Vibes Xwatch Review – Best Smart Watch

vibes Xwatch is a newly released smartwatch that is set to transform the way we organize our daily routines. Put, vibes XWatch is that watch accessory that promises to make your life simple while turning people’s heads at the same time. It is safe to say that this Watch maximizes the fun in Smartwatches with lots of unique features.

Watches have come a long way as simply hand worn-devices that merely tell you the time. Watches aided with technology development have gone from merely telling the time to doing a bunch of other stuff that is life saving to our daily routines. Our modern world includes smartwatches that can help you exercise within healthy limits, take your body temperature, measure your blood test, let you know what is healthy, and so much more; one of such smartwatches is the vibes XWatch.

What is Vibes Xwatch?

What is Vibes Xwatch?

A simple answer to this question will be that vibes XWatch is a smart watch. That is good enough for people to understand that this watch does many more functions than what an ordinary watch does. Hence the adjective smart watch.

vibes xWatch is the most functional smartwatch anywhere. Insert a SIM (worldwide) into the watch, or pair with your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth. Answer/receive calls directly on the watch, listen to music, store music, take pictures and video, monitor fitness activities, and regulate your blood pressure with special magnets built into the watch. Pair with x2 Wireless Headset for an entirely hands-free experience, perfect for working out or any other activity.

Stand Out Features Of vibes Xwatch SmartWatch

Stand Out Features Of vibes Xwatch SmartWatch
  • Direct phone calls via the built-in speaker and microphone
  • Electrocardiogram readings within seconds
  • Super long battery life
  • 3-5 Days usage.
  • Up to 12 months of standby time.
  • IP67 class waterproof
  • Reminder: phone call, message, QQ, WeChat, Twitter Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype.
  • 24 Hrs of real-time sport monitoring: steps count, distance, and energy consumption, etc.

Where To Buy Vibes XWatch? How Much Does It Cost?

The vibes X Watch can only be purchased online. For safety reasons, the best way is to order on the product’s official website. This will guarantee you a safe and secure product that lives up to its claims.

vibes xwatch smart watchIn addition to the product, they will inform you of any special offers and promotions they might otherwise have. In so doing, you have the best advantage of both the product and other offers.

The vibes XWatch original price is $270. Which is way cheaper compared to the high-end brands. But because of its ongoing promo, the device is now priced at $135 that’s 50% off its original price.

However, you might want to order now. That’s because the XWatch smartwatch is on a first come first serve basis with only limited stocks.

Don’t let this amazing product slip out of your hands.

Where To Buy Vibes XWatch? How Much Does It Cost?

What’s The Price & Where Can I Get The Vibes XWatch

Whenever you decide to purchase a product online, the safest and most secure option will always be the product’s official website.

Here, you can guarantee that you’ll receive a product that lives up to all your expectations, as well as learn about special offers and promotions that will make the product even more tempting.

The official price of the Xwatch $198, which is still a lot cheaper than other smartwatches which are loaded with the same features as the vibes Xwatch.

With that said, if you are interested in getting the Xwatch then click the button below to be navigated to the brand’s official website.


Is vibes smart watch any good?

Yes, it is. There are numerous brands of smartwatches out there but a lot of them don’t deliver on their promises unlike Vibes xwatch. You can return the watch if you’re not satisfied with it. This is a proof of quality. However, be rest assured that it will live up to your expectations.

It is good for ladies? 

Yes, Vibes xwatch smartwatch is unisex. Anybody can use it unlike some muscline brands that only fit males. It is very portable and fashionable and suits everybody.


When it comes to smartwatches, there are so many out in the market that it can become a challenge to find the perfect one for yourself. There are multiple options with features and functionality that seems good enough but might not be as fulfilling as you think. Add to that a hefty price tag and you have terrible smartwatches.

This is why we bring to you Vibes XWatch. It is one of the most functional smartwatches we have come across providing features from both a smartwatch and a fitness band. If you were looking for either, it is best to invest in XWatch to avail the benefits of both.

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