Top 10 Best GPS Watches for Kids [2022] – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best GPS Watches for Kids

It’s difficult for even the most attentive parent to always know where their children are at any given time. Thankfully, keeping an eye on your little ones is becoming much easier thanks to GPS tracking devices made especially for kids.

Are you looking for The Best GPS Watches For Kids? You have come to the right place. has a professional team that reviews the best products in the market on a daily basis.

GPS technology now allows certain smartwatches to be tracked via special paired phone apps. As long as your kid is wearing their watch, they can be easily located to a pretty accurate degree within seconds by consulting the smartphone app.

Our team consists of professionals in their respective fields. We review and rate all the products on the basis of their specifications, user-experience, customer reviews & ratings. Finding the right GPS Watches For Kids can be a tough task as there are so many options available in the market that sometimes it gets so confusing. To reduce your burden we have prepared a list of 10 best GPS Watches For Kids to buy in the year 2021. You can check out the list and find whats best for you.

In this guide, we aim to make choosing that special GPS watch for kids a bit easier. The market is very crowded and it can be hard to tell what’s worth buying and what you should steer well clear of!

Best Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker for Kids in 2021 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Now that you’ve read the pros and cons, you now know if buying a smartwatch is helpful to your kid or not. If you feel that it does more harm than good then we suggest you to avoid buying one. However, if it is helpful, then continue reading this post, because we’ve ranked, reviewed and listed out the 10 top-rated smartwatches and fitness tracker for your kids!

List Of Top 10 GPS Watches for Kids in 2021

Why Should You Buy Kid GPS Watch?

Get maximum peace of mind as a parent with a kid GPS watch. Imagine having a device that will let you know where your kid is at any one particular time. Isn’t that fulfilling? Parenting also becomes easy, bearable and manageable. Since a child may not be in a position to take care of himself, and it is your responsibility, you have to find a way to do so.

Unfortunately, it is hard to let your life revolve around your child. You have to run errands once in a while too, that’s why you need the assistance of a kid GPS watch. How does it achieve that? This is exactly what this piece explains in details. It not only defines it but also discusses its features and the benefits that they offer. It also draws a line between them and their normal counterparts. Continue reading to get a clear understanding of a kid GPS watch!

  • Tracking One of the most basic functionalities of smartwatches that nudge parents into buying one for their little one is the ability to know the whereabouts of the kids at all times. In this age of growing crime rates and cyberstalking, it has become increasingly important for parents to keep a tab on their kids.
  • SOS feature No parent wants their child to be in any danger. However, in any there arises a situation when the kid needs to send a distress signal to their guardians/parents, smartwatches can do that without any hiccups.
  • Calling Kids would not need to carry phones as the smartwatches have the functionality to call their contacts from anywhere with the tap of a button.
  • Cognitive development and informational learning A wide variety of applications and games are available specially designed for the watches. They help kids in intuitively gaining knowledge without losing the attention of the children.
  • Stalking through hack While the GPS trackers are supposed to provide parents with the location of their children, there have been instances of smartwatches getting hacked by unsolicited people for evil motives.
  • Limited battery The display and other wireless connection feature drain the battery faster than one would anticipate. The best smartwatches in the market offer a backup of 4-7 days at most.
  • Prone to theft Like any other gadget, it would be prone to theft by others if left unattended.
  • Diminishing attention span Several pieces of research have proven the fact that blue-light emitting screens affect the attention span of the user. It can hurt children’s development of cognitive attention and other neurological areas if unsupervised.

[INFOGRAPHIC] What The Different Between A Kid GPS Watch And A Normal Watch?

Kid GPS Watch

Things to Consider in a Kids’ GPS Tracker

Finding the right GPS tracker for your kids can be a challenge. It’s helpful to understand what features are most vital to you and what limitations will be a deal breaker.

Whether you’re looking for a kids GPS watch or a GPS tracking device you can conceal in a pocket, you need to know that the child tracking device will deliver. Here are the top things to consider before deciding on a kids GPS tracker for your family.

  • Ease of Use – When you’re looking for a GPS tracker for kids, it’s important to make sure that the tracking device is comfortable and easy for your child to use.
  • Age Range – Many trackers have recommended ages for use. In addition to those guidelines, consider how big the buttons are, how easy it is for little fingers to respond to you or reach out for help, and whether or not they can put it on and take it off on their own. If you’re concerned about them removing the tracker, look for one with anti-tamper features.
  • Battery Life – The best-case scenario is a kids GPS tracker that holds a charge for a few days. The more high-maintenance a tracker is, the more likely you are to leave home without it or end up with a dead battery.
  • Comfort – You don’t have any chance of tracking down your child if they’re not wearing the tracker. Make sure the material is flexible and non-irritating to tender skin, as well as adjustable enough to ensure a secure but comfy fit.
  • Durability – Because your child will be taking the GPS tracker with them on all their adventures, it needs to be able to withstand a good amount of punishment.
  • Design – Seek out durable material that can take whatever your kid can dish out. Solid band construction and a protected or shatter-proof face can stand up to roughhousing, sports, and the wear and tear of daily use.
  • Water Resistance – Kids are always getting their hands dirty, which means they need to wash up regularly. While few GPS devices are totally waterproof, a quality tracking device should be able to handle incidental water and splashing.

Smartwatch For Kids – The Buyer’s Guide

There are few things you should consider when buying a kids’ smartwatch. In this guide section of this post, we are sharing them. In the end of it you’ll also find a FAQ section which includes answers to questions which are generally asked by other parents!

1. Battery backup

It is one of the most important factors a kid’s smartwatch. You don’t want their smartwatch’s battery to run out of juice in the middle of a day. Therefore it is recommended to purchase a smartwatch with a considerable longer battery backup. Most of the watches are powered by a  380-440mAh battery which is replaceable in most of the observations.

2. OS and device compatibility

Smartwatches are supposed to serve as a companion to our smartphones. Parents would need a watch that can be synced and configured via their smartphone. While some watches only work with a particular operating system like Android or iOS. Industry leaders like Fitbit, Huawei work on both OS platforms.

3. Durability

Kids are not going to pay much heed to their parent’s instructions of being careful with the watches. The ability of the watch to withstand general wear and stand, the adorable sloppiness of the children with their things. So unless you have a kid who can actually follow your instructions, buy the one that’s highly durable!

4. Collection of apps

Smartwatches come equipped with necessary out of the box applications providing generic functionality. Additional functionalities and features would need a plethora of apps. A modern-day device is as good as the number of applications it can run. For instance, The Pebble smartwatch offers over 13,000 apps on its platform.

5. Display

The display should be bright, vivid, and intuitive for a kid to operate. Sizes of 1.5 inch to 1.78 inches are considered to be industry-standard right now. The screen should have a higher density of pixels per inch (PPI), which would make the text appear more transparent and more comfortable to read for kids. Some smartwatch manufacturers like LG and Samsung have started offering AMOLED display of 1.7 inches to 2 inches (240PPI)

6. Connectivities options

Bluetooth and WiFi(WLAN) are being provided by many manufacturers as a package, while the cheaper models only offer Bluetooth. The smartwatches on the expensive side even offers NFC with a one-touch function.

7. Weight

Kids are super active, flailing their arms and legs in the most random manner possible. A block of mass on their arms would be the last thing that they would want. A light-weighted smartwatch with a modest display would be the most optimal combination.

8. Waterproof/Water-resistant

Let us face it. Children are not going to think twice before trying to dig out the ball from the puddle or spill that orange juice onto themselves. Water-resistant smartwatches are durable and have a longer life span which would otherwise short-circuit from the first contact with anything liquid. However, you shall consider getting a smart swim watch if your kid spends most of his time in the pool!

9. Strap material

The durable and breathable strap stays on a kid’s arm for the longest time. Uncomfortable straps often force kids to leave their watches at places that are difficult to remember. Ultimately observations get lost, stolen if not tracked on time.

10. After-sale service

Smartwatches for kids are an investment that their parents expect to provide for an extended period. In case of an unfortunate situation, if you need to submit it for an RMA, the after-sales service should be convenient, hassle-free and swift.

Useful Features And App Of Kid GPS Watch

Kids’ GPS watches and trackers come with a wide variety of bells and whistles, so it helps to cut through the razzle-dazzle and identify the features that really keep your child safe.

  • Waterproof – That comes with a lot of benefits. First, one doesn’t have to worry about the weather. Therefore, they will also be useable hence fully reliable. Secondly, it is obvious that they are designed for kids. In the event that the kid is playing with water, you don’t want a watch prone to damage as soon as that happens.
  • Geofencing – You get extra peace of mind when you can set safety zones and perimeter alerts with a virtual fence. Geofencing lets you know your child is where they’re supposed to be and warns you if they leave the boundaries you’ve established.
  • Camera – For kids, taking photos is fun. Therefore, getting a kid’s GPS watch ensures that they enjoy that art.
  • Two-Way Calling – In normal occasions, you may need to talk to your child or vice versa. That’s where the feature comes in. it allows you to call your child in a need arises. In the same vein, your kid will be in a position to call you in case of everything. All you need is to buy a sim card as well as subscribe to a favorable mobile plan.
  • SOS Alerts – It is a way of knowing that your kid is in dire need of your help. If there is an emergency, the kid holds or pushes a certain button. That sends an emergency alert to the parent’s phone. It also rings up to 3 additional pre-programmed lines. That will continue until there is a response.
  • GPS Tracking – Every parent wants to know the exact location of his or her child real-time. With GPS tracking, that becomes possible. Consequently, the get the peace of mind that you honestly deserve.
  • Alerts and Notifications – Kids GPS tracking devices come with different alert and notification settings. Some update location only every five minutes, and others let you check in every 10 seconds. Consider how often you want updates and how much flexibility you need for different circumstances.
  • Panic Button – If your child is lost or scared, all they have to do is hit the SOS or panic alert button to immediately let you and other emergency contacts know they need help. For children that spend time on their own after school or on the way to extracurricular activities, this feature can make both you and your child feel safer.
  • Games – One of the best ways to ensure your kid will keep their tracker on is to make it fun to wear. Some GPS devices for kids have games and reward systems to keep youngsters engaged and willing to sport them on a daily basis. Just make sure the games aren’t so distracting that it gets them in trouble at school.

Wrapping Up The GPS Watches List

We hope this list was helpful in making your decision. The products on this list are all amazing for their value and features – there are a ton of other sub-par products and we’ve shortlisted the best of the best. If you’re still unsure, think about what you need in a GPS Watches.

We hope that you have found this article to be helpful. And you learned some valuable knowledge to help you decide on the best GPS Watches For Kids. Some of you may have read this guide and still find yourself confused or unsure of which GPS Watches is best for your needs. Leave a comment below to get in touch and we will offer advice or a more detailed recommendation.

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