SeedSheet Review [2021] – Can This Product Help You Grow Your Own Garden?

seedsheet review

Gardening might seem daunting, especially when you are just starting out, however with a product like SeedSheet, it gets a bit easier. SeedSheet, as the name suggests, is a sheet containing curated seeds that you can easily plant and use yourself. Each SeedSheet comes with organic, non-GMO seeds that are packaged in a biodegradable, dissolvable pouch which facilitates easy growth and sprouting.

One of the best things about the SeedSheet is that it comes in an anti-weed fabric that further encourages weed-free gardens. You can easily order SeedSheet separately, however, if you want an optimal experience, you can order a garden container as well as supportive soil to make it a singular purchase that does everything. SeedSheet is basically made for people who don’t have access to land and live in cities, this allows them to grow their own garden without any problems.

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What Is SeedSheet?

Seedsheet is a gardening kit that comes with everything you need: potting soil, watering nozzle, security stake, and 2 special sheets that have six different types of seeds embedded in them. The kit also comes with special software that can send you notifications and updates on how your garden is doing.


Save Money: Seed sheets help you to save money by yielding that overcomes the price of seeds. Almost 40 days of time, it starts giving its first harvest, approximately one produce gives around hundreds of dollars of produce.

But if the harvest fails it will yield less produce, as long as you follow the information in pouches it will help us in maximum productivity.

Save time: In order to save time we need to buy the seed sheets instead of buying the seeds alone as it contains an expandable.

Seedsheet was founded in 2014 and began on Kickstarter before quickly gaining retail traction and launching in Home Depot in 2016. The company appeared on Shark Tank in 2017 and has gone on to numerous QVC sellouts and features on Good Morning America and The View. The company manufactures each product in its Middlebury, Vermont factory, and proudly sources the finest organic seeds and soil in the industry. For additional information.

SeedSheet? – What’s In It?

There are a couple of different versions of SeedSheet that you need to know about:

1. Grow Your Own SeedSheet – The SeedSheet contains six unique herbs that are mostly used it our day to day lives. The herbs include green onions, basil, parsley, sorrel, dill, and cilantro. The specially selected herbs add a much-needed layer of flavor in your homemade food.

2. Grow Your Own Salads – This particular kit contains 8 commonly used salad ingredients. You get beet greens, French breakfast radios, pea shoots, golden frills, red Russian kale, tatsoi, and arugula.

3. Grow Your Own Caprese – This SeedSheet kit has sweet basil and glacier tomatoes which are essential in making Italian food. If you love Italian dishes, this is a must-have for you.

4. Grow Your Own Tacos – As the name says, you get 6 unique toppings for your tacos with this kit. White icicle radish, Valentine’s Day radish, purple plum radish, cilantro, scallions, and arugula all come together to give you a wide assortment of taco toppings.

5. Grow Your Own Cocktails – If you are into making your own cocktails then this SeedSheet is made for you. There are a total of 8 different ingredients that can be utilized in making cocktails. Cutting celery, bronze fennel greens, purple basil, tulsi, borage, Thai basil, and pea shoots all come together to help you make cocktails.

6. Grow Your Own Hot Sauce – Do you want to make your own hot sauce? Well, look no further than that hot sauce SeedSheet which contains ingredients that will help you make some. Dragon red carrot, purple bunching onions, ring-o-fire Cayenne peppers are used in a variety of different ways to make the perfect hot sauce you desire.

How to Use SeedSheet?

  1. Plant Seeds – The very first step you need to follow is simply placing the SeedSheet in a container of soil. The seed side of the sheet should face the soil and by using your hands gently flatten the SeedSheet.
  2. Place Stakes – There will be 3 green stakes given with each SeedSheet package. You need to place them through the “X” slits that are located on the very edges of the sheet.
  3. Pouch Dissolving – You will need to dissolve the pouches by applying water to them every 10 seconds. After the water is applied, you will have to wait around 30 seconds to see if the pouch is dissolved or not. Repeat the process until the pouches are completely dissolved and gone.
  4. Provide Sunlight – This final step can be tricky, especially if you live in a place that doesn’t get direct sunlight. You can use your windowsill or patio, wherever there is ample sunlight and place the container there. You will find instructions on each of the SeedSheet version inside the package. This will tell you the exact time when you need to harvest the plants.
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  • Seedsheets Won’t Require Weeding: It comes with a weed-blocker fabric that prevents weeds from growing. Not just that the non-woven polypropylene prevents the water from dipping through which prevents the growth of mould.

When the growth cycle is over the weed-blocking fabric can be re-cultivated making it environment friendly and waste-free.

  • The Seedsheets come in multiple set sizes and you can always choose one of your choices: The choices are customizable and once chosen the seed sheet is built and delivered to you by the company. 
  • No pesticides or herbicides are needed: Yeah you read it right. Using the principles of sustainable farming, seed sheets need no pesticides or herbicides. The plants are grouped in pairs to attract necessary pollination. And on top of that, thanks to weed-blocking fabric there is no need to spray chemicals to control weeds. 


On average, it takes 40 days for seed sheets to yield it’s first to produce. And this long wait isn’t considered ideal if you want to have healthy and fresh produce in your diet immediately. 

Indoor growth isn’t as effective as outdoor growth. Some seeds, such as herbs and salad may grow indoors if exposed to good sunlight via a window, but still, some would require more light which makes it a little less effective for indoor growth. 

How to Purchase SeedSheet?

It is highly recommended that you get SeedSheet from the official website. If you get it from there, you will be getting a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is a great way to test if SeedSheet is for you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is the produced naturally?

Yes, all herbs produced using seed sheets are 100% natural.

What if I buy seed sheets from a 3rd party website?

You can it from where ever you like. But since the official site provided you with a 30 days cash back guarantee, it’s always recommended to buy from their official site.

In which size is the seed sheet available?

There’s no default size. Seedsheets are customizable. While ordering the customer does provide dimensions and the company makes one for him. 

Does it take long enough to build a seed sheet?

It takes around 40 days to get a seed sheet made and delivered. Yes, it a long time but it is worth a wait.

How much time will it take for the seed sheet to start producing?

It takes 30 days to yield the first produce. 

Should I spray chemicals while I grow my herbs?

No, it’s not required.

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