Why KeySmart is the Best Gift For Your Wife?

Whenever your wife looks into her purse, she finds so many keys scattered around, along with the house keys, the office locker key, the car key, your luggage key (whenever you are on tour), etc. Thus, make her life easy with Keysmart. We are in search of the keychain that can hold 3-5 keys together, whereas some people like to keep them separate. But finding a specific key from the bag creates a clutter. So here is the unique product that will sort all these issues and anyone can avoid all these chaos and clutter easily. Read the article on this amazing product and know-how KeySmart solves all the key issues!

What is KeySmart?

Key Smart is a smart accessory that holds all the keys in one place. This product is mainly for those individuals who carry many keys or for those who constantly need keys during work. It creates easy storage, without misplacing the keys, and also prevents unwanted chaos and clusters. It holds approximately six keys and even more. Keysmart is designed in the “S” shape alphabet. It resembles somewhat like a knife of the Swiss Army and it is very fascinating. Key Smart has plenty of space so at a given time it can hold up to 14 keys.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Key Smart  design is patent as because it is uniquely designed
  • it is designed with the aircraft-grade
  • it is light weighted, resistant, and durable
  • key smart has a fee loop in which you can attach your house or car key
  • at a time it can approximately hold 10- 15keys
  • it is simple and easy to use
  • many other accessories are there with it
  • high discounts are available
  • find the specific key is tough sometimes
  • in case there is any default in the device, then you need to dispatch on your own
  • 15% restocking is deducted

Why is KeySmart the best gift for your wife?

It is made for those persons who need plenty of keys during travel. It is also an excellent product for those who need to keep the data of important keys. This is even useful for school/college teachers as they also have different keys such as cabinets, offices, classrooms, car keys, house keys, and much more. It is also used by other people like police officers, security guards, janitors, or those who need different keys in the workplace.

Also, those people who have many vehicles and rental properties especially need this product for preventing the misplacing of keys. It is designed so perfectly that it protects your keys from falling as there is the outer shell and also prevents the damage of other material.

If your wife always gets confused with so many keys, then KeySmart is the best solution and gift her this to make her life easy!

Features of KeySmart that makes you more Organised

Key Smart has many exceptional and incredible features:


Key Smart has a unique and stylish design and it is in the shape of the “S” alphabet. Its design is also patented. At a time it can hold above ten keys and still it’s not bulky. When you use it, you neither find your keys hanging nor you will hear its noise too.

Premium Material
KeySmart's Return Policy

Key Smart is made from the premium and top quality material which makes it durable. Stainless steel and Aircraft aluminum is used in it that makes it light weighted. It can withstand all wear and tear of daily life. As the device holds fourteen keys and never makes you feel heavy.


Key smart is a functional device. You can attach many other tools with it such as the pocket clip, torchlight, bottle opener, flash drive, and so on. It is used for multiple functions. 


It is available in different shades such as pink, green, black, blue, yellow, red, grey, purple. Customers can engrave initial things or their name on it.


It can hold the key of any size. Even the heavy key can also fit in it. It has a loop in which you can attach your house or car keys.

Tips for using KeySmart

KeySmart could handle shorter keys for a storage unit, like those that users need. People can add the key to this gadget if you have to travel in the future or store things away from home.

How can people able to use KeySmart?

While some individuals have only one or two keys they hold daily, the average individual carries at least three and up to four keys. Customers can keep any key that you need with KeySmart and have some room remaining.

KeySmart is a platform for professional and personal purposes that individuals can utilize. 

How to Use KeySmart to Add Keys?

  • Peel away KeySmart nuts that can be accomplished with a screwdriver or penny screwdriver.
  • Arrange the keys between the shortest and the longest
  • On one of the posts, position the most concise key
  • On top of that key, add an extender
  • Moving to the other end and inserting the next key
  • Repeat the same process until the KeySmart has all your keys on it.
  • Set back the peak of the case on the KeySmart
  • With the gasket pointed down, add the screws and secure them.

While the manufacturers of KeySmart do not provide manuals in the box, they include a simple video people can watch online.

Who can have this?

KeySmart is designed for all those who hold several keys and are tired of the issues of this.

This gives you room for cars, trucks, storage units, and more with the keys required. Others who will take advantage of KeySmart involve:

  • Teachers
  • Managers
  • Security guards
  • Janitors

Why buy KeySmart?

For all keys, satisfactory decision

It’s an excellent reference for anyone who needs keys at work and in their personal lives, as KeySmart can manage all forms of keys. It can not only handle the individual keys need for cars and houses, But it can also carry the longer foreign keys that may have and any smaller one’s buyer has.

Plenty of Accessories

Individual can see clearly with the addition of a nano-light and leave the torch at home. The bottle’s opener is identical to those used on the knives of the Swiss army and, therefore, can unlock any bottle. The client also can add a flash drive, fast disconnect / connect or pocket clip and pay the extra to update to a more robust titanium KeySmart.

Assembling Tips for the KeySmart
  • Begin with keys that are shorter and thinnest
  • Aim to rearrange the location of keys on each post
  • After attaching the keys, add any accessories that the individual want to
  • To keep track of them, keep the screws in a secure place.
  • IF you do not have a small screwdriver, use a penny to loosen the screws.
Compact Architecture

The KeySmart is also compact sufficiently at less than 0.3 ounces that individuals can hold it in the pocket or throw it in the purse without thinking about the additional weight.

Strong Guarantee

After the purchase date, the warranty lasts for a complete two years. This guarantee does not ask anyone to go online and register the KeySmart either, unlike other items.

Metal in Aircraft

KeySmart uses the stainless steel and aluminum used in military aircraft production. That guarantees that everything can stand up to the metal.

KeySmart Additional Accessories

Flash drive 

This flash drive contains 16 GB of storage, which, about documents and huge files that use various formats, is enough to hold hundreds of images and videos.

Nano Light

As the buyer clicks a button, this light emits a potent beam and can penetrate the entire area around.

Bottle Opener

This bottle opener comes out and uses a reliable form of metal without scratching the glass or plastic, which can unlock any bottle.

Quick Disconnect/Connect

Users might find that they need to grab the keys in a rush and that individually doesn’t want to pause valuable seconds for them to scroll through. That is why the accessory for fast disconnect / connect is so beneficial. It’s indeed easy to use this steel attachment.

Pocket Clip

It makes sure that when individuals run around the house or hike a familiar trail, the KeySmart may not slip out.

Titanium Upgrade

With a titanium upgrade too, the brand new KeySmart is open. This update helps to take the KeySmart gadget as quickly to the beach or through the jungle as the client would take it on a downtown street and around jobs.

Premium Key Holder EM Compact

The keys are uniformly positioned between two posts and have a sturdy metal frame and case. The minimalist style makes it simple to find the key clients want and cuts down on the room clients need to hold it.

Tile with KeySmart pro

The most significant difference between the two tools is that Tile, a monitoring tool that will protect you from losing your keys, comes with this one. The buyer needs to download an app to a phone or a comparable computer to use Tile. The client can see your missing keys on a GPS map with this app.

How to purchase KeySmart?

  • The buyer needs to click on the connexion to position your order for the KeySmart.
  • Look at the prices for the individual gadgets and packages for bundles
  • Decide that buyer wants to purchase and press the “Pick” button in bright orange.
  • Tap on the desired color for the picture.
  • Add any of the optional accessories you would like to have for each KeySmart
  • To see the number, hit the green” Order “button
  • Now, an individual can pay


It is a very useful and important device for those who hold plenty of keys. Buy it once and get rid of all key issues. Make your life more organised with KeySmart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase Key Smart?

The price of Key Smart is $19.99. Handling and shipping are also charged. If you buy in bulk then you will get great deals:
-if you buy two devices, then one device will be free and costs $13.333
-if you buy three devices, then two devices will be free and costs $11.99
-if you buy four devices, then three devices will be free and costs $11.42

Return Policy of KeySmart

If you find any problem with the device then you can return it within 21 days. They will deduct restocking of 15%. This process generally takes approximately two weeks.

 How many keys it can hold

It can hold approximately 14 keys at a time.

Where to purchase Key Smart?

You can purchase it from the official website of Key Smart for getting high benefits.