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Video Doorbell Review: Don’t Buy Without Reading

We should all take home security seriously. And along with getting the very best home security system for the inside of your home, you also need some cameras on the outside. The Video Doorbell is a great addition to your smart home. It will keep you safe and allow you to always know who is at your door.

This smart Video Doorbell will provide you with instant alerts to your tablet, smartphone or PC. If the doorbell is pressed or the motion sensor is triggered, the free Video Doorbell app will enable you to see and speak to your visitors, even if you are away from home.

As one of the Best Smart Doorbell manufacturers, Video Doorbell have established themselves as leading designers of home security systems. This experience has helped Video Doorbell to create this Video Doorbell, which is simple to install, affordable and reliable.

Video Doorbell

Introducing the Video Doorbell

It is likely that the first thing you will notice about the Video Doorbell is its sleek design, which is available in gold, silver or black. The modern style is enhanced by the simple button and small camera lens, which are designed to go unnoticed by visitors which interact with the doorbell.

The durable doorbell measures 12.65cm x 6.17cm x 2.21cm so can be easily located on a wall or thick doorframe. It is ideal for monitoring visitors to your home, especially if you are away for a number of hours each day. The built-in sensor will alert you to parcel deliveries and even unwanted intruders.

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Video Doorbell Review

The installation and setup process of the doorbell is very simple. Firstly, you will need to download the free Video Doorbell app to your iOS, Mac or Android device. You will need to create a Video Doorbell account; the app will then provide you with a series of instructions to guide you through the installation process. It is possible to create multiple Video Doorbell accounts which link to a single device, which is ideal for households with many people who need to be able to monitor the front door.

The design is larger than an average doorbell, but this ensures there is space for a long-life battery, which is ideal if you want to use the device without connecting it to a circuit. If you have an existing doorbell, the original wiring from a standard 8-24 VAC bell will quickly connect to the Video Doorbell. Although, if you install the device in battery-powered mode, it can be conveniently charged using a USB charging cable. In fact, a full charge will last between 6 months and 1 year, depending on the level of use.

The mounting plate is designed to attach to the wall using the included hardware. The main section will latch on to the mounting plate using four small hooks, which are then tightened using two undermounted barrel screws. The doorbell is designed to be installed in less than 30 minutes, so you will soon benefit from its great features.

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Benefits of Video Doorbell Cameras

The peephole shows a bird’s eye view of what’s on the other side of your door. Video doorbells have one goal in mind – your safety. There are many choices for lens, audio, and mobile app features. Regardless of which one works best for you, there are a few common benefits that you’ll notice almost immediately:

  • Better outside views. No more squinting through the peephole and asking who’s on the other side. With doorbell cameras, you’ll be able to look before responding to the door using your mobile app. And if you’re uncomfortable answering, most video doorbell cameras will allow you to record the activity or snap a photo to review later.
  • A smarter home. Technology is taking smart homes to a new level with more control. Most video doorbells connect with other smart home devices such as Alexa or smart locks to conveniently control your home through an app, voice commands, or built-in control panel for ease.
  • Added home security. With built-in cameras and microphones, you’ll always know exactly who was at your home and when. With a few simple extra security measures, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing who’s at your home even when you’re not.

How does the Video Doorbell work?

Once installed, the Video Doorbell is very easy to use. Your guests will find this smart doorbell as easy to use as a standard doorbell. When they press the button, the device will play a threetoned chime, with a blue light rotating around the edge of the button.

If a visitor presses the button or triggers the motion sensor. The app will send a notification to your phone or smart device. This will start a video call, which allows you to have a two-way conversation with the visitor. The crystal clear 720HD video with built-in noise cancellation will allow you to have a high-quality conversation, even when you are away from the home.

Video Doorbell Review Online

When responding to a notification you will have an option to accept the call or decline the call. Although you will still be able to view the visitor through the wide-angle doorbell lens. If you choose to decline the visitor’s call, they will not be notified. In fact, the Video Doorbell includes night vision which will enable you to monitor your door during the night.

There are a few settings to tweak which will enable you to tailor the doorbell to your specific requirements. For example, you may want to reduce the sensitivity of the motion tracker if there is another nearby door. The doorbell is able to function at a distance of up to 30 feet. Provides a generous 180-degree field of view, which can be too sensitive for some front doors. Simply open the ‘My Devices’ option within the app and choose the ‘Motion Settings’ section.

Video Doorbell Review Online

The free app is quick and easy to use, with a variety of features available at the touch of a button. For example, you can check the remaining battery charge, add multiple users or even change the chime notification. Video Doorbell have also provided a variety of useful functions, such as being able to sort the recent activity and save specific recordings using the ‘star’ function.

  • Around the clock monitoring of your front door – The camera lens and built-in motion sensor will monitor everything from visitors to your home to potential burglars.
  • Monitor your home from anywhere with a WiFi connection – The doorbell is designed to link to your device or PC wherever you are.
  • Hardwired or battery powered – This new smart doorbell can be hardwired to your existing standard 8-24 VAC circuit or powered. Using the rechargeable battery-powered mode.
  • High-quality video calls – The wide-angle doorbell lens will enable you to interact with your visitors through a high-quality 720HD video call with built-in noise cancellation.
  • A quick installation – The box includes everything you need to install the doorbell in less than 30 minutes. Thanks to the convenient mounting plate design.
  • Bespoke settings to suit your own requirements – It is possible to tailor the Video DoorBell to suit your individual requirements. Using a variety of settings available within the app including motion settings and notification controls.

Video Doorbell Feature

  • Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance, No Wiring Needed
  • HD Video Quality, Answer Your Door & Watch at Any Time and From Anywhere
  • Long Lasting Battery Life, 8-12 Months Use on a Single Charge
  • Compatible with IOS and Android SmartPhones
  • Smart Security Motion Detection Alert Your Phone if Someone Hovers Around Your House
  • Two-way Audio With Noise Cancellation. See, Hear & Speak to Anyone at Your Door

Conclusion: Is the Video Doorbell worth it?

The Video Doorbell will help you keep in touch with visitors, while also improving home security. The box includes everything you need to install the doorbell. Such as a mounting bracket, diode, security sticker, user manual, USB charging cable. Also the necessary installation tools including a screwdriver and small drill bit.

With so many useful features available at such an affordable price. We believe the Video Doorbell provides a simple, efficient and low-maintenance way to protect and monitor your home.

Video Doorbell Review

How can I buy the Video Doorbell?

The Video Doorbell is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

Special Offer$99$198 available online only and while supplies last.

Best Doorbell Camera Buying Guide

With an increasing number of crimes, buying doorbell camera. Become the need of the hour as it allows you to interact with the person standing. Next to your door without even opening the door. That way it provides great safety.

Not only that, it can be used for some reasons like parents may use it. So that their children don’t have to open the door when a stranger is at the door or people may use it. To see if their package has ever arrived when they are not at home.

Though you buy it or not, one day you will face the necessity of doorbell camera. Buying one is not an easy task. You need to pay attention to several factors. We have listed them down and explained how these things play an important role while buying the best doorbell camera.

Video Doorbell FAQs

Can the ring doorbell be hacked?

Security researchers have found that data streams from Amazon-Owned Ring doorbell’s app can be easily compromised.

Which is better blink or ring?

Blink is known for its two technologically advanced cameras, while Ring is most commonly known for its video doorbell viewer with two-way communication. Between these two security systems, our favorite is Ring. Ring and Blink are camera-based, home security systems.

What is a video doorbell?

Video doorbells are the latest advancements in home security, combining technology and the traditional doorbell for a more safe and secure home. Using the camera provider’s mobile app, you’ll be notified that someone’s at your door when someone rings the doorbell or if motion is detected. Depending on the doorbell you chose, you’ll have the option to send a pre-recorded message, video chat or record the activity to view later. Video doorbells connect to other smart home devices and are designed to provide both control and convenience while improving home safety

What camera quality should I expect from a video doorbell?

One of the purposes of the doorbell camera is to provide a better view of your doorstep without squinting through a peephole, since most video doorbell cameras offer superior quality. Most popular video doorbells offer a 1080p high definition (HD) video for a clear view – just as good as high-tech TVs.

What audio feature is best for a video doorbell?

The best feature for a video doorbell is two-way audio to easily chat with the visiting guest. But, most importantly, you’ll need a doorbell that can block background noise. Invest in a video doorbell that has a noise-canceling pixel to clearly hear visitors regardless of wind or the lawn mower.

What field of view is best for a video doorbell?

The field of view lens shows a wider range of your visitor and their surroundings. If you have an unexpected visitor, chances are you may want to see the car they drove or if they brought anything with them. This lens does just that. You’ll want to aim for the highest field of view lens possible for your doorbell. The best video doorbells often have a lens of 160 degrees or higher of the best view.

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