iMemories Reviews 2022 – Is It Worth Ordering?

iMemories Reviews

Many individuals put everything on the line to catch recollections that merit recalling – weddings, commemorations, birthday festivities, little Janey’s initial steps, her first day in kindergarten, the rundown continues forever. Peruse our audit on iMemories now.

Today with cell phones that have preferable computerized cameras over the best simple cameras not exactly 10 years back, it is anything but difficult to overlook that quite recently photos and video just came in physical structure. These days photographs, recordings, and even motion pictures can be close to advanced documents taking up a couple of megabytes or gigabytes on our PCs, tablets or cell phones.

Millions of individuals despite everything have those photograph prints, home film reels, VHS tapes of family, and innumerable other physical media containing appreciated recollections and caught minutes in time. Lamentably, a considerable lot of them become lost always, either on the grounds that they get harmed or because of crumbling through the progression of time.

With the assistance of imemories, you would now be able to have the most effortless path concerning making an advanced record of your whole home photographs and films. With this gadget, you can make your tweaked DVDs and offer them with your relatives and companions.

What is iMemories?

iMemories is an assistance that permits clients to send in their old recollections, regardless of what structure they’re in, and have them digitized for them. iMemories will digitize all the home recordings, photographs, slides, negatives, and significantly too 8s and send them back to the clients in an advanced, simple to get to computerized group. When this is done, clients will at last have the option to take a gander at and share all their old recollections on progressively present day gadgets, similar to their PCs, telephones, or tablets. Not just that, in digitizing them, iMemories will upgrade the pictures with the goal that you can see them more clear than previously.


iMemories transforms the entirety of your home motion pictures and photographs into an advanced arrangement so they can without much of a stretch be seen, mutual and appreciated on each cutting edge gadget.

Services Available from iMemories

iMemories App – The most fundamental assistance offered by this association is something that it calls the iMemories application. This application is completely permitted to use and available to download from Amazon and from various application stores. You can download a copy to use on your phone or tablet and another for use on your PC. It demands your approval first, which it uses to access and make changes to your photos and chronicles. The application lets you find all the propelled records got a good deal on your device and move them to another zone. You can similarly use the application while moving photos and other substance to an outside hard drive or another device.

Disc Transfer – In the event that you’re exhausted on watching your old films lying around in boxes or consuming room on your racks, you may need to explore the association’s circle move decision. This licenses you to move your memories onto circles that you can watch on a TV by methods for a gaming console or a DVD player. You can pick between DVDs that cost just $9.99 or get Blu-Rays for just $14.99. The association will reestablish your firsts and fuse a copy of your finished plate. Exactly when you choose this organization, you’ll pay for the trade and the cost of the plate.

Thumb Drive – You likely use a thumb or a burst drive constantly, especially in the event that you’re in school or work in an office. iMemories offers a group that goes with a thumb drive. Not solely will it defend all of your memories on the web, yet it will similarly move those memories onto a thumb drive that you can without quite a bit of a stretch fitting into your PC or tablet. This is a not too bad option for the people who need to share movies and pictures since you can download them and send them to others. It costs $19.99 to have your memories spared onto a 8 GB thumb drive.

Cloud Storage – You also have the decision of saving your memories to the iMemories Cloud, which goes about as support storing for your PC. In case you drop your PC while walking around the house or have an issue with your hard drive, you may lose all your favored pictures and accounts. This organization grants you to get to the cloud and view all your saved substance from any contraption and wherever you go. It costs just $5.99 consistently for conveyed capacity, yet you can similarly join and a yearly group and pay just $49.99 every year.

How Does it Work?

iMemories administration is a straightforward three-advance procedure that any individual who has physical media can utilize. You first need to discover any media that you need to have digitalized. When you have done as such, you at that point contact iMemories who will give you a free statement on the amount it will cost to digitize everything. Now, you are under no commitment to go ahead.If you survey the cite and support it, you at that point request a ‘Sheltered Ship Kit.’ When you do as such, iMemories will send you a container, alongside a prepaid transportation name, which you will send all your physical media in.

You at that point send the Safe Ship Kit to iMemories containing every one of your recordings, film, photos, and so on. When iMemories gets your shipment, they will process all the media, improve them however much as could be expected, and digitize them. When complete they will deliver every one of your firsts back to you. Presently with all your photographs and home films digitized, you can download them to see on PCs, workstations, and cell phones, in addition to you can impart them to loved ones.

You likewise have the choice to have your media made into DVD or Blu-beam arrangements, or sent to you on a USB thumb drive.

What Formats Can iMemories Digitize?

This is perhaps the best thing about iMemories. It can digitize practically any more seasoned type of film or photograph and transform it into the more present day, digitalized structure.

iMemories can transform:

  • 8mm
  • Super 8
  • 16mm
  • Betamax
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • 8mm/Hi8
  • MiniDV
  • Photo Prints
  • Slides
  • Negatives

Every one of these choices have been the essential type of sparing recollections before. In any case, presently that iMemories offers this astonishing help, clients will have the option to get to their recollections in a single structure, advanced. Also, in light of the fact that this is done rapidly and modestly, iMemories truly is a standout amongst other assistance arrangements. When clients have gotten their digitalized recollections, they will have the option to get to their photographs and recordings on any cutting edge gadget. This incorporates:

  • Smart TVs
  • Televisions
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • DVD/Blu-Ray

By offering access to these recollections on such huge numbers of adaptable stages, iMemories makes it simpler than at any other time to share and store recollections that were once thought of as lost.

What Can You Send to iMemories?

You can send nearly anything to iMemories and have them add it to your assortment. A significant number of its clients send in the old tapes that they used to record recollections during the 1980s and 1990s. The organization will acknowledge any sort of video position utilized during the 1980s and later, which incorporates both the full-size tapes and the littler scaled down tapes that camcorders utilized. You can likewise send in recordings that you or your family shot on and saved money on standard reels.

Film creation houses used reels during the start of news sources and simply changed to automated orchestrates starting late. Notwithstanding how old your chronicles are, the chances are satisfactory that iMemories can bolster you. It will recognize reels from as far back as the 1930s. Perhaps you’re truly looking for a way to deal with get all your old photos and accounts off your PC, anyway have neglected definitely where they’re found. If that is you, head over to our Photostick overview.

In spite of the fact that you may imagine that iMemories will just chip away at recordings and movies, it will likewise acknowledge photographs. Do you have some old slides from a family trip and have no real way to play or view those slides? At the point when you send them in, you can have your slides added to a DVD that you save for yourself or provide for a friend or family member. This is one of the main organizations we found that can likewise move photograph negatives onto a plate.

  • Kodachrome and other types of color film
  • Black and white film
  • Analog photos
  • Tapes of all types
  • Damage or partially damaged photos and videos

How Much Does iMemories Charge?

The rate that you pay will rely upon what you need and what you intend to send to the organization. On the off chance that you have tapes that you need iMemories to protect, the organization will charge $19.99 for each tape that you submit. One intriguing part of its esteeming structure is that it doesn’t charge a rate reliant on the length of the tape. Whether or not you send in a comprehensive game plan tape that runs for 90 minutes or more, you’ll pay a comparable rate.

You’ll pay a to some degree higher rate when sending in film reels considering the way that the change system takes extra time. The pros must use alarm to guarantee that they don’t hurt the reels. For every 50 feet of tape that you submit, you will pay $19.99. This lets you measure the length of each reel to choose your total cost early. With respect to photos, the association will charge you just $0.79 per photo. This is a comparative rate that iMemories charges for slides too. You may inconsistently find two or three specials, especially around the uncommon seasons. Those specials can drop your total an incentive down to $12.99 for tapes and reels and down to around 50 pennies each for photos and slides.

How to Download Videos from iMemories

  • Visit the iMemories website and log in with your account details
  • Click on the photo or film that you want to download
  • Look for the download button on the page and click it
  • Save the image/video under the title that you want to use
  • Repeat the process for any additional images or videos

How Does the iMemories App Work?

  • Download the app to your phone
  • Create a new account with your email
  • Click on the Uploads button on the top of the screen
  • Choose the photos that you want to add to the app from your folders and files
  • Select the Downloads button to download content to your account

What Can You Do with the iMemories App?

  • Cloud storage: One of the key things that this application gives you is distributed storage. For whatever length of time that you recall the email address and the secret key you appended to your record, you can sign in from different gadgets to see your photographs/recordings and include new ones.
  • Share content: With this convenient application, you can impart your substance to friends and family on practically any online networking website. It works with both Twitter and Facebook and different destinations to let you share pictures that you never shared.
  • Create slideshows: You can use this app to select photos and create slideshows. This allows you to create shows that feature pictures of your kids through the ages or your most recent vacation. It has a full-screen option that lets you see all areas of your photos too.
  • Offline viewing: This application is additionally an advantageous method to see your photographs when you don’t have your telephone close by. With its distributed storage include, you can transfer photographs and recordings from any gadget you sign in on and get to that content from those gadgets as well. You can likewise download photographs to your gadget to see them when you don’t have a web association.

Steps on downloading Videos in the iMemories

  • You to login first in the iMemories website
  • Once you are successfully log in, you can now click the photo, film, video that you want to download.
  • Find the download button then click it
  • Save your chosen item in the title that you like
  • Then you are done, you need to wait for a bit for it to successfully downloaded.
  • Once you have other things to download, you only need to follow these steps to do it.

Key benefits in using iMemories App

The iMemories App lets you have a simple method to view and access your recollections. They additionally cause you to have a top quality video, slideshows, etc our telephone. iMemories App offers a simple method to share your photographs and recordings in a split second, regardless of whether you are utilizing a cell phone. The cell phone can likewise be utilized as a scanner on the off chance that you need to add a few pictures to your record. Additionally, it very well may be utilized in making short or long recordings. Thus, generally speaking, the iMemories App is useful and proficient in the event that you need to make a moment video as well as slideshows in any event, when you are utilizing a cell phone.

Another extraordinary thing about iMemories App is that you can transfer your recordings and photographs on the web, which is called Web transferring. This will let you move your recordings and pictures spared in your telephone or camera into the web. This will likewise permit you clean or make another space for telephone and camera for another memory that o will take later on.

Our Review

Recollections can be such a great tonic in a wide range of situations and photos, or recordings, of our family are probably the most ideal approaches to recall glad occasions, regardless of whether they are later or from quite a while back. Because of iMemories we would now be able to have every one of those crates loaded with photos, film reels, and tapes, improved as well as spared carefully, until the end of time. The best part is that once each one of those recollections have been prepared, you can impart them to loved ones any place they are on the planet, which is something you would never have finished with physical photographs and home motion pictures.

It is a straightforward assistance, every one of your recollections are completely followed while they are in travel, and the expense is progressively justified, despite all the trouble, particularly when you consider you are protecting valuable recollections forever.

Where to Buy

iMemories is available for the best price from the their online website here.

Convert My Memories Now!
Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any limits on what iMemories will convert?

iMemories can convert a whole range of physical media but if you have a format which is not already listed in the product features section, then contact iMemories directly to check first.

The other issue relates to copyrighted material which they are not allowed to convert due to copyright law. While this is most likely to apply to movies you might have on VHS tape, it can also be an issue with videos that have been created for you by a professional videographer. Examples are wedding or bar mitzvah videos where often the videographer will claim copyright, even though it is your event, so check for this carefully.

I do not live in the US; can I still use iMemories?

Currently iMemories only ships within the US so their service is not available overseas.

Am I allowed to make my own copies of the DVDs after they have been sent to me?

Yes, you certainly can. iMemories do not make any claim of copyright protection on the DVDs they make for their customers, so you are perfectly entitled to make copies of them using DVD copying software, or with a local DVD copying service.

Some of my VHS tapes have 3 hours of content, others only have about 15 minutes. Is there any reduction in price for the shorter videos?

The price for iMemories digitizing VHS tapes is the same whether the tape is 10 minutes long or 100 minutes long, so there would no difference in the price, unfortunately.

What film format does iMemories Accept?

The iMemories accepts film formats from 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, and Black and White films.

Can I track my order in iMemories?

Yes, iMemories offers an online package tracking to let you monitor where your memories are. This is also to make their customers track their packages and to make sure that it is safe. You can copy your shipping number and track it online. This will let you see where the box is currently in.

Can I Download videos in the iMemories?

Yes, you can download videos in the iMemories. You only need to sign in your account.

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