X Watch Review: The Only SmartWatch That You Need

What is the talk of the town? An electronic device, buyers are rushing to order online because of its salient features. The innovation is timeless and economical. Similar devices are up for grabs but don’t get confused the XWatch is unique and fits the pocket, priced at less than 100 dollars. Sales are at a high pitch as the 98% rating by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest proves it.

Reliability, user-friendly, performance, and the price are rated at 4.85.

A device to meet all your demands.

What is XWatch?What does it do?

What is XWatch?What does it do?

XWatch is the need of the hour. It’s multi-functional, handy for keeping time, a communicating device, keeping you in touch with loved ones, and updates you with all social media networks at the touch of your wrist. It also doubles up as your health adviser.   

An exceptional watch. A sim card slot is added once synced to your mobile you are in touch with the world at your wrist.

The European start-up is credited for the innovative design and provided its owners with effortless hours of use. In brief, the service is at your fingertip.

Unique Features

Design- It is similar to the Apple watch yet extraordinary. At a glance, you will not differentiate them but the XWatch is of high-grade quality.

Its sleek nature and exquisite looks give you a grand feel. The watch is encased in a strong resistant glass and spruced up with ease. The HD touch screen display attracts the attention of many and exhibits the latest technology that you can be proud of.

Elegant Strap-The XWatch strap is lightweight and very flexible.  The silicone strap is a comfortable fit. The snug fit is highly favored for body workouts and rigorous activity.

Time is lost looking for a misplaced phone now those times can be erased with the X Watch on your wrist. Enjoy your activities with the X Watch as it has drastically improved lives.

Vibrant Colours-The XWatch comes in breathtaking colors. If desired you may match the watch with your wardrobe. 

Is it necessary that you should own one?

Is it necessary that you should own one?

The features displayed by it will leave you hankering for one. Specific qualities of the XWatch are mentioned below:

  • Monitors Health-The watch helps in keeping a check on your daily health and warns you if any distress signals are noticed. You can take early steps to halt an emergency like situation.
  • Enjoy the music- Hear your favorite songs at all times.      
  • Capture photos-Have a fabulous time capturing scenic photos and reliving those moments later. Selfies are an easy option with customized operating systems   
  • Record videos-Videorecording is easily accessible on the device.
  • Make calls and text messages-Be connected to family and friends and message whenever and wherever you are.
  • Draw up plans-Plan your schedule conveniently with your XWatch and rest assured will never be late for your appointments.
  • Activity tracking-Losing count of the kilometers you have walked XWatch tracks all the physical activity done by you. It provides detailed information about your heart rate, sleeping hours, and distance walked by you.
  • Anti-theft XWatch has additional features of an anti-theft, alarm, multiple languages, etc.
  • XWatch an asset for health-check

Special characteristics of the X watch:

1.ECG Technology is a significant feature-Tells you all about the condition of a  healthy heart. Warns you of abnormalities related to poor health. A pictograph diagram is displayed on the touchscreen which helps during multiple visits to your health expert.

2.Pedometer-Curious to know the calories lost while physical training. Sweat no more the pedometer feature informs you of calories burned while a workout is in progress. Long-distance is measured when a long walk or trek is undertaken. Measure your sleep pattern with the watch and change it accordingly for a healthier you. Sleep patterns can be adjusted easily according to the suggestions provided by the device. Information on quality of sleep is essential and very productive. These AI features are an asset to the X Watch.

How does it work? 

It is easily paired with Bluetooth on your phone or you can also use the sim slot inside the phone to connect with and get a headstart daily.

XWatch can be effectively paired with wireless headphones too.

XWatch  Additional Features:

  • Language -It is made compatible with 20 diverse languages.
  • Bluetooth- Consumption is less but speed is enhanced and stable at 4.0.
  • Camera -captures photos at a distance of 10m.
  • Pedometer-improves a sedentary style of living.
  • LCD screen-Attractive and bright light display.
  • Resistant to dust and water-5ATM
  • Battery life-needs to be charged in 3-5 days for an hour over USB.
  • Function Menu-single or one-button menu
  • Reminder-social networking platforms Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. 

Best Suited For Whom?

Best Suited For Whom?

It is designed for men and women who want to make a fashion statement. Health-conscious individuals and persons who do not want to be occupied all day on social media apps can consider purchasing it. XWatch is trending on sites continuously for interested customers who know the value of a watch and realize the watch is feasible and have great technology.

Advantages of the XWatch-

  • It is rightly priced, a strong battery conserves charge, bright touchscreen display, physical fitness tracker, ECG records on your wrist, etc
  • Sports a super ultra-thin design, offers you the best at an affordable price 


  • Excessive online orders only, limited supply available. Customers are rushing to book as it is reasonably priced.  
  • X Watch has a similar appearance to the Apple watch.

Long-lasting batteries

One thing most people like about the XWatch is the ability of its battery to last pretty long when in use. Users get a large amount of operational time between charges with this XWatch. Moreover, the XWatch can last for between 3 to 5 days, depending on its use. Additionally, you only get to charge this Watch for one hour through USB, which is very different from other watches sold out there. It is equipped with a 38omAh battery, which is a sign of the Watch’s premium quality.

Where to buy the XWatch?

It is readily available from the manufacturer at a discount of 50%. Rush to order one at $99 with Free Shipping worldwide. Read Health Fit Smart Watch Review


No longer you need to fumble and search for your phone you can now own a smart-watch that fits dashingly on your slender wrist all day long. Dreaming of having a smartwatch is not bad. The bad thing is if you want it but you can’t afford it.With all the basic features of a smartwatch, the value-for-money, and everything this device has to offer, this thing is king. Create the life that you wanted: be healthy, be vibrant in your work and add value to your world with the help of this amazing device.


How do I activate my smartwatch?

1)Note the last six digits on your smartwatch SIM card.
 2) Insert the SIM into the given slot.
 3)Activate smartwatch at
 4)Receive email activation and follow the given instructions.

How far can a smartwatch be from a phone?

 1)A distance of 10m. or 30f. should be there between the phone and
 2)Bluetooth connectivity can vary according to the environment.

How do I charge my XWatch?

A Lightning bolt should be visible near the percentage of battery charge.

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