SmartCar Review – Car Health Diagnostic Tool

Today owning a car is a necessity to survive the day. Without a car, the daily errands are impossible to perform. Cities today are more crowded because each household has at least two cars for their usage. Getting on foot anywhere is difficult for today’s generation is habitual of cars nowadays. Even so, cars are just a smart machine, which is invented by mankind, and they need to be checked and upgraded from time to time for safe and better usage. If they are not checked and serviced on time, then they can cause serious danger to the people. This is where the SmartCar Diagnostic Tool comes in handy. It plays a very important role in this scenario, as it is a simple tool that helps to check the condition of the car saving time, money and effort.

What is the SmartCar Diagnostic Tool?    

SmartCar Diagnostic Tool is a small and portable device, which you can plug into the port of the car, which is attached to your mobile device, and it keeps giving real-time status updates about your car. It is a car health monitor that helps in seeing any kind of problem with the car, which mainly happens with the engine. By simply checking the app for alerts, you can know the areas that have to be fixed by you easily. The features that the SmartCar Diagnostic Tool is providing make it a must-have by all the car owners.  As car repair scammers are lurking everywhere, it is a boom for the car owners. It is an interesting tool for car enthusiasts as well as those who do not have much knowledge about the car. It is very easy to use tool and anyone can use it easily.

Features of SmartCar Diagnostic Tool:

Check Engine Light:

It tells you if the check engine light is on. It also helps in detecting other car errors before you take it to the mechanic.

Maintenance Monitoring:

It gives you the ability to see the recommended maintenance schedule by the manufacturer for the particular car use. Through this, you can keep records of all upcoming service appointments.

Mileage Notifications:

This product allows you to receive alerts regarding the mileage of your scheduled maintenance.

Real-Time Diagnostic Updates:

You can now detect car issues at the same time with updates on the smart device. Real-time updates of the car come straight to your phone.

Car Issue Log:

The owner should be able to track all the activities that have happened in the past. For this purpose, Hyperstech has designed SmartCar to help every car owner to check the history of any issues of their vehicle.

How do the SmartCar Diagnostic Tool Works?

With the usage of SmartCar, you can easily see the health updates of your vehicle accurately. This is an outstanding device that collects all the important information about your ride anywhere. Afterward, it will present all the data in an organized manner through the application on your phone.

The most amazing feature of using a car health monitor is to detect errors and problems on a healthy-looking car without having a clue that it is already bound for destruction. Everyone is now aware of the things the naked eye cannot see because of the OBD2 scanner. It is compatible with mobile devices that have Android and iOS operating systems. This means that the car diagnostic tool is available for every smartphone in the market. Plus it is very easy to use too. You can also receive alerts about your mileage for your scheduled checkups. You can also see the history of car issues and problems. This feature is especially useful when there are new problems, which are hard to diagnose without knowing previous problems.

How to use the SmartCar Diagnostic Tool:

The steps to use the tool are:

  • You first have to plug the SmartCar to the carport below the steering wheel.
  • Then the second step is to connect the device to your android and iOS phone free app via Bluetooth to get the car diagnostics.
  • Then the diagnostic tool will give real-time updates about the car.

Advantages of SmartCar Diagnostic:

  • The device stands to be an important tool for every car owner as most of the drivers are ripped off a lot of money by auto mechanics every time they encounter a small problem in their vehicle.
  •  This Diagnostic tool helps to quickly to analyze the health of the car using the SmartCar Diagnostic tool, which can be connected to any mobile device, and the health can be checked on the phone.
  • The app works perfectly with android and iOS devices to benefit the people.
  • It helps in saving a lot of effort and money by helping the user to see the condition of the car anywhere they are rather than going to a mechanic every time there is a slight problem.
  • The tool is extremely flexible as it can be used for all the cars manufactured after 1996.
  • The Car Diagnostic Tool helps in turning your mobile device into a car doctor as and when there is a need to see the condition of the car anywhere you are.
  • It is an extremely secure device as it guarantees a safe ride to the passengers.
  • The device helps in determining any malfunction in the car engine on the mobile phone.

Disadvantages of SmartCar Diagnostic Tool:  

The people who have used the SmartCar Diagnostic tool have not complained of any problem with the product and have reviewed the product as a great buy.


The SmartCar Diagnostic Tool is an efficient product designed to save the time and effort of the car owner. As people spend an unnecessary amount of money on automobile mechanics for the slightest of problems that arise in the car. The SmartCar Diagnostic Tool is cost-efficient and helps in monitoring any problem in the car just from your smartphone device. The product gives real-time updates about the condition of the car from time to time for the convenience of the user. It is a recommended product.

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