XY Find It Review: The Best of the Tracking Devices 2022

Do you always misplace your wallet or key?? Your search is over with this Bluetooth Tracker- XY Find It. Losing things is I guess a common problem everyone is facing. The frustration it causes is to the next level when a person is in a hurry. But now find your misplace things and never lose them again using XY Find It Bluetooth tracker. Read the review to know everything about XY Find It.

Are you tired of losing all your stuff? Are you one of those people who can never find their keys? Don’t be panicked, you are not alone in this case. This unpleasant situation is a constant that one must overcome almost daily when memory frequently fails us. This is why today I share my experience with the XY Find It. This device will help me to save time, money help to find out my missing belongings.

There are so many finders and tracker devices available on the internet these days, this seems like a common problem. If you constantly lose your belongings and spend dozens of hours each week simply looking for them, we have the perfect solution for you, the XY Find It. This device is going to save you so much time and resources you might end up buying and attaching one to everything you own. Wallets, keys, your pets, and anything in between, XY Find It will help you find it

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What is XY4+ or Xy Find It?

XY Find It is a Bluetooth tracking device, which when attaching to your thing keep a stern eye and never makes them lose again. Don’t confuse Bluetooth tracker with GPS tracker which also tracks the moving things.

Your search for misplaced things is over with this small-sized Bluetooth tracker. Tracker is made of synthetic durable material and comes in various color which makes the identification easy. It works well the things you require every day such as keys, wallets, and phones.

XY Find It Review

XY Find It is a Bluetooth-powered location device you can attach to a variety of items so that, in the event that you lose them, the device can help you locate it via trackable signal and sound.

XY Find It is one of the several modern tracker devices you can find (pun not intended) on the market nowadays that takes advantage of the technological advancements. The device does an excellent job of keeping tabs and locating your belongings. Primarily using Bluetooth connectivity, it means that the tracker is small enough to fit on most items, has low energy consumption and no additional fees are charged after you purchase the product.

Losing your keys, wallets, and other items way too often? The XY Find It has you covered. Smaller items like keys are really important and losing them is not so difficult. The effort you might put into finding lost items could cost you a lot of time, with no guarantee of even finding it. We know, it is quite stressful and annoying to lose such items. With XY Find It, you will never have that problem again.

The XY Find It is a modern tracker that helps you locate your belongings. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to keep track of items that you might otherwise lose. It is a small device that can fit into most items, has negligible energy consumptions, with no additional costs. So, if you are clunky and lose things often, the XY Find It is going to be a life and time-saver for you.

XY4+ is a whole new unique innovation for finding misplaced items. It is a Bluetooth device finder that works best as its purpose for tracking devices. However, do not mistake it for GPS tracking devices that track and find even moving objects.

The XY4+ is easily attachable to any item and not only is the hexagonal shape of the device more stylish than other tracking devices on the market, but the XY4+ boasts more features:  

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Everything You Need to Know about XY Find It – A Thorough and Reliable Review

Key Features Of The XY Find It

  • Loud Alarm: The 112 decibels alarm is almost four times as strong as its competitors. You will have no issues hearing it when you are looking for a missing, or misplaced item.An Extra Loud Alarm (112 Decibels): An Extra Loud Alarm (112 Decibels)When compared to the competition, the XY4+ is 4x louder! It lets you hear the beeps from further away and find things more easily.
  • Range: The XY Find It has a few models to choose from, each with a greater range and newer technologies added to them. Ideally, the lowest XY Find It model has a range of 100 feet, with the highest-ranking model increasing this range to about 300 feet.
  • Super Long Battery Life (5 Years): You definitely won’t need to worry about replacing the battery any time soon when choosing the XY4+.
  • Find Your Phone Feature : The XY4+ works in reverse, letting you find your phone as well as other devices.
  • Change The Battery: Some devices wear out and force you to buy a replacement, but the XY4+ comes with a replaceable battery, so you won’t need to buy another device.
  • ‘KeepNear™ Feature: The super-smart KeepNear feature alerts you when you’re getting far away from your items, so you’ll never even lose them in the first place.
  • Crowd GPS: If you ever lose the tracker, activate the crowd GPS feature and get millions of other XY4+ users looking out for your device to help you recover it.
  • FREE Subscription (No Fees At All): With the XY4+, you’ll only have to pay the initial cost of the device itself, with no extra fees to think about.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The XY4+ easily pairs up with your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection.
  • 60 Day Guarantee With Full Refunds: You get two whole months (60 days) to test out the XY4+ after buying it. If you aren’t happy, you can return the device for a full refund.
  • 2 Year Protection: Not only do you get a 60-day trial, but you’ll also get a 2-year warranty, with free repairs or replacements if your device suffers a fault or failure.
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Some Other Features of XY Find It

Track the tracker itself

We above discussed that tracker helps to locate your misplace things right? But what will happen if you misplace your tracker? Don’t worry this tracker has a solution for this too. On the mobile XY Find It app tap the ‘Find’ button. After tapping it will start making sounds like a song. From that, you can easily locate the tracker even if it is 300 feet below you. The only condition for this is that you have to be in the vicinity of the tracker.

Vice-Versa Tracking

The XY Find It tracker works in reverse too. In this case, you know where your tracker is but you don’t know where your phone is. Without the phone, you can’t access the app hence the location of anything can’t be known. But this tracker will help you find your phone also. At top of the tracker, there is a button, activate that button. On activation, your phone will start to ring, can locate the phone easily then.

Tracking Memory

This Bluetooth tracker logs every possible movement of the tracker and stored it. So if at any point of time you are not able to find the tracker, from logs you can get the last position of the tracker. The main thing to note here is, the tracker is working even if the app is not working. This means it will store all the information about the tracker offline also.

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How Does XY Find It Work?

Locating your things work in several different ways. Within the range of Bluetooth, the app shows your proximity to the item you paired using the device. It describes this proximity as different measures of distance, namely, here, very close or very far, each corresponding to where the item really is from your point of reference. If the item is under 3 meters of your position, it shows ‘Here’. If your phone displays ‘Out of Range’, that means the item is out of Bluetooth range. Point to be noted, the devices’ Bluetooth range is around 100 feet. After new models were launched, this range is now increased to around 300 feet.

Bluetooth connectivity is often blocked by walls and if your item is buried under other items. In this case, the audio signal is quite useful. As long as you are within Bluetooth range, you can easily activate an audio alarm using your phone, which will help you locate the item better. The alarm itself is quite loud in the newer models, which makes locating items even easier, and you can also choose what melody, or alarm plays so you can track your item better.

This audio alarm work both ways, imagine losing your phone, but you have the tracker in hand. You can activate the audio alarm on the device to track your phone in that case. It lets you adjust the ringer volume on your phone as well, so even if your mobile is on silent mode, you can still find it using the XY Find It.

The application itself runs in the background and does not require to be opened to use. The only thing you need is an active Bluetooth connection. With that any and all items you pair with the XY Find It, will be right within your reach and never to be lost again.

How to Use XY Find It?

The device is incredibly useful in times you lose your belongings under a pile of laundry or under the bed. This will save you a tremendous amount of time you would otherwise spend on looking for your things with no guarantee of finding them. XY Find It will make sure you can find you items almost instantly, given it is still around and you did not drop it on the other side of town. Here is how to use the XY Find It.

  1. Purchase the XY Find It and attach it to the item you apparently keep misplacing
  2. Download the free to use the official app on your mobile device (available for both Android and iPhone users)
  3. Setup your personal account
  4. Hit the “+” button to connect a XY Find It device to the application (You can add multiple XY devices to the same application)
  5. Using Bluetooth, connect the device and your mobile phone.
  6. Tap “Claim your XY #” to start pairing
  7. Listen out for a beep on the device that lets you know the pairing is complete
  8. Let the application and the device set up their connection
  9. Assign a name for the item you paired with the XY Find It.
  10. Test track your newly added item to make sure it works as desired

Done! You have now successfully added an item to the list of things you can now easily find using the XY Find It.

To add more items, simply purchase another XY Find It, attach to another item you wish to keep safe and repeat this process after step number 3.

  • Whatever thing you want to track, attach it with the tracker and place it in a bag.
  • Download the app on the phone and pair it with the Bluetooth tracker.
  • Open up the app once it gets install and make a free account on the app.
  • For the pairing process, in the app, you need to click on the “+” button and then click on the “Claim your XY” option.
  • After pairing successfully you can add name or picture of the things you want to track.

The moment your item crosses paths with an XY Find It user, their application will instantly send a notification to you with the exact location of your item along. Isn’t it amazing?

Attach the XY4+ tracking devices to your items.

Download the official app to your Android or iOS smartphone.

Set up your account.

Enable your smartphones Bluetooth.

Open your account in the app and tap on the “+” icon.

To begin pairing the tracker and your phone tap the “Claim Your XY#” option.

Press the XY button on the corner of the tracker. Once the pairing is complete the device will beep.

Once your devices are paired you can name the tagged item and attach a picture of the item in the app. Pictures are useful when using the Crowd GPS feature. You also have the option to update these pictures as you change your tagged items.

To find a lost item, open the app and tap the “Find” option.

Your XY4+ tag will instantly start beeping and you can follow the sound to your lost valuable.

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Uses For The XY4+ Device

The uses for the XY4+ are limited only to your imagination and creativity. The XY4+ has been proven to be perfect for keeping track of all your possessions including your:

  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Laptop
  • Luggage
  • Smartphone
  • Handbag
  • Purse

How To Set Up

As soon as you connect the XY Find It to the object or item you want to track, you want to download the official app on your mobile device. After that is done, simply connect the tracker and your phone using Bluetooth and you are good to go. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices, not to mention free of all costs. It only takes a few minutes to set up the application and start tracking your everyday items.

To set up, download and open the app, create your personal account, and press the ‘+’ button on the menu. After that, tap the “Claim your XY #” and start the pairing after hitting the XY button. The device beeps to let you know the pairing is in progress, once done, you can now assign a name for the item you just paired. And that is all, you have now successfully paired the item to the XY Find It app and will now track it constantly, so that you never lose it again.

How to Set Up XY Find It Tracker Device on Apple Devices?

  • If your iPhone device does not have the XY Find It app yet, you can download it by opening your App Store and search for the app and click “Get.” It is important for you to know that if you are utilizing your Apple iPad, upon looking for the app on the search bar, there is a drop-down menu that will be flashed. Click it and tap the “iPad Only” button that is located in the left area and turn it into “iPhone Only.” After that, repeat the process; search the app on the search bar. When the search results appear, hit the “Get” button. Similar to Android devices, before you proceed to the second step, you need to ensure that your Location and Bluetooth services are working.
  • After downloading the app, tap “OPEN.” Again, if there is a pop-up asking for you to allow or deny the app to access your device’s services, press ALLOW.
  • Similar to the third step of setting up the XY Find It app on Androids, if you don’t have an account on XY Find It yet, click JOIN.
  • Provide all the information needed and ensure that all the spellings and details are correct before you tap the “JOIN” button. After joining, you will be presented with a map that shows you your location in a blue-colored dot.
  • After that, click the “+” icon that you can find in the right area of your phone’s screen.
  • Click for XY4
  • Upon pressing and holding the logo icon of XY that you can find on the XY Finder, it will create a beeping sound. After that, the screen will start to load and provide you with a new screen.
  • Click the “What will you attach XY to?” pop up and give the name of your preferred object. You might consider your keys, wallets, or pets to find by your item tracker.
  • After that, you can go to your Camera icon and get your object’s image. Click ALLOW if a pop-up still appears asking for the XY Find It app to access your media files and camera.
  • The next step is to click the checkmark icon that is placed at the topmost right area of the app if you want to save the details you enter on the XY Find it, tracker.
  • The name of the object, along with its image, will be flashed at the bottom area of the screen. The location of the object will also be flashed on the map. After that, the tracker device is now ready to be used.
  • When it comes to testing your XY Finder device, you can click the object’s photo and click FIND IT. As a result, your tracker device will beep. To stop the sound, click STOP. On the other hand, if you are going to press the button XY on the device, your phone will start to rung. On the app, tap FOUND IT to stop the sound.

How to Set Up XY Find it on Android Phones?

  • The first thing that you should do is to get the app of XY Find it at your Play Store. To do this, open your Play Store application and look for the XY Find It app. After showing the search results, tap the button for installation. But, before you proceed to the next step, ensure that the Location and Bluetooth functions of your phone are currently running.
  • When you finish downloading the app, click the “Open” button. If there is a pop-up asking for you to allow or deny the XY Find It app to access the location services of your phone, click the “Allow” button.
  • If you don’t have your account on XY Find it yet, click the “Join” button that is located at the left bottom area of your phone.
  • Sign up the information asked and ensure that all of your written details are spelled correctly. Upon signing, click the “Join” button that is flashed at the bottom area of your phone’s screen.
  • After the fourth step, you will see a map on your screen that consists of your current location. Your location is being represented by a blue-colored dot. Click the button of “+” that you can find in the right area of your phone’s screen.
  • The next thing that you should do is to click the button for “Claim Your XY4.”
  • After that, press and hold the logo button of XY on the app until your tracker device creates a sound. After that, the app will confirm that the finder has been detected (Finder Detected) that will be flashed at the bottom part of the screen.
  • The next thing that you will see is the “What will you attach XY to?” pop-up. After that, sign up the name of your preferred object. Take wallet and keys as your example.
  • After entering the name of the object, tap your Camera icon, and capture the image of the object. Again, if there is a pop-up asking you to allow or deny the XY Find It app in using your media files or camera, tap the “Allow” button.
  • When you think that your XY Finder is complete and ready to save, click the “Save” button. Take note that both the name and the photo of the object will be flashed at the bottom area of your phone’s screen. Aside from that, your location service will provide you with a map. After that, you can now utilize your XY Find It device in finding your misplaced or lost items.
  • If you want to check your tracker device if it is working correctly, click the object’s image and tap the “Find It” button which is located at the right bottom area of the screen. After that, your XY Finder will create a beeping sound. To stop it, click the button for “Stop.” If you are going to press the XY button that your XY Find IT device features, it will also automatically beep your phone. To stop ringing, you can press the volume button of your mobile phone or the FOUND It button of the app.

XY Find It & XY4+ User Manual – AndroidDownload It

Finding my Things

Assuming the XY Find It tag is attached to your keys, as long as you are within Bluetooth range the XY Find It app can show you a hint as to how close your lost keys are.

It has four hint ranges; “SEARCHING”, “FAR”, “NEAR” or “HERE”, where the difference between each was about 10 feet when testing in my home. “HERE” put me within 3-5 feet of visual contact, assuming the keys weren’t buried under something.  If the XY Find It phone app can make a Bluetooth connection with the XY Find It tag, you can trigger the tune to help hone in on it.

With the XY Find It, Version 3, the tune is loud enough to be heard from 20 to 30 feet, in a quiet environment. (Earlier versions were not nearly as loud.) Still, I doubt it would be loud enough to be heard in a noisy restaurant.

KeepNear Notifications

The KeepNear function is there to help remind you not to leave your keys in the coffee shop.

With the KeepNear setting On, a banner will display should you accidently walk away from your XY Find It tag.  In my testing, I was only able to trigger this notification when the XY Find It app was open. Opening the app after walking away from my XY tag was only able to provide me with the Last Known Location.  If the XY app was open when I walked away, the notification displayed, but with no sound or vibration. Under normal circumstances, I’d probably notice the misplaced keys before I noticed the XY notification.  In my test, the KeepNear notification banner did not display until 28 minutes after I left my keys behind.

The Internet of Things

Many of the finder/tracker solutions have the ability to join a community of people to help find lost things.  For that to work, there must be a significant population with your particular finder/tracker.  XY Find It does not yet have enough XY Find It devices in the semi-rural area of California where I live for this to be useful.  You can view a map of the XY Find It community devices in the area in the XY app. At one point, I did see an XY Find It device passing through my area on the major north-south highway through town. I haven’t seen one since.

Battery Life

The effect on the battery life of my iPhone for any new gadget or app attached is always a concern. I’ve had some gadgets and apps that eat my battery in no time at all. This is not a reasonable trade off – not even for world peace (well, OK, for that.) An earlier version of the XY Find It was a battery hog, but either they’ve addressed that in the Version 3 or my recently acquired iPhone 7 handles battery use better. In any case, heavy use and testing of the XY Find It over several hours had little effect on my phone battery.

The XY Find It, Version 3, works reasonably well for tagged items lost at home or in the car. The calling tune is loud enough to be useful and the map function and “you’re getting warmer” hints make searching for the lost items more efficient.

XY Find It Pricing, Return Policy and Warranty

At the time of publishing, XY Find It offered the XY4+ at three different price points:

  • 1 tracker: $39.99 ($5.99 shipping)
  • 5 trackers: $119.97 (free shipping)
  • 8 trackers: $159.96 (free shipping)

Is Xy Find It a scam?

Xy Find It comes with the latest tracking Bluetooth and GPS technology that find out objects from up to 300 feet distance. By tagging valuables like keys, toolbox, phones, etc. I can locate the, quickly. Its crowdsourced network allows to see my connected object it in the map. When I press the FIND IT button, it started beeping and the sound is louder than other security devices. Its battery is very powerful and the company claimed that it could last more than 5 years and it is replaceable if need. With a simple, it can be used and controlled easily from all smartphones. Overall, it is not a scam and it is worth the investment.

Is there a Warranty or Money Back Guarantee?

The XY Finder manufacturer provides a 30 days money back guarantee for technical defects. Also, it has 2 years warranty that ensures peace of mind. Its quality is so high that a dissatisfaction refund is also offered. Just as you read it, if you are not satisfied while trying it out, you can return it and they will refund you cash. The warranty and guarantee will be valid from the purchasing date.

If XY4+ is Cost-Efficient, How Much is it?

Xy Find It Cost is Very reasonable amount of only $39.99, you can now enjoy a confident life without worrying about your car keys being lost again. Compared to the value of the items you can risk losing, this affordable key finder is worth the buy.

You only need to pay once when you acquire XY4+. and its battery lasts for 5 years of active use. However, XY4+ is different and you can try it out today.

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Why Should I Get One?

XY Find It gives you the power to track anything and because of its size, you can put it almost anywhere. There’s no monthly fee, it’s easy to set up, and can help you avoid countless hours and stress that come with searching for lost or misplaced items.

The latest XY4+ version of the beacon is sold out in many retail locations, but you can check availability on their official website.

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You can find anything anytime in second using XY Find It. Accessible tracking through the app provides saves you time and free you from all the daily hassle. The tracker is cost-efficient which makes it way to your must-buy list. Grab your XY Find It today and never lose anything again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any subscriptions or monthly fees?

Unlike other devices, the XY4+ by XY Find It has no extra fees or hidden costs! Find your valuables without limits!

Where does XY Find It work? Can I use it in any country?

Absolutely! The XY Find It App and XY4+ devices work all over the world, and with over 1,000,000 devices in the XY Find It Crowd GPS Network, you’ll find your lost items in no time!

How strong is XY4+ against weather & other bad conditions?

XY4+ is rugged & versatile – making it extremely strong. The device is also water resistant and extremely durable in all conditions.

Does each XY4+ come individually packaged for easy gifting?

Yes, rest assured that if you purchase more than one XY4+, they will all be shipped individually packaged, making it very easy to gift. Take advantage of our large bundles and get all of your gift shopping done in one shot!

Does X4+ come in multiple colors?

Yes! XY4+ comes in a color for everyone – Silver, Black, Blue, Purple, and Red.

How does XY4+ help me find my phone?

The XY4+ device has a small button that when pressed will ring your connected phone – even on silent mode!

Is there a Warranty or Money Back Guarantee? What is the return policy?

Each XY4+ device includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee plus you get peace of mind with a 2 Year Warranty!

Will I have to pay any additional customs, duties or VAT fees when I receive my order?

Depending on your country, it is possible that you will be charged one or more of these fees when you receive your order.

How long does delivery take to countries outside of the U.S.?

We ship orders out FAST, but we can’t control carrier transit times. For orders outside the USA, please allow 7-12 business days for your order to arrive. Delivery times will vary based on country.

What’s the range of XY Find It?

You can expect between 100 and 150 ft range, and that is the number the company stands behind.

Is XY Find It Waterproof?

XY Finders are both water and weather resistant, but we don’t recommend you submerge them thoroughly in water. If you submerge them fully in water or snow, the effective range will decrease dramatically.

Can I take my XY Finder through airport security?

Considering that it is a simple Bluetooth device you will not have any problems traveling with it.