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SmartDOT Review: Protect Yourself & Your Family

SmartDOT is a product that is a requirement in the current scenario. It helps retune the radiations emitted by different electronic devices and provide you with a safe environment. All electronic devices generate some kind of harmful radiation. These radiations cause most of the medical problems – the sudden itching in your eyes, the pain you feel while using your laptops, and all the headaches you experience while working are some of them. Do you realize what the advancement in technology and the variety of gadgets in our homes bring in?

Yes, you heard me right. Continued usage of high-tech gadgets can be harmful to you, and your family’s health. Since all our houses are filled with useful and necessary, but in the end, harmful gadgets, it is crucial to get a device that helps mitigate their negative effects. We bring to you, SmartDOT. A revolutionary device that can reduce the impact of EMF’s on you and the stress that comes with It.

What is smartDOT?

SmartDOT is an electromagnetic emission protection product; it saves the person from any harmful effects of radiations from mobile phones. The devices retune the electromagnetic frequencies that are no longer dangerous to the human body. It is a perfect device that reduces the harmful effects of using a mobile phone by reducing the radiations that could be harmful to the body. SmartDOT is a small magnet which comes with an adhesive which usually gets stick at the back of the mobile phone as it absorbs electromagnetic frequencies.

The magnetic entrains the electromagnetic radiations, which means it alters the rates of one device to be safe for the user. It works by harmonising the harmful electromagnetic emissions and making it safe for the mobile phone user. The best thing about SmartDOT does not require any complications to use and does not need any electricity to charge it. A person has to stick the magnet to the device and see its amazing results. It does not require any battery or power to charge it, once it is the stick and then it is good to go.

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SmartDOT Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 34 by 34 by 1 millimetre
  • Weighs: 1 gram
  • Material: Acrylic Vinyl, Magnetic Sheeting
  • Colour: Orange and White
  • Operating Radius: 1 meter
  • Waterproof: Yes

smartDOT Features

  • Independently Tested, Researched, & Proven – Don’t trust just anyone to protect you and your family from EMF radiation. smartDOT has been independently and rigorously tested on thousands of people with incredible results. Try it and feel the difference!
  • Protects You From All “EMF Transmitting” Devices – Common ones include: smartphones, tablets, laptops, wi-fi routers, smart meters, televisions, baby monitors, and game consoles. Ideally one smartDOT should be placed on each individual device.
  • Easily Attaches To Every Device – A smartDOT does not need to be in a specific position and can be placed anywhere on a device to start protecting you immediately.
  • Helps Relieve Unwanted Symtpoms – Get headaches when using your phone or computer too long? Feel unexpected fatigue, anxiety or agitation? smartDOT is proven to harmonize the root of the problem and help relieve these unwanted effects from EMFs.
  • Made With The Highest Quality Materials – smartDOT’s revolutionary quantum technology is the gold standard in EMF protection. We take our role in helping protect you and your family very seriously and only source and use premium materials.
  • Attach It Once And Forget About It – smartDOT is so thin/lightweight, you’ll never know its there. It also uses the best adhesive on the market so you never have to worry about losing it.
  • Protects You Forever (customer favorite!) – That’s right – every smartDOT lasts indefinitely, so there is no need to ever replace or upgrade it.
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your smartDOT, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

How does SmartDot work?

SmartDOT is a small magnetically tuned adhesive pad that can mitigate the electromagnetic frequencies emitted from electronic appliances all around us. Dealing with technology is a part of life in today’s world, instead of running from it, we must find solutions to help against the harm it can do to us.

Stick one onto any remote gadget that you feel inconvenience in utilizing or you feel adds to any understanding of side effects of electro-stress. For a versatile or cordless telephone, the skinny smartDOT can be embedded into the battery compartment on the off chance that it will fit. Something else, strip off the defensive sponsorship paper and connect the DOT to your gadget (it doesn’t meddle with the attack of a telephone case). The gadget doesn’t need to go in a particular situation on your hardware however in a perfect world you would put one on every thing. In the event that you have a PC with a remote console and a screen you will just need one smartDOT.

SmartDOT uses a process called entrainment in which electromagnetic frequencies are altered to resonate at frequencies as other ones, essentially harmonizing with them and dulling them down to safe levels.

In more simple language, SmartDOT filters EMFs and other radiation right at the source. Effectively harmful waves do not even have the chance to leave their immediate cause. This EMF protection technology will stop any stress or fatigue you might be facing while constantly using electronics. It needs no electricity to work and lasts forever. Simply stick it to the device you want to “make safe” and that is it. Simple as that and you will be that much safer.

Here are some common side effects and conditions that result from Electromagnetic Field (EMF radiation):

  • Lack of concentration and confusion
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Brain fog
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Headache and Nausea
  • Sleeplessness

How To Use SmartDOT?

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This simple device allows you to indulge in a much safer lifestyle while fully reaping the benefits of the incredible technology of this day and age. To use smartDOT, simply –

  1. Use the adhesive on the back of the SmartDOT to attach it to the device you use often and need to make safe for use. This could be your phone or laptop, or any other appliance in your home.
  2. You can even stuff it into the casing of your phone or tablet.
  3. The position is not important, simply remember to place at a point where the appliance draws maximum power to. Like the compressor on the fridge, or the charging point on your laptop.
  4. smartDOT lasts forever, so you do not have to think about replacing it.

It’s recommended that you use smartDOT on devices used the most and emit the most EMF’s.

  • Smart phones
  • Tablets
  • WiFi Routers
  • WiFi Extenders
  • Smart Meters
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Laptops & Desktop Computers (Wifi connected)
  • Smart TV’s
  • Baby Monitors

Benefits Of SmartDot

  1. Dulls down potentially harmful EMFs
  2. Can be used on any appliance or device.
  3. Relieves symptoms and gives you peace of mind
  4. Proven and tested
  5. Easy to use
  6. High-Quality Device
  7. Does not interfere with the working of the device it is attached.

Where can you use smartDOTs ?

Where can you use smartDOTs ?

SmartDOTs are suggested for any gadget that produces elevated levels of EMF radiation. The greatest wellsprings of family radiation are your cell phones, PCs, Wi-Fi switches, savvy meters, child screens, tablets and game consoles.

Customers often report that smartDOT gives them increased energy, making it a popular item among athletes and students.

Did you know? Children absorb 10X as much radiation as adults – and there are even studies linking EMF exposure to autism, childhood leukemia, and other diseases.

This is why smartDOT has become extremely popular among parents whose children actively use phones, tablets, computers, or video games.

Where To Buy SmartDOT and How Much Is It?

Where To Buy SmartDOT

SmartDOT is available widely on the internet. You can easily find this device on its official website.

For our readers especially, we bring certain offers that can save you a ton of money. The retail price of a smartDOT is $19.99, plus shipping and handling. But, if you shop with us, you can get 3 smartDot’s at a discounted price of $39.98.

If you wish to stick smartDOT to all the appliances at home to be extra safe, we suggest you get the package with 5 smartDOT’s at a very low price of $59.97, saving you around $40 on your purchase. Hurry up and invest now.

Final Verdict

SmartDOT is one of the better devices in this field. There are a ton of users that have used the product and benefitted from it in more ways than one. It has been independently proven as an effective device in blocking out EMF radiation. The dangers of EMF with the growing amount of technologies and appliances in our houses can make us more vulnerable and the symptoms more severe than before. It falls on us to take care of our family and ourselves.

Invest in the smartDOT and start today. It provides an easy yet effective way to keep those harmful EMF waves away from your healthy lifestyle. It is not even difficult to make use of. Practically a sticker, you can simply stick it to any appliance and let it do all the work while you sit comfortably, free from stress and fatigue caused by these EMF radiations.

Frequently Asked Question

Does SmartDOT work?

SmarDot works amazingly for the overall well being of humans as it keeps you away from electro stress.

Is SmartDOT safe?

SmartDOT is a completely safe product, as it does not require any electricity that could be dangerous.

In what devices can we use SmartDOT?

You can use SmartDOT on several devices like mobile phone, tablets. laptops, wifi routers and so on.

How long will one smartDOT protect consumers from the device?

One smartDOT works for the lifetime of the device that it attaches to. Replacement is only necessary if the smartDOT is damaged.

Can a smartDOT be taken off of one phone and placed on another?

If necessary, smartDOT can be removed. However, the adhesive is incredibly strong, and it may be difficult to move it between devices more than once.

Is smartDOT scientifically proven?

Yes, this product is well researched and is scientifically proven. It has already been tested by experts and is currently being used by thousands of Americans. 

Is smartDOT safe to use around children?

Yes, smartDOT is completely safe to use around children and toddlers as well. You just have to stick the product on your devices and you won’t even feel it’s there. This product also does not harm your skin and counteracts electromagnetic radiation only. 

Where should I stick this on my device?

You can stick smartDOT anywhere on the device. In the case of mobile phones, you can even stick this beneath the phone cover on the back of the phone. 

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