BarXStop Review: Stop Your Dog Barking

Dogs have been known as ‘Man’s Best friend’ as they are loyal and loving creatures. Every dog owner understands his dog by its barking. Dogs bark to communicate with the owner. But sometimes barking of the dog gets to the head of the owner and excessive barking is irritating for neighbors as well. The solution to it is BarXStop- Anti Barking Device that will help you control the aggression of the dog.

Does your neighbor complaints you regarding the barking of your dog? Are you tired looking for an Anti Barking Device? Your search is over, BarXStop- Anti Barking Device is here for your rescue. This Ultrasonic device helps to reduce the barking of dogs with no harm to the dog.

What is BarXStop – Anti Barking Device?


BarXstop is a professional device that uses ultrasonic sound to clam the dog. These High-pitched tones cause no harm to the ear of the dog and it is inaudible to the humans. BarXStop is a happy buy for the dog owner to calm your dog and this is pure harmless to the dog.

This BarXStop works with the touch of a button that delivers high pitched sounds to the dog. Ultrasonic sounds can be reached up to a distance of 50 feet. It also comes with the manual of instructions that will guide you about the product.

Benefits of BarXstop

Here are the top benefits of BarXstop: –

  • BarXstop helps train the dog so that it does not bark unnecessarily. You can train the dog to bark only when needed and not always. When the barking is not incessant, the neighbors are also not disturbed, and there will not be any complaints.
  • The ultrasonic sound emitted by the device is inaudible to human ears and audible only to dogs.
  • The device is harmless, and it only causes enough discomfort to distract the dog and get it to stop barking.
  • The device is portable and can be carried anywhere. The pocket-sized device can be used to train your dog outside the house, in the park also.
  • It has an LED mode that can be used both as a flashlight and as a distraction.
  • This device allows the pet owners to train their dogs in a non-violent way.
  • It works on all dog breeds irrespective of their size.

BarXStop Review – How does it work?

BarXStop Ultrasonic dog bark control device works in 3 modes as per the training requires. The three given modes are LED Mode, Training Mode, and Bark Prevention Mode.

1- LED Mode

The LED mode is useful for the dog trainers who go out for a walk with their dogs at night and let them run around. It will act as a visual stimulant for the stubborn dogs who are not just letting you sit in peace.

2- Training Mode

Training Mode is used to train the dog. This mode uses both the LED flashlight and softer ultrasonic frequencies to guide the dog. If you want to stop your dog from doing something. You can just point the device towards him and press the training mode button. It will immediately curb the dog from doing wrong.

3- Bark Prevention Mode

Bark Prevention Mode is for the hot-headed dogs which do not stop barking. In this mode, the frequencies are a bit higher which help the dog to calm down immediately. The range of this mode is 10 meters, so even your dog is running in the yard. You can use the device and make him sit and stop barking.

barxstop Review

Specification of BarXStop- Anti Barking Device

BarXStopTechnical Specifications
Battery9-volt battery
Dimensions12.5 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm
Weight18.1 grams
Range of Output:50 feets
Colors:Black or yellow
Settings3 (LED, training, bark prevention) 
Frequency25 kHz

Features of BarXStop- Ultrasonic Device

The following mention features make the BarXStop pet trainer a special choice for the dog owners

1-Harmless to the dog

The ultrasonic frequencies that are used by the device are completed customized for the dogs. It is completely harmless for the dogs. The frequencies are inaudible to the human ears, hence no harm to them also. It will only stop your dog from misbehaving and excessive barking

2- LED Flashlight

LED flashlight in the device could be used for the night walks. And spotting your dog running in the yard at night. If you point out the light to the dog it will immediately sense. That the owner wants him to stop running. Although you can achieve it through training but once done your dog will sense the actions.

3- Easy to Use and Carry

BarXStop comes with a handy manual that makes it easy to use. The size of the device is so small that you can carry it in your pocket anywhere you want.

4- Applicable to all Breeds

Any dog breed owner can buy this Anti-barking device to calm their dogs. The ultrasonic frequency set is such that it will be heard by all breeds of dogs.

BarXStop- Anti Barking Device is Best suited for whom?

is barxstop safe

Owners who are dealing with the chronic barking of the dogs or their dogs’ bark. When it is not necessary, then this anti-barking device is the sole solution for them. It will help the dog to behave and not to bark for longer periods.

The main USP of this device is doesn’t harm the dog or owner. BarXStop only streamlines the dog to behave in a proper manner. This could be achieved through training. Use this device when your dog barks a lot be it in night or day. Eventually, with the training. He will stop barking when it is not necessary. Learn best anti barking device.

How to Train your Dog using BarXStop?

  • When your dog is not behaving and barking excessively, just go near him. Remember not to yell at as it will make him bark more.
  • Take a position and point the device towards him. Press the button to release the ultrasonic sound.
  • Take a step towards the dog it will calm him down and make him sit.
  • Moment the dog calm down release the button and pat him to ensure safety and love.

Pros of BarXStop – Anti Barking Device

This device has excessively become popular with the dog owners to correct the behavior of the dog. Moreover, this device is 100% harmless to the dog or any other pet nearby. Here are some listed advantages of the device-

  • Portable-Easy to Use
  • Non-Violet Pet Trainer
  • Works well on all breeds
  • Harmless to the dog as well as the owner
  • Different modes for different training.

Cons of BarXStop- Anti Barking Device

With many advantages, the device also posses some cons that are listed below-

  • Only available online means you can’t see the device before purchasing it.
  • The range of the device is set to be 10 meters. Which could be a problem for the owners who have big yards.
  • The device doesn’t differentiate the reason for barking.

BarXStop vs Barxbuddy

Both of these products are anti-barking dog device. On comparing these two, we found that BarXStop is comparatively better than other. Some complaints has been seen around the internet for BarXBuddy. You can go for this without any doubt.


Dealing with a stubborn dog that barks at its own shadow is always a difficult task for the owner. BarXStop has made this task possible and easy. Ultrasonic frequencies release from the device help in effective and safe training of the dog. This makes the BarXStop a must-buy for the dog owners who are dealing with the excessive barking of the dog.

Where to Find the BarXStop 

Barxstop ultrasound anti barking device is being sold online and is available to users in many countries. You can order it online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Below is list of barxstop price in different countries:

BarXStop Prices in Albania

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BarXStop Prices in Andorra

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BarXStop Prices in Angola

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BarXStop Prices in Anguilla

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BarXStop Prices in Argentina

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BarXStop Prices in Australia

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BarXStop Prices in United Kingdom

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BarXStop Prices in Ireland

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BarXStop Prices in South Africa

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the back deterrent device work?

This advanced ultrasound anti bark device helps calm your dog. It works on the principle of ultrasound waves are audible to dogs but not to humans. These waves acts as a barrier when your dog keeps barking unnecessarily. These devices are neither harmful to humans nor your pets.

Can barxstop be used on cats?

Although cats are also receptors of ultrasound waves, the product BarxStop has been designed specifically for dogs. The dogs can be trained by these devices effectively.

How extensive (range) can the ultrasonic method sense/transmit the barking of a neighborhood dog?

This question has been asked several times, and the answer to this question can be found on the product description. Generally the range of this device is 50 feet. Before you take any anti-barking device, make sure it is effective to the boundary stipulated.

What is the best dog barking deterrent device?

BarxStop ultrasonic dog barking deterrent device is quite effective. It has an effective range of up to 50 feet. Some of the alternatives are- WuffStop, DogSafe, PetSafe, Basic Bark Control Collar

How safe is the anti-barking system for my dog?

As much as people have this kind of worry, especially when it comes to the safety of his/her canine friend, you should know that these gadgets were made safe for use. However, before you take it home with you, make sure it’s tested and verified first.

What Is The Price Of BarXStop?

The Barxstop price is normally €78 / $78 / £60 but in this festive offer of 2021. You can take early bird advantage of seller’s exclusive discount and get 50% off and free shipping.

Do ultrasonic dog deterrents work?

Ultrasonic dog deterrents works on the principle of ultrasonic sound waves of high-frequency. These waves are not harmful for anyone including pets. These devices are highly effective and helps in training your pets and calming excessive barking.

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