SmokeSOS Review: The Perfect Smoke Alarm to Give you Good Night’s Sleep

One does not know when they will get in trouble. Most people say that they will be secure when they are at home. There is no denial in that. But one never knows when they’ll face something terrific. One of the most dangerous things is fire. It can burn anything in just a matter of seconds. So what can one do in such a situation?

Looking for a smoke alarm is the correct answer. SmokeSOS is the perfect smoke alarm your house needs. Because your family deserves to sleep at night without any tensions. One will know that if something is happening when they are asleep, the smoke alarm can alert them.

 SmokeSOS is a life-saving device, you and your family both can blindly rely on this smoke alarm.

What Is SmokeSOS?

What Is SmokeSOS?

The amazing SmokeSOS smoke and carbon monoxide alert system is the best smart smoke detector for everyone because it reliably and calmly alerts you to potential danger—whether you’re home or away—using a combination of voice, siren, and smartphone alerts.

If you have more than one smoke detector, you can interconnect them all wirelessly, and it also self-tests and informs you of device malfunctions or low batteries via smartphone alerts—without those annoying chirps.

You can silence nuisance alarms through the mobile app, so you’ll be less likely to disable it in a fit of annoyance (as many people do when an alarm starts chirping). The SmokeSOS is also the simplest smart alarm to install and control.

 Detailed Features Of SmokeSOS Are:

SmokeSOS is a modern smoke alarm with up to a 10-year battery life. It is also less with Microchip sensors as well. As human beings we all love our families, so their security should also be our top priority. There are so many amazing features of SmokeSOS.

  • 10-Year Battery Life: One of the most amazing features of SmokeSOS is that it has 10-year battery life. So one does not have to worry about their smoke alarm battery. Sometimes you might get to hear that annoying sound when your smoke alarm is running out of battery. It is okay that the alarm is warning you about the issue, but it can also annoy you. But with SmokeSOS one won’t experience this issue. It comes with a lithium battery which is sealed and can’t be tampered by anyone.
  • Environmentally Safe: It is also an environment-friendly device. Because it comes with an in-built lithium battery, so one does not have to waste electricity. It is also economical. The majority of smoke alarms are connected to wires, which works with electricity. So if there is an electricity cut, you won’t get the alert automatically. But this is not the case with SmokeSOS because there is no electricity required.
  • Small Size: It is also very compact. The majority of the smoke detectors are quite big. Sometimes the size of smoke alarms also bothers you and acts as a distraction. But SmokeSOS is so compact that one will forget they have put it on their home.
  • Easy Installation: It is also quite simple and easy to install. The only thing one has to do is to take SmokeSOS out of the box and place it wherever they want it to be. The screws and anchor plugs make it easy to install within minutes. One need not call his electrician for this work. As one can do this by himself/herself.
  • Test Button: It also comes with a test button, so one can easily test it before relying on it. Most of the smoke detectors don’t come with this feature, But with SmokeSOS you get this option. It also checks the smoke fire and CO.2 as well.
  • Universal Use: Yes it can indeed be used anywhere. The compact size of SmokeSOS makes it easy to install anywhere without any issues. As experts say Precaution is better than cure. So we should follow the precautions beforehand to avoid any sort of problem.
  • Not Too Sensitive: Sometimes smoke detectors start giving you alerts even when you are cooking something. The sound of a smoke alarm may annoy some people. But this is not the case with SmokeSOS because it’s not that sensitive. It will alert you when there is fir not when you are cooking something inside your kitchen.
  • Red LED Light: It also has a red LED flashlight which indicates that it is working. The flashlight flashes after every 56 seconds. So one will get the idea that SmokeSOS is working perfectly.
  • Quick Alerts: There are smoke detectors that work a little slow. But SmokeSOS alerts you within seconds. It is less with photoelectric sensors which quickly inform you when there is any sort of fir smoke. It informs every person present inside your home.
  • One Time Investment: A good smoke alarm is something that assures your security. SmokeSOS is a one-time investment device. One can invest in it today and can avail of its services for a maximum of 10 years. SmokeSOS is a true value for money device.
Detailed Features Of SmokeSOS Are:

Special Benefits and Key features SmokeSOS Smoke Detector

  • Photoelectric Technology&Material: Fire-Retardant ABS V0 Level.UL Listed 9V Battery-Powered Photoelectric sensor Smoke Alarm. photoelectric technology which is optimized to detect slow smoldering fires which generate light smoke, little heat and may smolder from all directions for hours before bursting into flames.
  • Suitable for Multiple Places: This smoke detector does not contain any radioactive material. It should be installed in every room (except the bathroom and kitchen), making sure the people in your home will be able to hear and respond to the alarm sound.
  • Easy Installation: It can be installed in several minutes. Coming with screws and brackets. Safety clip feature, not allow mounting of the smoke alarm without the battery installed
  • Sound & LED Warning: When the fire alarm detects smoke or detects combustion particles in the air it will sound their alarms(Alarm volume: > 85dB(A) @ 3 meters) and the red LED will flash rapidly.

It Has A Standby Mode Light

When you have a smoke caution in your alert that is nonintrusive, you regularly overlook it is there. This can be risky for certain items that aren’t working any longer. For SmokeSOS, a red LED flashes at regular intervals. This is your method for realizing the gadget is as yet working.

It is an unobtrusive, yet successful method for guaranteeing the client that the smoke caution is as yet going to raise the alert, ought to there be a flame in your home.

Who Could Benefit From SmokeSOS Smoke Detector?

Who Could Benefit From SmokeSOS Smoke Detector?

This is one of the revolutionary product which is crucial for the safety of your home. Even, smart homes would consider buying SmokeSOS Smoke Detector.

The best feature is if you do not turn off the alarm in a speculated time period, the alarm informs the fire department on your behalf.

Why Do We recommend Smoke Detector For Every Home?

Why Do We recommend Smoke Detector For Every Home?

Every smoke detector has one goal – to improve fire and smoke safety. There is an infinite number of choices that work best for your home. Remember to always buy from a trusted manufacturer, and read all manuals before installment. Regardless of the options, smoke detectors aren’t optional when it comes to home safety. Here are the most common benefits of SmokeSOS Smoke Detector.

  • Faster smoke detection. The faster the detector senses danger, the better it is for you. Extra seconds to safely evacuate the home could save you from inhaling life-threatening smoke and fumes.
  • Easy monitoring. Smoke detector check-ups are often quick and easy. It’s as simple as setting a monthly reminder to vacuum the detector free of dust and changing the batteries annually. Even during weather preparedness, smoke alarms come with backup batteries to continue monitoring during power outages. These regular routines keep the home ready for the first sign of trouble.
  • Cost-effective fire safety. Smoke detectors with smart technology can be more costly but come with added benefits such as mobile notifications of smoke, voice commands and easy syncing to other home devices. For just a few bucks, you’ll have peace of mind while preparing your humble abode for the unthinkable.

Where Can I Buy SmokeSOS?

 This product is available for a specific time only. It is available online only. One can place the order online and can get exclusive discounts and free shipping as well.

Order it now and avail discounts up to 50% and free shipping worldwide.


SmokeSOS gives you the sense of safety that no other smoke detector does. Install your SmokeSOS in your home now and relax because it will do its work. Its various features make it different from other smoke alarms. It can work for more than 10 years without any extra electricity consumption, So it also saves your pocket as well.

Also compact, so one can install it anywhere in the house. So buy it now as there are only limited stocks available.

Frequently Asked Question

Will one SmokeSOS be good for the entire house?

No, but according to your bedrooms and kitchen. Smoke detectors should be installed outside of the bedroom, kitchen, and living area.

Where can I put SmokeSOS in the bedroom?

One can put it anywhere according to them. Install smoke alarms in each bedroom and you are all good to go. According to the experts, a person should install smoke alarms in every room of their house.

Do fire department people check Smoke alarms?

Some fire department people install fire detectors at zero cost. A smoke detector works properly when it is installed rightly and checked regularly. According to the experts, one should keep a check on their smoke detector every week.

Where to install smoke alarms

The National Fire Protection Association’s recommendation for smoke alarm placement is that you have one on each floor and one in each bedroom. So for a typical two-story home, that’s one in the basement (preferably near the stairs to the first floor), one on the first floor, and one in the second-floor hallway, with an additional unit in each bedroom or sleeping area. You should not place one in a garage (due to car exhaust) or in areas that have temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Will the fire department check smoke detectors?

Some fire departments will install battery-operated smoke alarms in your home at no cost. A smoke alarm only works when it is properly installed and regularly tested. Take care of your smoke alarms according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

What is the best location for a smoke detector in a bedroom?

According to the NFPA, smoke alarms should be placed in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of your home. In addition, industry experts recommend having both photoelectric and ionization alarms for optimal protection against flaming and smoldering fires.

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