Bondic vs JB Weld: Which UV Glow Is Good?

Between Bondic and Jb Weld, which glue solution should you buy? We’ve put together a full comparison of the two so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Liquid Plastic Welders are a genuine thing these days. Our hectic schedules frequently cause us to mishandle things, causing us to break or damage items in the process. Liquid plastic welders come into play in this situation. They are simple to use, effective, and, unlike super glue, do not leave a mess. Learn about Bondic Vs JB Weld.

Its application, however, is not restricted to repairing damaged or broken items. Liquid plastic welders are also a thing for you if you’re into repairs or DIY projects. In this post, we’ll compare two such products, Bondic and JB Weld, that are really game-changers.

What Is Bondic ?


Bondic is a very effective and simple-to-use liquid plastic welder that only dries when exposed to UV light. This implies you’ll have ample time to adjust the fractured joints to the desired position. It may be used on practically any surface or material, including glass, wire, and fabric.

Features Of Bondic

  • A Multi-Functional Product

Bondic is one of the most adaptable products on the market, capable of working on virtually any surface or substance. Once cured with UV light, forming a permanent junction takes only a few seconds.

  • A Long-Lasting Product

Bondic has the ability to withstand severe temperatures and pressures for an extended period of time. This long-lasting remedy restores and rejuvenates your shattered items.

  • It Is Clean

Unlike super glue, Bondic does not leave a mess. Bondic is hygienic and provides a smooth finish. It does not adhere to your fingers or make a mess like regular super glue.

  • It Can Be Dried However You Want

Bondic only dries when UV light is used to cure it, thus it only dries when you want it to.

Advantages Of Bondic

  • Bondic is completely free of hazardous ingredients, making it extremely safe to use.
  • It’s not messy, and if you do spill it, all you have to do is wipe it away with a damp cloth.
  • It takes around four seconds for it to dry after being exposed to UV radiation. As a result, you can change the position till you don’t obtain what you want.
  • The methods are simple to follow and result in immediate and long-lasting results. Bondic promises to be able to produce a bond that is stronger than the original product.
  • It may be used on a variety of surfaces, including glass, textiles, plastic, and metal.

What Is Jb Weld ?

JB Weld

JB Weld is regarded as one of the greatest methods for mending mental joints, but its application is not limited to that. It can also be used with other materials such as wood and plastic. The solution can generate long-lasting, strong connections that can endure high heat and pressure, making it ideal for mending car parts.

Features Of JB Weld

  • It Is Simple To Use

Though you will need to thoroughly prepare the surface you want to work on, it is far easier than welding.

  • It has the ability to form a permanent bond.

JB Weld is a company that specializes in welding. It forms a permanent bond that can only be removed by grinding it away with a Dremel tool or drill after it has cured. As a result, the bond established is as strong and long-lasting as metal.

  • Temperature Resistant to the Extremes

What makes JB weld so remarkable is its ability to endure even the most extreme temperatures, with temperatures as high as 287 degrees Celsius when fully cured. Not only can JB Weld withstand high temperatures, but it can also withstand cold temperatures of around -55 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Advantages Of JB Weld

  • It’s completely safe to use.
  • Any metal can be used with the product.
  • Extreme temperatures, oil, gasoline, and other solvents are all resistant to it.
  • You can drill, file, and grind it to your specifications.
  • It may be used on nearly any metal.

Final Thoughts

Bondic Vs JB Weld Now that we’ve gone over both items, it’s time to announce the ultimate winner. Bondic is the one and only. There are a number of reasons why Bondic is a better option than JB Weld. Here are a few examples: When exposed to UV light, JB weld takes a lengthy time to cure, but Bondic just takes around 4 seconds. In order for JB Weld to operate well, the surface must be thoroughly prepared, which is not the case with Bondic. Hopefully, this comparison guide will assist you in selecting one of the two products, Bondic or JB Weld, that will best suit your needs.

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