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WrapSlice Review 2022 – Best WrapSlice Wrapping Cutter

The WrapSlice wrapping paper cutter is my little secret to cut paper faster this Christmas. It’s one of the only things that’s helping me get through the holiday chaos. I don’t know about you, but no matter how hard I try, I always seem to be doing everything last minute. Whether it’s shopping, baking, or getting my holiday greeting cards sent out, I’m always running out the clock. But this year, I’m using It to help me wrap gifts on time.

WrapSlice Review 2021

What Is WrapSlice?

When wrapping presents, most people still find it very difficult to do so, even if they have the necessary dexterity. The real problem, however, does not even arise during the wrapping itself, but already when cutting the paper from the roll. Most of them are so unwieldy that one does not cut off straight or has to note torn off corners. And one should be honest: With an unsightly cut off paper, one does not like to work on the packaging either.

To avoid this, there is the Wrap Slice, which you put on one end of the roll and simply pull it to the other side. This not only creates a straight cut, but it also prevents torn edges.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Wrap Slice?


  • Simple to Use.
  • No more torn edges.
  • Neatly cut gift wrapping paper.
  • High-grade finishing.
  • Maintain distance from excess of waste.


  • Limited stock has left.

With this product you can beautiful gift can be packed and it is very easy.
The wrapping paper is cut in a very simple way and children can use it without any tension.

How does WrapSlice work?

How does WrapSlice work?

As long as individuals follow three simple steps, they should have no problems with WrapSlice. In particular, one must first pull out the edge of the wrapping paper and place WrapSlice onto the end of the tube. Then, the device needs to be glided down the roll. During this process, one must make sure that the paper is cutting through as well. The process finally comes to an end when WrapSlice slides right off of the opposite end.

How to Use WrapSlice?


Pull out the edge of the wrapping paper. Place WrapSlice onto the end of the tube.


Ensure the blade catches the edge of the paper. Run the unit across the wrap in one smooth motion.


Continue the cut until WrapSlice slides off the opposite end.

Works on Every Type of Paper

I tried this device on other types of gift wrap and construction paper. For the holidays, my family likes to decorate with homemade decorations, so everyone can contribute something personal. The WrapSlice cuts through all types of gift wrap, construction paper, magazines, and it even worked through cardboard. Although, I do not recommend using it on cardboard because it requires a bit more pressure. This is also not safe because you have less control.

Recommended types of paper to cut:

  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Plastic wrap
  • Parchment paper
  • Construction paper
  • Meat wrapping paper
  • Printer paper

The quality of the blade is sharp enough to use through other material, but I’d suggest only doing so if you really need to and proceeding with caution.

How much does WrapSlice cost?

It is currently offered at distinct price ranges. If individuals go with a bulk purchase, the prices per unit are much lower than buying them one at a time. To be more specific:

Aside from the discounted rates, each purchase is said to be protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, upon arrival, if one has a change of heart, all WrapSlice units need to be shipped to the right address, and a refund will be made out immediately (less S&H, of course). That said, it is important to note that not all requests for refunds will be passed by customer service. 


Is WrapSlice safe to use?

Yes! The WrapSlice doesn’t have any exposed blades, and there are no sharp edges to cut yourself on. It’s 100% safe to use around children!

Is WrapSlice safe to use?

Yes! It doesn’t have any exposed blades, and there are no sharp edges to cut yourself on. It’s 100% safe to use around children!

 I have arthritis – do I need strong hands to use WrapSlice?

Not at all! You simply glide the WrapSlice along your wrapping paper to make your cut. No heavy grip required!

 I’m left-handed. Can I use WrapSlice, too?

Absolutely! WrapSlice features a symmetrical design and can be used by both right- and left-handed people!

 I’m kind of a neat freak. Are the cuts that It makes nice and clean-looking?

Without a doubt! The sharp cutting of the WrapSlice creates neat, clean, crisp lines without any of the rough, jagged edges that can result from tearing or using scissors!

 Is the WrapSlice built to last? And is it easy to clean?

Absolutely, to both questions! WrapSlice is made from a washable, waterproof material that will provide you with a lifetime of use under normal circumstances.


As seen above, WrapSlice is a wrapping paper cutting tool that aims to free one of having to deal with poorly cut paper, which further wrecks the appearance of a wrapped gift. Interestingly, it is as simple as covering the wrapping paper with the device and gliding it down until there’s nothing left to cut.

The main features worth mentioning here are that its largeness, which support larger rolls, and its blades, which are neither too sharp nor exposed. Currently, many competitors in this industry offer similar tools at a fraction of the cost. However, the slight advantage of It is that it covers past the roll,