toilet scrubbers, and bathroom air fresheners. As Shine is capable of doing all the toilet cleaning automatically while deodorizing the bowl after every flush.

Eco-Friendly & Chemical-Free:- Shine utilizes cleaning pods that are completely recyclable. Every bit as tough on dirt and germs as bleach. They’re also absolutely chemical-free and activated through electrolysis, eventually breaking down. Into a simple saline solution that’s gentle on your pipes and isn’t harmful to the environment.

Easy to Install & Works with any Toilet:- Shine is perfectly compatible with any toilet and will only take a few minutes to set up without the need for calling in an expert.

Tracks Water Usage:- This device is capable of continuously monitoring your water usage which can help you figure out if you’re spending too much on water bills due to overuse or unnoticed leaks.

Your Personal Plumber:- Instead of asking Google and guessing what the problem is with your toilet, Shine can diagnose your toilet woes for you and even have a repair kit sent over to your house.

Alexa-Ready:- Shine works seamlessly with Alexa, so all you have to do is ask it to clean the toilet and Sam – Shine’s artificial intelligence – will immediately get to work.

Night Light:- Can’t stand turning on those bright bathroom lights in the dead of night? Shine comes with its own gentle night light that’s capable of illuminating the bathroom for you.

Lengthy Battery Life:- Shine lasts up to half a year on a single charge and juicing up. The device is as simple as plugging it into a power source via a USB-C cable.


Pre-Ordering a Shine Cleaner

Currently, the only way to get the Shine bathroom assistant is with a pre-order. As the shipments are not yet going out. For $124.99, users will get a Shine device, a rechargeable battery, and the six cleaning pods.

Even though this product is on pre-order. Consumers can get up to four Shine bathroom assistants in their  order right now. All purchases are covered by a 90-day return policy.


The Shine Bathroom Assistant is meant for any consumer that wants to keep their toilet. (and the rest of the bathroom) Cleaner on a regular basis. The device is easy to set up in any bathroom. The long battery life ensures that users can set it up and just leave it alone. There are no chemicals to replenish and no maintenance is required from the user. Instead, after downloading the app, consumers can simply cross their bathroom cleaning chores off of their daily “to do” list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install and use Shine?

After placing the device close enough for the spray bar of the device to reach the rim of the toiler, users simply add water, insert a cleaning pod, and leave the AI to do its work. The device can be controlled through the mobile app which comes with the initial purchase. For detailed instructions of use, visit the official product website.

Is there a return policy for Shine?

Unfortunately, such a policy is not readily available. Consumers should research to verify that they will be satisfied when they receive their product.

How does Shine power itself?

Shine uses batteries that last for up to six months, which means that users don’t have to use a valuable plug-in outlet for the device.

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