30 Unique Gadgets That Will Make Staying At Home Easier, Ideal As Gifts.

by Narayanan
Unique Gadgets

It’s October 2020. You’re stuck at home. You’ve been at home for weeks, with only one of your household allowed out every two days to make a trip to the supermarket through empty streets. You miss the gym. You even miss the office. We have been compiling a list of gadgets for you, which you help to make your life easier at home. As a thank you to Done21 readers, we’ve negotiated with these gadget-makers to get a special deals for first-time buyers! Most of the gadgets shown come with Free Shipping In USA and Special First Time Buyer Discounts as well for limited time.

These special offers are only available online! You won’t find these in brick and mortar stores. It’s expensive to sell retail, so the most innovative gadget-makers are now going straight-to-online.

1. Fit Track – Revolutionary New Scale Lets You Look Inside Your Body

Fit Track

Problem: Looking for the best gifts to track the progress of your health?

Solution: FitTrack

FitTrack is the world’s smartest medical scale. Simply step on it with your bare feet and it activates FitTrack’s patented dual BIA technology, which monitors 17 key health insights – allowing you to measure, track, and trend your health data in real time.

This includes your body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, hydration levels and more – important information that can help you make smarter decisions about your health.

In other words, it’s like taking a free physical exam – at home, whenever you want! Get it for your parents and family members.

2. Peeps Carbon Technology –NASA’s Solution for Dirty Glasses (Now Available to The Public)

Peeps Carbon Technology

Problem: The time and money put into cleaning your glasses at times can seem tedious and not cost effective. You sometimes wish there was was something better out there, that costs less and takes less time. Plus, glass wearers often don’t clean their lenses correctly, so they aren’t nearly as clean as they can be, for as long as they should be.

Solution: Peeps™ Glass Cleaners.

With over 1.5 million sold, this gadget is a must have for everyone. Designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses, Peeps is the world’s safest and most tested lens cleaning technology. Peeps groundbreaking invisible carbon microfiber formula will have your glasses as clean as the day you bought them.

This is actually the same lens cleaning technology used by NASA.

Peeps™ has been lab tested, and it lasts for over 500 individual lens cleans. It cleans lenses 4x faster than pads. So not only do you save money, you save time! It;’s our bestselling item for the last 10 months.

3. The PhotoStick – How to Backup Your Photo With 1 Click!

The PhotoStick

Problem: If you store your photos and videos on your computer or ‘the cloud’ then you know the risks that come with it: Computer crashes, viruses, and power surges that could wipe out 1,000’s of your digital memories in seconds.

Solution: ThePhotostick™ 

The Photostick is a clever new device designed to protect your photo and video memories and be super easy to use. It’s one of the most in-demand gadgets going into 2019, selling over 1,000 units per day.

Using the Photosick is easy, just connect this small thumb-sized drive to your PC or Mac, press ‘Go’ and it will automatically sync your pictures and videos into the stick. It even finds and removes duplicates so you don’t spend hours deleting them manually.

No technical knowledge or computer expertise is required and all your photos are stored safely offline where only you have access to them. The PhotoStick is perfect for anyone who wants to safeguard their digital memories and doesn’t trust “the cloud”.

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4. Buzz B-Gone – The Ultimate Protection From Mosquitos

Problem: You are getting bitten like crazy just for taking your trash out. One night, you went for a brief stroll, and in 15 minutes you got 12 mosquito bites all over your body.

Solution: Buzz B-Gone

“BUZZ B-GONE USB Insect Zapper removes insects from your home or work environment easily and effectively. BUZZ B-GONE uses UV light to attract insects and a powerful 360 degree suction fan to capture them. It kills without the use of chemicals and is perfectly safe for children and pets. It’s really small and light, perfect for camping, outdoor meetings and indoors too. We can avoid unnecessary bites and all the danger because all the mosquitos are sucked into this 100% trap and get killed before they can bite us!”

5. FIXD – Prevent $1000s In Unnecessary Car Repairs


Problem: Looking to diagnose your car problem at home?

Solution: FIXD™

Ever see the “check engine” light on in your car and have no clue what it means? The typical response is to head straight to the local “trusted” mechanic and see what’s up. Well that response is exactly how these mechanics make their money. They know most of us are clueless about our cars, so they create a laundry list of things that need to be repaired. The fact is, 90% of the time, you’re being ripped off.

FIXD is pocket-sized device plugs right into your car’s dashboard and instantly diagnoses your car’s issues onto your phone screen in plain English. This way, you know at all times what problems your car may or may not have, without the help of your “trusted” shady mechanic. This device has upended the entire auto mechanic industry, as it’s taking millions out of their pockets, and keeping it in yours!

Never get scammed at the garage again. FIXD is offering a special buy 2 Free 1 Promotion, get it while stocks last.

6. Tiki Tunes – Help Your Loved Ones Stay Safe On The Road

TikiTunes is an award winning, one-of-a-kind, indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker that looks like a tiki torch, but cooler!It’s made from the highest quality materials, packs an impressive sound and impressive battery life that provides 6 hours of continuous playtime from any compatible Bluetooth device.

The speaker has dual sync capabilities that allow you to connect two TikiTunes (try saying that five times fast) from a maximum distance of 30 feet for a true stereo sound.

7. Aculief – Help Mom Safely & Effectively Treat Her Headaches In ONLY Minutes…NATURALLY!

Aculief Review

Safely & Effectively Treat Headaches & Migraines In Minutes This Year…NATURALLY!

Solution: Aculief

If going natural and drug-free is your thing this year, then listen up. Introducing Aculief, the safe, natural way to make painful headaches and migraines disappear in just minutes.

This doctor-approved and recommended self-treatment works by applying pressure to the LI4 (short for Large Intestine) pressure point located between the thumb & forefinger. According to Johns Hopkins University, applying pressure to LI4 is effective in relieving headaches, eye pain, toothaches, and more! Aculief works right out of the box, comes in various colors, and lets you enjoy drug-free relief night & day – for life!

With a 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee, what do you have to lose…except those nasty headaches!

Bonus: Neck Hammock – Like having a Chiropractor available 24/7 in your home

Neck Hammock

Say goodbye to neck pain! Neck Hammock relieves neck pain from the comfort of your own home. It combines resistance bands and gravity to give you a controlled stretch, improved posture, increased circulation and fewer pinched nerves. It pulls tension out of those tight neck muscles while you rest! We believe it’s “one of the best health products of 2020!”

8. Blaux AC– Your Personal Portable Air Conditioning and Air Cleaner

Blaux AC

Problem: National weather services report that it is going to be a SUPER HOT SUMMER, but you are stucked at home with no expensive air conditioning.

Solution: Blaux AC

Blaux AC is a rechargeable desktop air cooler and humidifier that provides long-lasting relief from heat during this summer. It is cordless, compact, and extremely lightweight. You can carry Blaux AC around when you move around the house.

Blaux AC is extremely adjustable with 3 fan speeds and a variable louver for directing airflow, you can always optimize the cooling to your personal preferences. Unlike traditional fans and air conditioning units, Blaux AC also acts as humidifier to prevent your skin, eyes, and nasal passages from drying out and becoming irritated.

9. MobileKlean – Get Rid Of All Germs & Viruses Fast & Easy

Problem: Always worrying about germs on your phone and electronic devices?

Solution: Mobile Klean

Mobile Klean is an ultraviolet light sanitizer, which uses a flash of ultraviolet light to eliminate virtually all bacteria and viruses, including pathogens, viruses, and other common contaminants. 

Mobile Klean can be used on all sorts of surfaces within the home, such as laptop keyboards and smartphones, cutlery, and even toilets.

Mobile Klean uses the same natural light as hospitals use. The UV light has been shown to greatly constrain the growth of E. Coli, H1N1, and other harmful pathogens. The UV pathogen killer is something you must have for hygienic protection within your home and for your devices!

Mobile Klean is compact and cool-looking. It can be carried in your purse, in a coat pocket, or packed in an overnight bag ready to kill bacteria and give you peace of mind.

Bonus For Millenials- Backup All Your Important Information in 1 Click!


Problem: Always worrying one day you may lose all the data inside your computer? and you are not computer savvy enough to do it manually

Solution: InfinitiKloud

InfinitiKloud is unlike any other backup device. It has built-in software that makes backing up your computer ridiculously easy. All you have to do is plug it in and press start. It finds and saves your files all on its own!

We plugged the InfinitiKloud into my laptop and a window instantly popped up. I clicked the big red start button and that was it! There was nothing to download, install, or sign into.

10. Muama Enence – This device lets you speak 43 languages at the touch of a button

Muama Enence

Problem: Looking to learn new language at home?

SolutionMuama Enence

Muama Enence is the ideal device for all holidaymakers, business travellers and employees who frequently encounter language barriers. Difficulties caused by language barriers will soon be a thing of the past!

With just a few button clicks, language can be translated into over 43 languages in real time. The ultimate gadget for every traveller. Its ideal as gifts during especially those who are travelling overseas soon.

Bonus – DartleType- Turns Any Flat Surface Into Keyboard & Mouse

Problem: Always having trouble typing using mobile phone small virtual keyboard?


The Dartle is the handy device that lets you leave your portable keyboard or heavy notebook computer at home. Simply use Dartle and type directly into your phone or iPad. Amaze your friends in mouse mode by simply moving your fingers on any flat surface to use mouse actions, manipulate images, or even draw. And of course, type quickly and efficiently.

The Dartle uses the latest Bluetooth protocols to connect to any mobile device or computer quickly and easily, replacing any keyboard.

11. Sterilize X- Protect Your Room From Harmful Germs

Problem: Looking For A Portable UV Sanitizer To Clean Your Room & Home Offices?

SolutionSterilize X

My home is my fortress, ensuring safety and protection to what matters most. But is it really? Every corner of our bathrooms, kitchens or the baby nurseries might be crawling with an invisible enemy: viruses and bacteria. Sterilize-X disinfection lamp uses proven UV-C light technology to efficiently eliminates bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the surrounding area.

Unlike the liquid-based sanitizer products Sterilize-X leaves no residue or secondary pollution; nor does it require any effort to use! Just turn it on and leave the room. It is that easy. Sterilize X compact design guarantees maximum portability. Sterilize-X is rechargeable and will safeguard any home for a long time to come.

12. Dodow – Best Night Sleep You’ll Ever Have


Problem: Looking to have a good night sleep after all the stress?

Solution: Dodow™

You toss and turn and can’t fall asleep at night. Your mind is racing and nothing short of a strong sleeping pill can help. Sleeping pills should be the last resort for anyone with sleeping problems, as they can turn into a problem as well.

In short, here’s how this scientifically proven method to go to sleep faster works. When you put Dodow on your nightstand, it projects a soft blue light onto your ceiling (that expands and retracts). When you breathe along with the light as it fades in and out, it helps you relax and calm your mind. It reduces your breaths per minute by 55%, which in turn slows your heart rate, and within 8 minutes, you’ll probably be fast asleep. Sound weird right? But it actually works…

13. RangeXTD– Stay Connected In Any Corner Of Your Home

Problem: You need a faster internet connection at your upstairs bathroom, but it seems that your Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough due to the location of your modem.

Solution: RangeXTD

Imagine getting stuck at home and you’ve been looking forward to your favorite time of the day. Post-work bathroom break in the comforts of your home. Just you, your phone, and the internet. Nothing is more annoying when you’re finally comfortable on your porcelain throne and the WiFi doesn’t quite reach your upstairs bathroom. First world problems? Maybe. With RangeXTD you can make sure your home is covered from corner to corner.

Don’t let this simple problem get in the way of your ‘Me-time’. You’ll thank me later.
So if you’re ready for super strong, five bar, lightning fast internet, all over your house and even in your backyard and basement, this product is for you.

14. SuperBoost Wifi– Stay Connected In Any Corner Of Your Home

SuperBoost Wifi

Problem: Always having slow download speed at certain corner of the house?

Solution: SuperBoost Wifi

Imagine getting stuck at home and you’ve been looking forward to your favorite time of the day. Post-work bathroom break in the comforts of your home. Just you, your phone, and the internet. Nothing is more annoying when you’re finally comfortable on your porcelain throne and the WiFi doesn’t quite reach your upstairs bathroom. First world problems? Maybe. With SuperBoost Wifi you can make sure your home is covered from corner to corner.

Don’t let this simple problem get in the way of your ‘Me-time’. You’ll thank me later.
So if you’re ready for super strong, five bar, lightning fast internet, all over your house and even in your backyard and basement, this product is for you.

15. New Arrival: KoreTense: Your Portable Gym At Home

Problem: You are unable to go to gym due to current situation, but you are still looking for a way to do intensive exercise at home.

Solution: KoreTense

Koretense is the smarter way to build strength and lose weight without the hassle of going to the gym. At first glance, this unassuming piece of equipment may not seem like much but if used correctly, it can deliver and give you all the same results as you would get in a gym. They’re most known to be used by physical therapists for rehabilitation after an injury.

But in the past few years, they’ve become an essential tool used by elite athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, and professional bodybuilders all over the world to develop strength, power, speed, increase muscle size, and burn fat at home.

16. Koretrak – Monitor Your Health & Fitness at a Glance


Problem: Today, smartwatches and fitness trackers from big brands like can cost upwards of $250. You need a fitness trackers with all those high end features but with better pricing.

Solution: KoreTrak

Koretrak is a high-tech wristband, designed to bridge the gap between smartwatches and fitness trackers. It uses advanced biometric technology to analyze your body and give you real-time health and fitness metrics. With a quick scan, it can tell you your heart rate, blood pressure, or even your blood oxygen level.

Koretrak also has built-in fitness apps compatible with iOS and Android designed to help you exercise and track your steps, tell you how far you’ve run, count how many calories you’ve burned, and more. On top of all the health and fitness features, Koretrak is also designed to keep you connected to the world around you.

17. Xtra PC – Make Your Old Slow Computer Like-New Again

Xtra PC

Problem: Looking to speed up your aged windows XP computer?

Solution: Xtra PC™

Is your computer painfully slow? Have you considered buying a new ‘faster’ computer but the price of even a basic one makes you cringe? Do you wish there was a cheaper, more affordable way to get a new computer?

It’s incredibly frustrating when computers slow down or stop working for seemingly no reason at all. And even after all the diagnostics, upgrades, and money spent, the amount of time waiting for that spinning wheel or hourglass to disappear never seems to get any shorter. Your once new, lightning-fast, computer just keeps getting slower as each day passes.

Well, fortunately, there’s a new device that has recently hit the market and it’s literally giving old, slow computers lightning fast speed again. And to say it’s extremely affordable is grossly understated! It’s called Xtra-PC and if you have an old, slow computer, it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Speed up your PC or laptop today without investing for a new one.

18. Renuback – Work Your Way To A Healthier Life, Starting With Your Posture

Problem: Struggling with bad posture due to sitting long hours in front of computer?

Solution: RenuBack

Your life affects your posture more than you know. From your job to stress and even your texting habits, your body is shaped by how you live your life. And those recurring bouts of pain through your back? That’s the result. Luckily, it’s not too late to reverse the signs and effects of bad posture!

RenuBack is a simple and effective device designed to improve and correct poor posture without changing a single thing in your life. Now, you can go to work or exercise without the aches and pains that come from poor posture. Let RenuBack help you get the back support you badly need! The longer you ignore the problem, the worse it will get. Learn more about RenuBack by clicking on the link below.

19. Drone X Pro – The Perfect Drone For Beginner

Drone X Pro

Problem: Want a drone, but without those complicated features and reasonable price?

Solution: Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro is a foldable, lightweight and unique drone. It’s a great beginners drone and makes a perfect gifts for those who likes outdoor adventure.

The Drone X Pro is different from all the drones out there because it is very user friendly. This drone is independent and can fly by themselves in several predetermined ways.

You can also command the drone to FOLLOW YOU or to FOCUS ON YOU, even if you’re on the move. The idea is simply telling the drone to follow you and capture your adventures.

How cool is that? Click on the learn more to see our detailed review on the Drone X Pro

20: Screen Klean- Finally! Make All Your Device Screens Crystal-Clear!


Problem: Looking for a most effective way to to clean your oily gadgets screen?

Solution: ScreenKlean

Still using the old dirty cloth to clean your gadgets? Do you know that by doing that it only smears and smudges dirt all over your screen– and can even scratch those expensive devices?

High-end, expensive devices deserve a 21st Century cleaning solution that will make those screens crystal clear every time. That’s why ScreenKlean makes the smartest, most logical cleaning solution for ALL device screens!

ScreenKlean is the first and only screen cleaning product that doesn’t damage a screen when used as directed. 

It works on ALL TYPES of screens, from smartphones and tablets to computers, TVs and more. Using Carbon Molecular Technology, which happens to be the ONLY cleaning technology used in space,

ScreenKlean sets the bar for all screen cleaners! If you care about how he treats those expensive devices, then ScreenKlean is the only cleaning solution anyone should be using!

21: Bondic – Fix Everything and Anything (It’s Not A Glue)!


Problem: Hate throwing away those items that “just can’t be fixed”?

Solution: Bondic

Broken glasses? Repaired. Leaky plumbing holes? Patched. Broken dishes? Not anymore! Simply apply Bondic’s special liquid-plastic formula to the item you need repaired, shine the special UV light on it for only 4 SECONDS, and you’re DONE! Bondic is designed to last forever! Ensuring you get a long-lasting hold – which means once you fix it, it’s actually FIXED!

Bondic works on any surface, including metal, wood, glass, ceramics, plastic and more. And it’s NOT a glue, so it won’t dry out or get sticky and messy! Stop throwing away broken items, and give them a second life with Bondic.

It’s the perfect gift for a college student, a homeowner, dad, or someone who just likes to be able to fix things and feel like James Bond doing it. We love this one.

22: BarxBuddy – This Simple Device Stops Annoying Dog Barking in Seconds!

Problem: Looking to train your dog to bark only when needed?

Solution: BarxBuddy

BarxBuddy is an innovative device that allows you to train your dog using high pitch frequencies. You know, the sounds our dogs can hear but humans can’t. Like a pet whistle from back in the day, but more refined and useful.

When your dog does something you don’t like, you make sure he can see you and use BarxBuddy. The behavior will stop immediately. BarxBuddy is totally non-violent, not harmful at all to dogs. It just catches their attention, making them focus on the noise and allowing you to correct their behavior. After you have stopped the unwanted behavior, just turn off your BarxBuddy and give your dog positive reinforcement, like a scratch or “good boy” or a treat. Learn more about BarxBuddy today. Its ideal as a gifts for those who had pets.

23. Special For Seniors:  ClipperPro- Cutting Nails Are Fun & Easy For Elders

Problem: Having hard time to clip your nail especially elders?


Cheap drugstore nail clippers are now a thing of the past! With arthritis throughout our hands and wrist, we can barely grip the tiny handle on those drugstore nail clippers. Half of the time we cut ourself and the other half the clipper flies out of our hand! It’s humiliating and we end up with these uneven, jagged nails… Thankfully ClipperPro was invented to help people just like us. The ClipperPro has surgical grade steel, swivel blades, and an ergonomic handle to make nail clipping simple. It’s super easy to use and only needs a super-light touch! It’s ideal as a gifts for seniors and parents that are having problem when clipping nail.

24. Bonus – Keysmart –They Keychain Of The Future Is Here


Problem: You have too many keys, which creates an unorganized trainwreck of a keychain. If you put your keys in your pocket, like most men, it also creates an unnattractive and uncomfortable bulge in your pocket. It’s an ages old problem with limited solutions. Until now.

Solution: KeySmart™ Key Organizer

KeySmart is a very useful gadget that basically organizes your keychain into one small, compact unit. No more jingling of the keys, no more spending pointless time at the door trying to get to the right key, no more massive key bulge in your pockets. KeySmart can handle up to 14 keys, which is enough for just about anyone that doesn’t have 7 cars and 7 homes. The keys securely fasten in, and fold inwards (think pocket knife). Over 2 Million KeySmarts have already been sold, so it must be doing something right. Right? Its ideal as a gifts for anyone struggling to keep all their keys.

25. New Arrival. NeckRelax – Discover A Better, Faster Way to Eliminate Neck Pain!


Problem: Always having neck pain issue and its affecting your work at home?

Solution: NeckRelax

NeckRelax uses a combination of cutting-edge massage technologies to stimulate your muscles and release tension held deep within your body in as little as 10 minutes!

Unlike some gadgets on the market, NeckRelax doesn’t rely on any gimmicky moving parts. Once the NeckRelax is comfortably in position, you don’t have to do a thing. Just click it on and choose a setting. No more holding onto vibrating gadgets. NeckRelax does all the work for you with its three modalities.

Infrared Heat: This method of pain relief penetrates deep into the tissues for a thoroughly satisfying massage that also improves your circulation.

Therapeutic Ultrasound: A non-invasive treatment that uses high-frequency vibrations to stimulate healing. Perfect for anyone with sports injuries.

Electro Frequency Stimulation Massage Therapy (EFSMT): With the purchase of your new NeckRelax, you also receive a set of electrode pads (along with the connecting cord) for targeting specific muscles for pain relief.

New Hot Gadget. Soul Insole- Futuristic Insole” Offers Long-Lasting Foot Pain Relief

Soul Insole

Problem: Ouch! If you experience foot pain like I do, then you’re going to LOVE Soul Insole

Solution: Soul Insole

Soul Insole is the world’s first “micro-orthotic insole”. The insoles give you the benefits of expensive orthotics – but without the price tag, office visits or clunky equipment.

You place them in your shoes (or boots, or high-heels, or even sandals) and viola! You’ll enjoy immediate, soothing relief – first to your feet, and then to your legs, back, or wherever else the pain has spread. The insoles are super easy to use, too. They don’t require cutting or measuring, and thanks to their high-quality materials, they also last an incredibly long time – up to several years!

New Arrival: QuietBuds – Block out ALL annoying noise and chatter – while still allowing you to hear what you WANT to hear!


Problem: Looking to have a quiet me time at home while stuck with kids?

Solution: QuietBuds

Noise is everywhere nowadays. Cafes, restaurants, sporting events, on the road, even in your own home! It’s so bad in some places that people can’t even get a good night’s sleep!

Thankfully, help has arrived! QuietBuds are the revolutionary new noise cancelling ear buds that will completely block out those annoying sounds that can overwhelm your senses!

  • QuietBuds SHUT OUT the distracting noise of trains, planes, and automobiles.
  • QuietBuds prevent HEARING DAMAGE at loud concerts and sporting events.
  • QuietBuds protect your hearing from dangerously LOUD noises.
  • QuietBuds let you get a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP, regardless of things like traffic, noisy neighbors, and barking dogs.

Learn more about QuietBuds by clicking on the link below.